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Music and Waves

At this point, here is the music I figure I need:

Solar Plant on Mercury (Blaze Lupid's Stage)
Northumbrian Air Base (Ice Drageerd's Stage)--incomplete
Martian Iron Mines (Atomic Raptor's Stage)--composed by Heat Man
Hydroelectric Power Plant (Typhoon Shark's Stage)
Chlorine Distillation Facility on Venus (Photon Frog's Stage)
Diamond Caves on Europa (Mirror Owl's Stage)
Ancient Forest in Essex (Ironthread Spider's Stage)
Abandoned Castle in Sussex (Slash Panda's Stage)
Titan Military Base (Shock Tortoid's Stage)
Mechaniroid Construction Facility (Nil's Stage)
Mount Everest (Jag-Wire's Stage)
Cosmoport in Beijing (Error Stage I)
the Silverfang (Error Stage II)
Abandoned Military Base in El Salvador (Beta's Base)
Alien Temple 1-4 (Kondir's Stage)
Alien Temple Stage 5 (written by Heat Man)
Stage Select 1 (Steel Barons)
Stage Select 2&3
Fight with an Irregular
Fight with Low Irregular
Fight with High Irregular
Battle with Kondir (I-III)
Final Battle with Kondir
Introduction Music
Murderer Loose (Stage 1)
Password Music
New Weapon Music
Professor Mallers' Lab
Professor Mallers' Communication (Capsule)
Kaysar's Repair Shop
Jimmy's Outpost
Error's Secret
Endings (1-5)
Ending 6, part I (Sabyr's Victory)
Credits Music
Out of Synch (into the System)
Hunter Victorious (1-6)
Battle with a Hunter

Besides that, I also need (in some cases already have) voices for these characters:

Blaze Lupid
Ice Drageerd: When he is dealt the finishing blow
Atomic Raptor
Typhoon Shark
Photon Frog
Mirror Owl
Ironthread Spider
Slash Panda
Shock Tortoid
Nancy Mallers
James Raulfson (Jimmy)
the 6 Hunters:
Morghwyn: when he recieves the Ice Beam from Ice Drageerd
Beryl: when she receives the Arctic Blast from Ice Drageerd

So far, I have only a little, but be patient; if people send me stuff then I'm sure that I'll have a full archive here in no time (right?)

That's it for now.

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