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Game Contest!

Real Progress!!!

Although it's not much, I've got the first crude model for the title screen program finished! Download it now and take a look!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hunters in London

Everybody knows the two most famous Maverick Hunters: Rockman X and Zero. Everybody knows the story of Sigma and how he tried to dominate the world (and is still trying) starting with Tokyo.

But there are Mavericks all over the world, and the need for Maverick Hunters has risen in virtually all major metropolitan areas in the 22nd Century.

To see a full introduction to the idea, you can look at the beginning of my fanfic, "Dark Hunter" in Blues' Rockman Fan Fiction section. The point is, I think it would make a cool game to be a Maverick Hunter other than Rockman X.

So, in honor of all of X's self-sacrifice and hard work in the line of defense for us poor humans, I thought it would be cool to open up a contest for an alternate Maverick Hunter game!

I did some computer programming in BASIC when I was younger, and since I'm going to a Tech Institute this next semester, I'll get a chance to brush up on my programming skills. That being the case, I thought to myself, Gosh, almost every other page has a Game Ideas section, but nobody else has actually volunteered to take ideas from everybody and make a game for free!

So that's what I'm going to try. My only request is, I need ideas from you cool people who take the time to look at my pages and make me feel like it's worth spending all the time I do on them.

The basic idea is this: The game will be a side-scrolling shoot-'em-up (like the other Rockman games), but with options to do a bit more (i.e., puzzels, riddles, etc...) Rather than just having two Maverick Hunters to choose from, people can choose to be any Maverick Hunter of a certain squadron (the 256th). This means that I'll need ideas for the Maverick Hunters, too. Much like the X games, there will be Mavericks that need to be deactivated (but not always killed), so I'll need to get some input on those.

By the way, for anybody who thought that doing this kind of thing was easy; it will take at least 28,000 individual frames of animation to fully animate just the six Irregular Hunters. With that in mind, please be patient with development. Although I'm getting plenty of help from that pixel-crunching wizard Steve Ross, I could still use some more!

Robot Ride Armor Ideas
Cast of Characters for the Game
Storyline for the Game
Music and Waves for the Game
Screen Shots
Weapons and Upgrades for the Hunters

Final Irregular/Maverick Decisions!

The ideas are in, and the final decision for which Irregulars/Mavericks to be included in the new Maverick Hunter game are as follows, with credit to their creators:

Ice Drageerd
Primary Weapon
: Ice Beam
Concept by Ace

Slash Panda
Primary Weapon
: Yin-Yang Blade
Concept by Bonnda
(preliminary design concept and drawing by Maelgrim)
Slash Panda: another preliminary design by Steve Ross

Blaze Lupid
Primary Weapon
: Fire Rush
Concept by Beta

Photon Frog
Primary Weapon
: Photon Burst
Secondary Attacks: Tongue Slash, Sonic Croak, and Surprise Dive
Preliminary design concept by Steve Ross
Concept by Mr. Cohaagen

Shock Tortoid
Primary Weapon
: Volt Field
Preliminary design concept by Steve Ross
Concept by Jason Forkos

Mirror Owl
Primary Weapon
: Falsifier

Typhoon Shark
Primary Weapon
: Tsunami Chomp
Preliminary design concepts both by Steve Ross (surprised?)
Both character concepts by Duo

Atomic Raptor
Primary Weapon
: Atomic Disintegrator
Secondary Attacks: Neuro-charge, disintegration bite, sonic claw

Ironthread Spider
Primary Weapon
: Ironthread
Secondary Attacks: Venom Sting, web snare, iron crush
Both design concepts by Steve Ross
Both character concepts by Maelgrim

At this point, I have chosen the Hunters which will appear in the game. Many of your ideas that are not included here may show up as minor parts in the game, or as bonus Hunters that can be played when the game has already been beaten once. Please keep up with the great ideas! Will all Irregular/Maverick designers whose ideas I used please send drawings? I don't want to have to design all of them myself!
Also, thanks to Steve Ross for helping so much in the design of the Irregulars (if he thinks he's finished helping, he's sadly mistaken).

Maverick/Irregular Hunters
Morghwyn: the Dark Hunter (of course)

Here are some preliminary drawings of Morghwyn, to give you an idea of the feel.

Gransyl Gargoyle

I'll have credit for these characters up in a while.

Send pictures, MIDI's, *.wav files, animated sprites, or just ideas in *.txt format, and I'll keep updating as more people send ideas!

Hope you think this is as an exciting idea as I do!

Note: I have received several ideas and will soon be posting updates. Keep sending stuff!


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