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Upgrades and Special Weapons


Normal Weapon: the Zed-Buster (Z-Buster) is exponentailly more powerful than its predecessor, the Omega Buster (and before that, the X-Buster). Normal, it fires a blue-white globe of energy. At half power, it fires a ball of blue-white fire, surrounded by spiralling sparks. At full power, it is a massive ball of energy leaving flames in its wake. At hyper-power, the Hunters can charge up to full power in each arm; both balls of energy are released, engendering a massive reaction on a nuclear level which appears, from a distance, to be a small star forming and blazing across the landscape.

Morghwyn Upgrades:

Boots: Since Morghwyn's boots already allow him to air dash and dash straight up, the upgrade allows him to dash in a diagonal line.

Armor: Already at least as resistant at the Light Ceramic armor of Rockman X, Morghwyn's armor, when it is upgraded, is (to say the least) impressive. Doubling in efficiency yet again, the armor also allows Morghwyn to hover in mid-air for several seconds.

Z-Buster: The upgrade to Morghwyn's Z-Buster allows him to hyper-charge his plasma weapons and fully charge any Irregular weapons he has acquired.

Helmet: Morghwyn's helmet upgrade, when utilized properly, can also be used to regain energy.

the Dark Falcon Strike: When Morghwyn learns a certain technique, it allows him to execute the "Dark Falcon" strike, which is a terrifyingly powerful maneuver used in conjuction with Morghwyn's Electroblade. How will he learn it?

Ice Beam (from Ice Dragon): Fired normally, the Ice Beam is a thin blue line that freezes enemies in their place (rather like the normally fired Crystal Hunter from Rockman X2). Powered up, it will fire a huge beam across the screen, freezing the strong enemies and outright destroying the smaller ones.

Atomizer (from Atomic Raptor): Fired normally, the Atomizer will look like a set of three red, flashing hyphes which will destroy anything in their path (up to three enemies in a row). Powered up, the screen turns red and wavy, and smoke rises from everything. Then all enemies on the screen will disintegrate.

Volt Shield (from Shock Tortoise): Fired normally, this is just a lightning bolt. Powered up, the Volt shield will become a crackling shiled of blue-white energy which is immune to any attack of up to eight potential damage points.

YinYang Blade (from Slash Panda): Normally used, this is a sword which flashes black and white, and chops everything in half. It also automatically blocks enemy fire (that uses up a little weapon energy, though). Powered up, the hero plunges the sword into the ground and lightning (black on one side, white on the other) coarses through all the enemies, while a huge semi-tansparent Yin-Yang sign is superimposed on the screen.

Blaze Boots (from Blaze Wolf): Normally, these are a pair of boots that, when used to dash with, blast fire from the back and allow the Hunter to hover in mid air for several seconds. Powered up, this acts as a time-slowing deal (everything moves slower except for the Hunter), and fire comes out of the Hunter's buster.

Tsunami Wave (from Typhoon Shark): This is a stream of concentrated water strong enough to tear apart steel (hey, in real life, this technique is used to cut sheet metal). It will appear as a semi-transparent line fired from the Hunter's buster (it pushes the hunter back a few pixels, too). Powered up, the Hunter raises his arms and a huge wave of water crashes down on anything in the screen (destroying the smaller enemies).

Photon Burst (from Photon Frog): Normally, this is a twisting cyclone of light that destroys all enemies on a vertical plane with the Hunter. Powered up, a circle of points of light surround the Hunter and then blast out in several directions, acting like a bunch of miniature laser beams.

Shadow Reflector (from Mirror Owl): This is a cool weapon that relfects all enemy shots back at them. Powered up, there appear to be three different Hunters in the screen, each doing the exact same thing. Their weapons fire, however, all does damage.

Iron Grapple (from Ironthread Spider): Fired normally, this is sort fo like Wire Sponge's weapon; it's sort of like a long iron whip. Powered up, several iron tentacles reach out from the Hunter and destroy everything on the screen, dragging any energy to him.


Normal Weapon: The Plasma Bow is a variation on the Omega-Buster design completed in the late 22nd Centry (21XX). The pressure-sensitive sensor that it attached to the laser-projecting "string" is actually a trigger which fires plasma charge into a molecular reaction chamber in the grip of the bow, releasing a fist-sized ball of plasma. It half power, the plasma becomes a long streak of energy, alomst arrow-like in its appearance. At full power, the plasma looks exactly like an arrow (except for the lack of fletchings). At hyper-power, the "arrow" looks like a golden, gleaming spear, surrounded by swirling fire.

