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Dark Hunter:
a Tale of Maverick Hunters after X
by Ben Roberts


The most famous Maverick Hunters are in Tokyo.

Rockman X. Zero. Mac.

Likewise, the most infamous Mavericks also lived in Tokyo.

Sigma. Dr. Doppler. Vile. Serges. Violen. Agile.

However, Maverick activity in the late 22nd Century has spread across the globe like a cancer. It should come as no suprise that other major mertopolitan areas have great need of Maverick Hunters.

Chicago. Los Angeles. Mexico City. Beijing. Delhi.

It is in London that Dark Hunter takes place. After the introduction of the Anti-Sigma Virus Vaccine, the need for Maverick Hunters has gradually dropped, until it is now questioned whether Hutners are even practical anymore. With the introduction of new Maverick Hunting equipment, lone Hunters are becoming more and more commonplace, and the institution of the Maverick Hunter is slowly dying.

Among this simmering disquiet, chaos on a global, possibly galactic scale erupts in London.

With the world and the lives of over thirty billion humans and reploids alike at stake, one Hunter must hold the torch after X has departed for more distant hunting grounds.

In the center of the cataclysmic maelstrom, one figure stands.

The Dark Hunter.

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