Answers to the Old Quiz

Well, apparently the old quiz was too hard, only one person ever got all the answers right. So here are the answers for everybody who got frustated.

Robot Ride Armor is introduced in Rockman X2?
The EG-2 "Rabbit." I accepted just "Rabbit," but "Bunny" was stretching it a little.

In Illumina's Story One Maverick's Animosity, who leads the Hyper-Mavericks?
It turns out to be Vile, but for you folks who said Lupo, you were close.

How does X's first helmet differ from Rock's helmet?
It's the crystal, folks. That and the continuous crest along the spine of the helm, rather than the one in two sections that Rock has. However, if you just said "Crystal" I counted that.

What was Dr. Cain looking for when he found X?
Mesosoic plant fossils. Specifically, he was looking for something to confirm his theories about Mesosoic Flora, but if you just said "plant fossils," or something like that, then I accepted it.

In Rockman 8, what is the force which Duo battles?
The Dark Energy. Not the Evil Energy. That's why I italicized Rockman 8.

Which weapon does the most damage per shot to the giant Mandrill's head (in Sigma's Fortress) in Rockman X?
It's the Chameleon Sting.

Counting by the times a new life bar appears for Dr. Wily or his mecha, how many times must Rockman fight Dr. