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Rules for the Mercenaries of Shadow and Light

Persona Rules
1. No Highlander copies. It's annoying as hell to have somebody claim to be Scottish, and then use a katana. The chances of that are practically nil, and even though we're not 100% historically accurate, that's still a bit of a stretch.
2. Monty Python is very cool . . . but it's not exactly an ancient English accent. So don't act like it is.
3. Elves don't exist. Neither do dwarves, goblins, orcs or hobbits. They never did. Since we're not a fantasy organization, such creatures are not allowed to exist.
4. King Arthur is not a historical figure, and neither are any of his knights.
5. Most importantly, once you've chosen a persona, try to stay with the feel of it. Don't procalim to be a Viking and then speak in an English accent.
6. Remember--this is supposed to be fun! Personas are a way of playing the game, not a strait-jacket. If you want to change something--do it!

Garb Rules
1. AD&D is cool . . . but it's fantasy. No wings on helmets, fake "dragonskin" garments, etc...
2. Try to look historical. It's not necessary for all practices, but for major events, etc..., don't wear mundane clothing.

For a complete listing of the Mercenaries of Shadow and Light Administrative Junk and Laws, click here.

Hmmm. That's about all I can think of right now. Oh, remember that anybody under 18 must have a parental release form in order to come along on any major events.

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