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Greetings, and welcome to the new, slicked-back version of Rockman's World Beta!
To navigate the site, simply use the drop-down box to the left and click the button.
Meanwhile, there are other things you can look at here if you wish!

R O C K M A N has quite literally taken the Video Game world by storm, since his introduction as a super-deformed blue midget on the Famicom Console in 1987. Incarnation after incarnation, the lastest of which is Neo Rockman (or Rockman Dash), Rockman has captivated the imaginations of thousands with his epic struggle against ruthless evil for the good of mankind.

R O C K M A N ' S W O R L D, since its creation in early 1997, has already netted well over 12,000 visitors, and is run by Maelgrim, the top composer of Rockman MIDIs on the Internet. Home to a variety of entertaining multimedia features, Rockman's World is noted for its music, supplied by Maelgrim himself, Dave Choe, Trevor Kuprel, Justin Horn and Joe Bickley.
While immersing yourself in the unique sound of Rockman music, you can read and download such storites as Red Draco's Zero Tolerance, Illumina's One Maverick's Animostity and A Relic Called Ragnorok, Jetmode's phenomenal Timeline, and Ben Roberts' Rockman: the Wily Wars.
Of course, there are graphics to browse through, and links to many other Rockman/Megaman related pages. So have fun, and enjoy your stay!


Agamemnon and the Rock: Hardman
sequenced by Dave Choe