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Rules for Mercenary Wars II

I. General Atmosphere Rules
1. Everybody must have some sort of persona--if you don't it rather defeats the purpose of medieval/Renaissance re-creation.
2. Make your persona somewhat accurate (i.e. this is not Dungeons and Dragons). No mages, no wizards, no clerics--unless you want to dress in a monk's robe and write all day.
3. If you wear armor, it must be authentic (hint: Dungeons and dragons armor isn't authentic. Neither, for the most part, is Anime-style armor, even though it looks cool.)
4. Don't use "thee," "thou," and the like unless you know the proper conjugations. Otherwise, it's annoying as hell.
5. This isn't Highlander. In other words--no Christopher Lambert or Adrian Paul wannabe's. It's annoying to hear people say "my character did go to Japan on a ship and learn how to use a katana like a Samurai." Why, you ask? It was cool for the Highlander movies. In the TV series, it was over-done. In our group, it's virtually impossible (medieval and Renaissance navigation was pretty terrible in Europe, and the chances of somebody actually finding their way to Japan and back within a single lifetime back then was pretty darn slim). This doesn't apply to Daryoon or Jon because their characters are already established.
6. Neither Xena nor Hercules is medieval, and certainly not authentic. 'Nuff said.

II. Combat
1. There are no immortals. This means that if you get hit call it! Nobody likes a rhino, and nobody wants to fight against someone who never calls their own shots.
2. Don't start with the "realistically, I would have cut a major artery just then, and you'd be dead." Realistically none of us would be fighting anyway, because we'd either be too young or too poor.
3. Just a quick reminder--here's the point system:

Eight hit points total
Leg/Butt/Hips=1 point
Arms/Shoulders=2 points
Stomach=3 points
Chest/Back=4 points
Head/Knees/Elbows/Neck=0 points (off limits)
Stab (to any part of the body)=double the normal damage for that place

4. If you really hurt somebody--stop!!
5. It's a game!!! Remember that, and don't be like those few jerks at Q-Zar who think that whether they win or lose is the most important thing in their lives.
6. Try to keep your temper. If you get hit and you're starting to get really ticked off at your opponent, refer to rule 5. The first person who starts pulling the Conan Manuever (i.e. hitting so hard that they break their opponent's bones and/or weapon) will be dragged out into the street and thoroughly mocked.
7. Temper or no, don't break your opponent's bones. This applies especially to Maelgrim, Owen, Flynn and Aldric.
8. If you wear armor, you still don't get any advantage. Armor has 2 purposes: to look cool and to protect the wearer from harm. If you don't like getting hit and want to wear authentic armor, that's fine, but don't expect to get any special protection rules.

III. Night Battle Rules

1. On tying people up:
Weapon(s) of the tied-up individual(s) must be within sight and easily accessible after the captured party has either escaped or been freed. In other words, don't put the tied-up person's weapons in the trees.
Stealing steel is forbidden. Daggers and swords are expensive stuff, so you must leave them in the same place as confiscated boffer weapons (in plain sight).
Gags aren't allowed, unless the tied-up individual is mobile (not tied to a tree, feet free).

2. It's darker out there at night; be more careful when you fight. If you knock off somebody's head, it's virtually impossible to find it in the dark!
3. All banners must be in your camp and in plain view--this includes banners that you have stolen from the other team.
4. You can sleep anywhere--this includes the other team's camp (if they're foolish enough not to notice you).

IV. Hourglass Battle
1. The battle lasts for an hour.
2. If you get killed during that hour, you must return to the Resurrection Point and wait for two minutes (no cheating--that takes away the fun).
3. The team who is in possession of the banners at the end of the hour (regardless of how many people are alive on that team) wins.
4. No traps.

Right, I think that's plenty for now!
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