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This book is not copyrighted but like all my other stories please give credit to the true author, MegaMan97. And one more thing Megafan, keep it GROOVIN!

The big glowing blue portal stood about twenty nine meters tall and seventeen meters wide. It swirled in a clockwise motion, nauseating to look at. When the portal first appeared it glowed with a blinding light, but now the light was becoming dim, and the portal was starting to shrink. People who were walking along the beach at the time the portal appeared were incredibly startled. All of a sudden some sort of a big blue circle appeared out of no where! That doesn't happen everyday. The people on the beach ran inside to tell the manager, Mr. Phibian, what had happened. Mr. Phibian was the manager of the hotel next to where the portal appeared. He liked the law, but hated surly police men. At first Mr. Phibian did not believe the people who told him about the portal but when he saw it for his own eyes, he had no choice. "Oh well," said Mr. Phibian, "looks like I'm going to have to get the police involved in this." Mr. Phibian picked up his phone and dialed the emergency number, the chief of police soon answered.

"Yeah?!" Said the chief of police. "This better be damn important !" The chief greedily whoofed down his power pellets eating every crumb. "It's my break time."

"Your break time?" Snapped Phibian. "It's only six AM !"

"I take an early break! So shut up! By the way, you still haven't told me the problem." The chief guzzled down some hot oil, while licking his lips. "So what's the problem!!!"

"Okay," Phibian replied, "here it goes. There is some sort of cosmic anomaly down here and the tourist ain't happy!"

"So, why do you need me?" Asked the chief, now smiling.

*Sigh* "We need your… expertise…." Said Phibian unwillingly.

"That's just as I had expected, I'll be down there in twenty minutes."

When the chief pulled up to the resort he was shocked at what he saw, a big glowing portal thrice his size. "YOWSA!" Said the chief. "I could not have foreseen that."

"I told you there was a portal!" Snapped Phibian. "So do something about it, you lazy cop!"

"What do you want me to do, I mean it's a great big glowing portal! There's not much I can do about something like that!" The chief started staring at the ground. Then it hit him! Yes, now he knew what he had to do! "I know!" Said the chief. "I heard in the paper a couple of days ago that that Mega Man guy was in town! He can do something about this. Well, maybe he can, and if he can't I'm sure old Doc Light will!" The chief looked at Mr. Phibian for some support and the old hotel manager seemed to agree. *PHEW!* Thought the chief, I'm finally off the hook! "I'll go call Mega Man right away." Said the chief, and at that he waddled back to his squad car. He looked for the Marrinwale hotel, the one Mega Man was supposed to be staying at, in his phone book. When he found the number he called and the manager answered.

"Yeah?" Said the Manager, "Look, it's four in the morning and I got people trying to sleep here!" The Manager began to frown as a result of frustration. "What the heck do you want? This isn't them damn kids again is it?"

"No no no," said the chief, "this is the chief of police. Is it true the legendary Mega Man is staying at your resort at the current period of time? We really need his help."

"Sorry," said the manager, "we are under specific orders from one Dr. Thomas Light to leave Mega Man alone, he earned a break. You should be a shamed of yourself! Mega Man has been fighting to protect this universe for years, and as soon as he finally gets a break you try to drag him into some case about God knows what!"

"I don't think you understand. We really need Mega Man for this one. I'll be expecting him down here in a half hour." The police chief rudely hung up the phone leaving the manager to hear a annoying clanging sound.

*Sigh* "I hate to take away Mega Man's only break," mumbled the manager, "but he is the chief of police." The manager frantically searched for the keys to Mega Man's room. "Two o' six, two o' seven, ah ha! Here it is two o' eight!" The manager began the trudging walk up the stairs to Mega Man's room. When he got to two o' eight he turned the key and to his astonishment Mega Man wasn't asleep! He was playing some sort of a game with Proto!

"Ha ha ha !" Shouted Mega Man. "I the evil Dr. Wily shall take over the world!" Mega Man was standing on top of a brown table, Proto, was hiding behind the couch. "No one can stop me, ha ha ha !!!!"

"Take that Dr. Wily!" Shouted Proto. Protoman hit Mega Man with a charged Mega buster shot, knocking Mega Man off the table.

"Ow!" Whined Mega Man, "You're not supposed to charge up the shot before you hit me!" Proto laughed.

"It's more fun this way!" Shouted Proto. "Besides, your a big robot you can take it." The manager decided this was his chance to but in.

*AHEM!* Choked the manager. "I'm sorry Mega Man, but the chief of police needs your assistance." The manager took four steps closer to Mega Man and said: "I hope your not to disappointed."

"Heck no!" Shouted Mega Man. "Me and Proto would rather be kicking bad guy butt then siting around in some hotel any day !"

"Great," said the manager, "here's the address." The manager gave Mega Man a sheet of paper with the exact location of where the chief was. "Sorry your vacation ended so soon Mega Man." The manager walked out of the room, and started the march back down the corridor.

"Did you here that Proto? We finally get to kick some bad guy butt."

"Yeah." Said Proto Man. "Never got that privilege before." The two of them began to walk out of their hotel's room and down the corridor toward the elevator.

"You got the address Proto?"

"Sure, Mega boy." Proto began to look at the address and began to wonder, what does the chief want with us? Can't those darn cops get a thing done themselves? This was a perfect vacation…… As Mega Man and Proto walked up upon the roof the answers seemed to escape him, but it didn't really matter, at least he and his brother were together again, and not pitted at each others throats like usual.

"Grab on." Said Mega Man. Proto grabbed on to Mega Man's arms then Mega Man said, " Rush!" Out of the sky fell Rush, the trusty mutt. *BARK!* Went rush. "Okay, let's go boy." Said Mega Man. Rush flew upward trying to avoid getting hit by any trees, when Mega Man saw the chief of police he told rush to land. "Hello chief," said Mega Man, What seems to be the problem?

"Mega Man," said the police chief. Mega Man nodded and said:


"You see that portal right over there?" Mega Man tilted his head and saw the monstrosity of witch the chief spoke. Wonder how I missed that? Thought the blue bomber. The chief straightened his face and said, "We want you to go through it." Mega Man had only one thing on his mind, well three. Truth, justice, and *GULP!*

Stay tuned for the next installment of: