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Cast of Characters

Besides the Irregular (Maverick) Hunters and the Irregulars themselves, there are several characters in the story that can be interacted with. Here is a list, and remember--send any ideas that you can!

Protagonist Characters:

Professor Nancy Mallers: Nancy Mallers is the professor in charge of the reploid factory and Irregular rehabilitation center in 22nd Century London. Besides being incredibly intelligent and a gifted repliodicist, she has a deep sense of responsibility towards her reploid friends, which is what ultimately moves her to take the position of acting commander of the 256th Maverick Hunter Division when the saurian reploid Captain Mahnsed is murdered by Irregulars.
Analytical and creative, she is a great help to the Hunters and can devise amazing upgrades in short amounts of time. She can be a great help towards determining which weapon will defeat which Irregular most easily, and which Maverick Hunter's abilities are best suited to the job.

Kaysar: Kaysar is the main mechanic and technician at the 256th IHD, and will be of great help when upgrades are needed and energy reserves need to be refilled. Although Kaysar has an irrational annoyance regarding the C-14 metools that seem to endlessly occupy his workshop, this reploid is a gifted roboticist and very helpful.

James Raulfson: James Raulfson (Jimmy to his friends) is the bounty distributor. Besides their regular pay that the hunters often recieve for capturiring or deactivating Mavericks/Irregulars, there is also sometimes an added bounty on the renegade reploid's head. Hunter should check with James to see if they are due any bounty for their part in defeating any given Irregular.
James is also a fairly reliable source of information about Neo London's underworld (he refuses to reveal his sources) and can be of great help in locating certain Irregulars' lairs--if properly motivated.

Antagonist Characters:

Kondir: Kondir is the mysterious name that the leader of the Irregulars in Neo London has taken. Nobody has seen him and lived to tell the tale, but his influence in the underworld of London is profound. Even Jimmy Raulfson doesn't know where Kondir's hidden stronghold lies!

Error: Error is the right hand of Kondir--a quiet but lethal warrior whose mere presence chills the air with disquiet. If Error has any one philosophy, it is probably "Strike hard, strike first, and strike silently." Reputed for his ability to melt into the shadows and disappear, Error is a fearsome opponent. (Design by Steve Ross)

Nil: If death had a discernible face, it would probably resemble Nil's.
Teacher of the reploid who eventually became Vile, Nil is a master of deception and prefers to play with his prey before destroying them. Although he prefers to avoid a direct confrontation, Nil's favorte mode of attack, when he is forced to fight, is to use an armored mecha (a habit picked up by his student, Vile).

the Fringe:

Beta: Beta is a mysterious bounty hunter reploid who appears from time to time. Sometimes he will aid the Hunters in their struggles, and sometimes he'll fight against them. Nobody knows exactly what his intentions are, but Beta is a force to be reckoned with, no matter what. (Character created by Scott Udseth).

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