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Maelgrim's MIDI Compositions

Since so many people have asked which MIDIs I personally have sequenced (as opposed to those sequqenced by Dave Choe, Markus Hein, Trevor Kuprel, Justin Horn or Joe Bickley), I have written up a list to save people the trouble of wondering who wrote what. Here are my accomplishments to date, listed by game.

the Robot War: Rockman (1)

Fireman's Stage
Robot Master Battle
Rockman's Victory
Central Core (Wily's 3rd and 4th stages)
Wily's Defeat

Dreams of Madness: Rockman 2

None (all of them are by others)

Loose Threads: Rockman 3

Snakeman's Stage

the Warrior and the Poet: Rockman 4

Prologue (part 2)
Brightman's Stage
Pharaohman's Stage
Diveman's Stage
Dr. Cossack's Citadel part II
Toadman's Stage
Train Ride Home (Ending Part I)

Ruby Fire, Lapis Flames: Rockman 5

Waveman's Stage
Starman's Stage
Crystalman's Stage
Napalmman's Stage
Chargeman's Stage
Gravityman's Stage
Gyroman's Stage

End of a Circle: Rockman 6

Stage Select
Plantman's Stage
Flameman's Stage
Centaurman's Stage
Tomahawkman's Stage
Knightman's Stage
Windman's Stage
Yamatoman's Stage

Symphony of Fire: Rockman 7

Forte's Theme (trumpet)
Springman's Stage
Turboman's Stage
Battle with Dr. Wily
Forte's Theme (sawtooth)
Right Totto's Theme
Ending Credits
Skull Castle Stage I
Skull Castle Enemy Battle

Metal Heroes: Rockman 8

Dr. Light's Lab
Swordman's Stage
Astroman's Stage
Stage Select
Forte's Theme (Dark Energy Remix)
Intro Stage
Duo's Theme
Wily Tower Stage 2
Aquaman's Stage
Frostman's Stage
Tenguman's Stage (Saturn version)

Rockman and Forte

Coldman's Stage
Right-Auto's Shop
Burnerman's Stage

Rockman X

Zero's Theme (original drums, bass, guitar)
All the rest were sequenced by Markus Hein

Sigma Redux: Rockman X2

Battle with Zero
Dr. Light's Capsule
Crystal Maiman's Stage
the X-Hunters' Theme
Battle with Sigma 1
Battle with Sigma 2
Ending Part I

the Doppler Effect: Rockman X3

Hollow Victory (Ending A)
Triumphant Return (Ending B)
Stage Select 1
Dr. Light's Capsule
Dr. Cain's Lab
Headquarters Under Attack (Stage 1)
Vava's Countdown (Vava's Mini-stage)
Electro Namazarus's Stage
Gravity Beetbood's Stage
Stage Select I
Shining Tigerd's Stage

the Repliforce: Rockman X4

X's Theme
Battle with Iris
Love is Not Lost: Japanese anime intro
Stage Select I
Split Mushroom's Stage
Storm Fukuro's Stage
Zero's Theme
Cyber Kujacker's Stage

Rockman World Games

1: None

2: None

3: None

4: None

5: Saturn's Stage

Rockman: Battle and Chase

Battle and Chase Theme

Rockman Soccer


Rockman: the Power Fighters

Napalmman Remix
Stage Select Remix

Fan Fiction Music

Neo Blues' Tale

Other Game Music

Battle with a Warlock: Magus' Theme (from Chrono Trigger)
Final Battle with Kondir (from Hunters in London)
Irregular Battle (from Hunters in London)
Upgrades (from Hunters in London)
London IHHQ (from, Hunters in London)
Stage Select I "Steel Barons" (from Hunters in London) Professor Mallers' Communication (from Hunters in London)
Vampire Killer from Demon Castle Dracula
Stalker from Demon Castle Dracula
Wicked Child from Demon Castle Dracula
Walking on the Edge from Demon Castle Dracula
Heart of Fire from Demon castle Dracula
Out of Time from Demon Castle Dracula
Nothing to Lose from Demon Castle Dracula

That's it as of right now. The Hunters in London Music is all original compositions of yours truly.

Added up, that makes a grand total of 100 MIDIs--just a bit of work.

Also, I've done remixes of Flame Mammoth, Armored Armadillo, Spark Mandrill, and Sting Chameleon, but I just used Markus Hein's work to piggyback off of, so I don't count that as my own work.

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