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MEGA MAN 97- "When Robots Collide Part 3"


-The story

Hey! Probably been wondering why it took me so long to get the 3rd installment of this story up huh? Well the truth of the matter is that I've just been so busy with school. Oh well, here we go!


So Mega Man was standing there, nothing but a brief distance between him and the portal. In his mind he questioned if he should go or not, but as a hero he knew it was his duty. DAMN, he thought. If only I could have stayed a day more... Mega Man took one last look at the beautiful ocean shore before he told his brother it was time to go. "Come on Proto," said Mega Man, "We've got to go in it, well I think we do, right?." Mega Man turned his head slightly to look at Proto, but Proto was just shrugging.

"The Hell if I'd know!!" said Proto, "I mean, it's a damn portal! I get up every morning, drink a glass of oil, put on my clothes and get ready to blast the crap out of Wily. "Well," Proto turned toward Mega Man and put his hands up as if to make a gesture. He walked around on the beach for a second letting the cool ocean air chill him to the bone. He tilted his head up and said, "Well, you know, we used to fight Wily..." Mega Man thought about it for a while and realized Wily was gone, really gone. That big pool of blue starring at him could be his last chance for adventure.... Right? He had to go... He could feel it call for him...

"Well Proto," said Mega Man, "I'm going through that portal, and if you don't want to come..." Proto interrupted him suddenly.

"Can't you see that that portal is going to cause us nothing but trouble? I mean, let's measure the pros and cons of going through that, that thing. CON: We'll get in trouble"

"PRO: We'll be fulfilling our destinies."

"CON: DESTINIES?!? You are a vain one Mega boy, in case you haven't noticed, your a walking vacuum cleaner! You don't have a destiny Mega Man! None of us robots do, we just offer help to humans, and do what we're told. You and I are insignificant."

"We'll if your so sure..." Mega Man began walking toward the portal the last sands of the beach he'd see for awhile, perhaps ever dragging with his feet. He turned around and looked at his brother, "then you won't miss me." He fell into the portal and the blue waves skidded apart flowing throughout the portal. With a big clang, he was gone.

"Aww... crap." said Proto. He walked over toward the portal and stared into the heart of it. He almost wanted to just say, screw it for once, but he didn't think that he could. Mega Man no matter how irrational he seemed to him, was his brother. Proto man had a duty to protect his brother, someone had to, didn't they? What's wrong with him, why couldn't he be more like me? Proto man sighed and looked at the plump little sheriff. That son of a bitch, this is all his fault. Sending us in there to do God knows what. Oh well, I'm used to the dirty work. Guess I better help the little dweeb. Protoman stepped half way into the portal and turned back, "Well, I guess I'll see what I can do." and he was gone. Falling through a endless ocean of blue Protoman felt his weight leave him, "Hey!" said Proto, "This interstellar travel isn't so bad after all!!" When the portal eventually collapsed Proto felt himself rocketing toward the earth. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! though Proto. He wished he had stayed back at the resort. The earth began to form beneath him and he could see tiny little people, then the people became larger and larger. Cool! Freaks! thought Proto, but he soon learned what was going on, he was still falling! The people grew at a more rapid pace until he hit the earth with a big "splot!" Ugh! Am I dead? thought Proto. Proto wasn't dead, but he began to recognize a familiar smell. Hmm.. I've smelt that before... People in the street began to turn toward him and he was beginning to realize that something was wrong, he was sitting in a big pile of cow manure. Proto stood up to wipe the gunk off of him, but he couldn't help but say, "Awwwww..... shit!"


Special thanks to my editor, Roll97!