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What will I find in Rockman's World?
That's what you're wondering if you bothered to click on the link leading to this page.
First of all, I must make something perfectly clear: this isn't exactly a Megaman page. True, Rockman and Megaman are pretty much the same, but, to paraphrase Megaman guru Mandi Paugh, this deals with the slightly warped Japanese story rather than the slightly warped American story.
What does that mean? In general, it means that you'll have to deal with a little bit of confusion because of the difference between Japanese and American names for the different characters. As I understand it, there are both Japanese and American novelizations of Rockman/Megaman, and both are slightly different from one another.
Well, here's a brief list of what you will and won't find here.

You will find an Delta and Beta version of this page (Beta is for those fo you with slow modems and/or browsers incapable of supporting animation.
You will find art, music, fan fiction, game hints, a quiz, a banner program, a web ring, and speical pages devoted to certain characters.
You will find a host who is interested in viewer input and willing to cooperate with others.
You will find lots of graphics on virtually every page (for those of you with slower connections--sorry about that).
You will find at least a few minutes of interesting Rockman stuff and fun (I hope).
You will find that there is music on every page. However, for those of you who don't like to listen to Rockman music constantly repeating itself, you also will find that I have not hidden the buttons, so you can stop the music if you want.
And, lastly, you will find that all Mega Man characters are referred to by their original (Japanese) names.

You won't find reference to much else but the Rockman games. Sorry, but if you want to find info on the cartoons, I'd suggest Eddie's CyberNETic Support shop--a great site!
You won't find me using the Captain N or Mega Man TV shows for reference.
You won't find frames--and for two main reasons. Firstly, I'm not HTML-literate enough to make a proper frame scheme without confusing people. Second, I find that frames often confuse or annoy people.
You won't find lectures on Rockman's nature in direct contradiction to what the games show (I hate it when people do that).
You won't find any MOD format music. I don't have a MOD player, so I don't know if the music I'd be posting would be any good. For MOD format music, try Skull Caslte or Mega Man: the Man in Blue.
You won't find a jukebox, because even though I think it's an awesome idea, Speed and Protoman thought of it first, and I know that they hate it when people steal from them. Take a peek at Speed's Super Page or Protoman's Home Page for a cool jukebox!

If anybody feels that I have singled them out for criticism on this page, I am sorry. I do not mean to seem judgemental, and I did not pick any particular site that bears the particular traits of my "won't" column. Just because there are certain things that you won't find in Rockman's world doesn't mean that I think those features are inferior.

Lastly, I would like to add one more thing:
There have been tons of Rockman pages on the web before I even had internet access. A lot of my resources include these pages. My hope is not to be better than the rest of the pages, but to offer a different perspective and maybe some unusual stuff about Rockman that is rather more difficult to find than most information (or graphics, or music, etc...)
Please enjoy Rockman's World, and Rock on!

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