Icicle Arrow (from Ice Dragon): Unpowered, this is an arrow that seems to be made of ice. Powered up, a huge spear of ice blast across the screen, destroying everyting in its path.

Atom-Beam (from Atomic Raptor): The arrow, in this case, is actually a stream of flashing red hyphens. Powered up, it becomes a glowing beam of destruction, constantly fired from the bow (and using energy) until the button is stopped.

Energy Bolt (from Shock Tortoise): Self-explanatory; this is a lightning bolt (no pun intended). Powered up, it is a twisting, coruscating field of energy that surrounds Apollo and damages all enemies.

Slash Broadhead (from Slash Panda): This arrow has the amazing ability to keep doing damage even after it hits (i.e., it hits the enemy, does damage--then, after a few seconds, it does damage again--up to three times in a row if the enemy ahs that much strength). Powered up, it splits into three and fires in several different directions, doing the same thing.

Fire Stream (from Blaze Wolf): This is pretty much a flaming arrow, very good for a cool "it's on fire" effect with the enemies. Powered up, the flames crawl along the ground, melting enemies to slag.

Hydro Blast (from Typhoon Shark): Much like the Tsunami Wave of Morghwyn and Ej. Powered up, however, the intensity only increases; now there is a blast of water from the bow, obliterating everything in its path.

Photon Laser (from Photon Frog): The Photon Laser is just that; a laser. Fired from the bow, it has a really cool effect, but isn't too impressive damage-wise. Powered up, however, it becomes a formidable weapon. At full power, the laser rages from enemy to enemy of the screen, increasing its power exponentailly with each bit of damage it deals. The problem is that it must kill each enemy; if it doesn't it dies out.

Doppelganger (from Mirror Owl): Nomrally, when this arrow is fired, it is follwed by htree "shadow twins," each of which does the same amaount of damage. Thus, hitting the fire button once will fire four arrows. Powered up, "shadow arrows" surround Apollo and strak away at eight different angles.

Iron Quarrel (from Ironthread Spider): The iron quarrel isn't too impressive by itself, just strong. Powered up, it's about the same, but it moves with menacing slowness. If it hits, however, it's incredibly potent.


Beryl's Upgrades

Boots: Beryl's boots are already standard issue (like Morghwyn's) She receives the same ability diagonally dash.

Armor: When Beryl receives the armor upgrade, it allows her to become invisible for several seconds.

Enerblast: When Beryl's enerblast is upgraded, she receives the ability to hyper-charge her plasma weapons and fully charge her Irregular weapons.

Helmet: When Beryl receives the helmet upgrade, she is gifted with the energy-enhancement field. While this field is operational, any damage Beryl takes is retroactively applied to her life (she gets energy when she's hit).

Phoenix Strike: Beryl can perform the amazing Phoenix Strike if she can find the right capsule. Its power is beyond any she has ever witnessed before . . . but how can it be learned?

Normal Weapon: the Atom Laser Matter/Energy Synthesis Buster (mk. VIII) has been referred to by its casual name--the Enerblast--ever since its invention several decades ago (mainly because nobody could remember the full name). At one-quarter power, the enerblast releases a ruby-colored dart of white-hot energy. At half-power, the dart becomes a globe of swirling energy, surrounded by electrical bolts. At full power, the ball becomes almost as large as a human being in circumference, trailing elctricity and the smell of ozone behind it. At hyper-charge, the enerblast is perhaps more formidable than any other weapon seen by human kind (with the possible exception of the Zed Buster). Electricity crackles down each arm of the Hunter, culminating in a massive electrical discharge coupled with a huge plasma wave. The end result looks like a beam of impossibly bright light leaping forth form the enerblast, surrounded by twisting electrical bolts.

Arctic Blast (from Ice Dragon): Fired normally, the Arctic Blast is much like the Ice Beam, except with cool snow effects.

Particle-Stream (from Atomic Raptor):

Electro Strike (from Shock Tortoise):

Polarized Energy (from Slash Panda):

Heat Wave (from BlazeWolf):

Aqua Stream (from Typhoon Shark):

Photon Freeze (from Photon Frog):

Confusion Field (from Mirror Owl):

Web Caster (from Ironthread Spider):

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