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This story although it may not be copyrighted is the property of Please give him full credit for it. You may use this as a story to tell other Mega fans, and you can even put it on your homepage. But, PLEASE! Do not try to pass this of as your own! AND Don't edit my story! Besides that, please enjoy.

Welcome to a confusing place in the history of Mega Man, half way to the truth, but a million miles from cold hard facts. This is the land of MegaMan97's mind. The land of artistic licensee.


*Sigh of relief* "Yes! I finally finished repairs to Protoman. Now that your brother's free will is restored Mega Man, what are the two of you going to do?!"

"I don't know Dr. Light….." Mega Man hesitated, "are you sure that Protoman is finally back to my good old bro?" Mega Man began to shuffle his feet and started pacing. "It's just that it seems you've reprogrammed him a bazillion times, and every time that psycho Dr. Wily is there to mess him up again." Dr. Light walked over to Mega Man and put his arm around him.

"Don't worry Mega Man, Dr. Wily is gone for good now. You and I both saw his lab collapse! There is NO way that anyone could survive that."

"Well, Doc." Said Mega Man, "you realize that we fell for that 'the lab fell on me but I'm still alive' routine several times now. And don't forget the 'yeah I'm going to stay in jail' bid." Mega Man and Dr. Light both giggled but then Dr. Light said something Mega Man was not expecting.

"Mega Man," Dr. Light didn't exactly no how to tell Mega Man the news he had, and Mega Man could tell. "Mega Man, I'm sorry I kept this from you but I think it's time you learned the truth. "Dr. Wily is dead." Mega Man felt a sudden rush of guilt. He couldn't really explain it, he had never experienced emotions this strong before. He felt a wave of heat, then ashamed, then betrayed because Thomas, yes Thomas! His creator had lied to him. At the current period of time in Mega Man Dr. Lights emotion chips were just in the beginnings of experimentation, and still had a few bugs in them. When Mega Man felt that rush of emotions his internal stabilization system failed. Mega man lost his footing and fell down.

"OWW!" Said Mega Man. Mega Man turned his head upward to look at Dr. Light and was hardly able to make out his face. "Why didn't you tell me that Doc?" Mega Man squinted his eyes and kept on looking. "I, mean, I thought we were buds? Why didn't you tell me the truth? And for that matter how come you know he's dead he could vary well still be alive! I mean he's done this kind of thin…" Dr. Light interrupted Mega Man before he could say another word.

"Mega Man the reason I didn't tell you is because I didn't want you to get hurt. I didn't want you to think that you were the cause of Wily's death."

"Well," Mega Man said, "if you didn't want me to think I was the cause of his death then why all of a sudden the bum rush?" Dr. Wily started twitching his face. Then he started loosening up his collar.

"Wellllllll…." Dr. Light did not want to answer the question.

"YES." Snapped Mega Man.

"I wanted to sort of… make sure that improved emotion chip of yours is working." Light smiled at Mega Man searching for some support but he found none. "I guess I still have a few bugs in it, I mean the way you fell down and all."

"No Doc…." Mega Man stepped closer to the Dr. Light, too close for comfort. "The chip is working perfectly fine… You want to know Why?"

*GULP* Came from the Doctor, obviously feeling anxiety. "And, Wwwww why is that Mega Man?"

"Because Doc, I'm feeling a lot of anger." Mega Man began charging up his Mega buster.

"Oh no," murmured Light, "It's just as I had feared, what if he breaks, what if that chip, that damn chip, if that makes him break the first law, oh my God!" Mega Man, started to cool of pondering the meaning of his masters ramblings.

"What first law?" Said Mega Man. "What are you rambling about Doc? Doc,… you feeling okay?" The Dr. sat down on his laboratory table.

"Don't worry Mega Man, it's not of the importance." The Doctor. smiled, leaving Mega Man feeling awry. "I think I should work a little bit more on your chip for awhile. Why don't you …"

"NO!" Said Mega Man. "You've worked so hard on that chip! You're becoming obsessive! You're the one that needs the time out Doc!"

"Well Mega Man, maybe you're right, but the truth of the matter is that I have emotions and you don't. Why don't you get some relaxation on Zelpath 4 why I work on the chip, and try to stay away from people!"

"Well, Okay Doctor but get some sleep okay? By the way, what is this Zelpath 4 place anyway?" Dr. Light smirked at Mega Man and said:

"A colony full of other robots, you probably won't have any trouble making friends, and it's 67% female."

Mega Man ran to get Proto and they started to pack up. "O.K. Bro." Said Proto, "but what if Wily attacks?" Mega Man told Proto the bad, well the news at any rate.

"Oh well, darn." Said Protoman. Mega Man couldn't tell how Proto could be so insensitive, but then he realized Proto had no emotion chip. "Wait a minute, how do you know he's dead? He could of survived the collapse of the lab."

"Light said they found a massive loss of body fluid when they picked up the remnants of the laboratory. The DNA matched Wily's."

"Tough break, eh bro?"

"Yeah," said Mega Man, "guess so…"

When Mega and Proto got to Zelpath 4 they were living in it. Jacuzzi's, water beds, mints on the pillows, and everything a robot could ever want. You could even get your oil lubed while eating breakfast. Life was great and that's without including all the heavenly bodies Proto and Mega Man got to see. Oooh la la! It appeared life couldn't get any better. Wily was gone, Light got to work on his experiments in peace, Mega and Proto were getting a kick ass tan, and everything fell into perfect unison. Until one cool night when the six moon and the fourth moon of Zelpath 4 fell in perfect alignment and some sort of cosmic anomaly occurred. A blue ray of light, blinding to the naked eye beamed through the fourth moon passed the six moon and grounded on Zelpath4. Although the phenomenon lasted a few seconds it left It's impact. A portal of some sort appeared down the beach six miles from Mega Man's resort. Mega Man, although he did not know it at the current period of time, was going to have his world turn upside down.


About the author: The author of this story is Mega Man 97, although I got hooked to Mega Man when Mega Man 2 came out the Mega Man games kick ass. I hope you like this story, and the sequels are coming soon. See ya.