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RockmanRollThe newest incarnation of Rockman is due out any time: it's Rockman Dash!
As of right now, the game is set to be released only for the PSX (yep--I was wrong about it coming out for Ultra 64.)

The game features Rock--but not the robot Rock we all know. Rockman Dash is a tangent storyline in which Rock is a human being!

Here's the info I've gleaned (thanks to Auto and Metool):

Rock Volnut: A 14-yr-old orphan boy who was found and raised by Barrel Casket to do "Dig-Out" work, where he recovers lost treasures and artifacts for profit and livelihood. Rock never knew his real parents.
Roll Casket: A young girl and engineering prodigy. She is a close friend to Rock and is a skilled pilot and vehicle operator. When Rock digs up treasures, Roll carries Rock and the treasure out.
Barrel Casket: Roll's Grandfather. He is a great engineer and has taught Roll just about everything he knows. He's so skilled that he can make repairs with junk parts.
Data: A robotic monkey designed by Barrel. He acts as a save point in the game.
Trom Bone: A young girl and the brains behind the Bone family.
Teaser Bone: Captain and pilot of the air pirates' airship.
Bon Bone: The big yellow brawn of the bone family.

The story:

Outside of the main door of a tower in the middle of the sea, Rock istalking, via transmitter, to Roll. He heads into the main treasure chamberand pulls a beautiful crystal from it's resting place. The tower goes onalert and the doors start to shut. Rock slides under them barely making itout in time and finds that the tower's defenses are now active. Afterfighting through the tower, Rock finds himself up against a guardian whotries to smash him. After a while the guardian overheats and shuts down.Rock leaves and exists to the top of the tower to find that Roll is not waiting like she should be. The guardian re-awakens and shows up in the entrance and Rock backs away to find that he has nowhere to go. He looks down and then says "Sorry" and jumps off the side. From the side of the tower, the "Freighter", Barrel and Roll's airship, rises up with Rock standing on the platform on top. The robot looks on as the ship flies away.

Inside the airship, Rock and Roll start planning what to do next when one of the engines gives out and Roll has to crash-land the ship on a nearby island. Roll suggests that Rock head into town to find a place to trade junk parts so they can repair the ship. As Rock heads towards the town a police car speeds by and Rock returns to the airship to find that Barrel is being arrested for trespassing. Rock heads back towards town and finds a man near an entrance to an underground area. The man explains that he plans to go in and see what's causing a problem.

Rock enters the town and finds that no one there seems to be very helpful. When he leaves and enters the underground area he finds it to be infested with dangerous robots and the man that entered is calling for help. Rock saves the man and then destroys the generators that are causing the trouble.

As he leaves the bunker, Rock finds Roll waiting for him. Suddenly there is an explosion from inside the town and Roll runs off to see what is happening. As Rock and Roll get to the center of town, they find a couple of police officers waiting. One of the officers explains that the town is being attacked by "Air Pirates" and Rock decides to stop them. After defeating three Robos in giant tanks in the center of town, Trom drops down in her 4-legged attack tank. Rock destroys the tank and Trom falls out. She gets up and one of the pirates' escape ships flies down. Trom swears vengeance as she leaves.

That's all I have right now; I'll update as I get more.

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