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R O C K M A N : P O L A R I Z A T I O N
written by Ben Roberts


Dramatis Personae: Polarization

Rockman--defender of the peace, champion against chaos. Android #001.
Roll--Rockman's "sister," and friend. Android #002.
Blues--Rockman's "brother." Android #000.
Rush--cyborg-dog, Rockman's pet and ally in battle.
Forte--once Rockman's friend, now his hated enemy. Dr. Wily's ultimate creation.
Gospel--mechanized wolf, Rush's opposite and Forte's ally.
Dr. Thomas Light--benevolent roboticist and creator of Rockman, Roll and Blues.
Dr. William Wily--Rockman's arch-nemesis and creator of Forte and Gospel.
Dr. Sergei Cossack--Russian cyberneticist, friend and partner of Dr. Light's.
Kalinka Cossack--Dr. Cossack's daughter.
Right Totto--Dr. Light's #1 student; runs Big Eddie's robot shop.
Duo--alien super-robot, crusader against the Dark Energy.
Beat--robotic bird, created by Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack
Rondo--Robot Hunter-in-training. Rockman's "apprentice." Android #097.
Accordatura--Rondo's "sister," also a Robot Hunter in triaing. Android #098.
Data--robotic monkey.
Virus type XVIII--Dr. Wily's newest threat . . .


209X--the Solar System

This story takes place several years after the events chronicled in Rockman 8, but before the events taking place in the Rockman Dash and Rockman X series.

In the mutual twilight of Dr. Light's and Dr. Wily's lives, the globe has adjusted to the eternal struggle between Rockman and Dr. Wily's creations. Although Dr. Wily has grown frail and quiet to all outward appearances, he is about to unleash an evil greater than any the world has yet seen: one whose effects will scar the planet for centuries . . .

A the birth of this cataclysmic tragedy, opposite sides of the same coin will swap places, and the world--indeed, the whole Solar System--will see a polarization of power as never witnessed before.

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