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Welcome to Caer Tywyll

Greetings! Thou hast, by either fate, luck or just plain boredom, stumbled onto my virtual realm of "Caer Tywyll"--the Dark Castle.
This is the weird, freakish place where ancient myth meets cyberpunk, east meets west, and fantasy abounds. In a nutshell, it's am HTML-ized glimpse into a portion of my fevered brain.

I am called Mælgrim Cedaur o Lan Filan o Pouis (Mælgrim by most). It's an old Welsh name that is derived from the name Mailgwn meaning "Prince of Wolves." Cedaur is a medieval Welsh surname meaning "minstrel."
Actually, my real name is Ben Roberts, and I am a 21-year-old college student in Colorado Springs.
I'm happily married and the proud father of a baby/toddler daughter (boy, that's exciting) and getting started out in life.
I'm a student of computer science and Japanese, hoping to apply that towards getting job as a game programmer.
As you might have guessed, I am a great Middle Ages enthusiast, and am a member of the SCA, which is a medieval and Renaissance re-creation group. Although I haven't been to Fighter Practice in a while, I am still hold great interest in the arts of combat.
Another interest of mine is Q-Zar (the world's coolest laser-tag game), and, as my wife and paretns will tell you, playing video games obsessively.
I'm also a massive Star Wars fan, ElfQuest fan, Japanese Animation (or anime) and comics (or manga) fan, musician, artist (well, sort of) and aspiring writer. Besides that, I'm addicted to science fiction and fantasy novels.

I have many favorite authors, but to get a good idea of what kind of reading background I have, you can look here.

And as long as you're being bored to tears, you can look at my CD list, video list, and video games.

Right, I guess that's about it. If you feel the need, you can E-Mail me. If not, don't bother.