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Irregular to Maverick Chart

Many people (including myself) have asked about the Japanese names of all the Irregulars. So, courtesy of Auto (what a great guy), here are the names of the Irregulars (accompanied by their Maverick counterparts).

Irregular Maverick
Burning Noumander Flame Mammoth
Sting Chameleao Sting Chameleon
Armor Armage Armored Armadillo
Icy Penguigo Chill Penguin
Launcher Octopuld Launch Octopus
Boomer Kuwanger Boomer Kuwanger
Spark Mandriller Spark Mandrill
Storm Eagleed Storm Eagle
Wire Hachimar Wire Sponge
Metamorph Mothminos Morph Moth
Flame Stag Flame Stag
Magna Hyakulegger Magna Centipede
Sonic Ostrigue Overdrive Ostrich
Bubbly Uraflos Bubble Crab
Kill Alligator Wheel Gator
Crystal Maiman Crystal Snail
Explose Horneck Blast Hornet
Frozen Buffalo Blizzard Buffalo
GravityBeetbood Gravity Beetle
Acid Seaforce Toxic Seahorse
Electro Namazarus Volt Catfish
Scissors Shrimper Crush Crawfish
Screw Masaider Tunnel Rhino
Shining Tigerd Neon Tiger
Magmard Dragoon Magma Dragoon
Frost Kibatodos Frost Walrus
Jet Stingren Jet Stingray
Slash Beastleo Slash Beast
Web Spidus Web Spider
Split Mushroom Split Mushroom
Cyber Kujacker Cyber Peacock
Storm Fukural Storm Owl

Hope that helps to understand this site a little better!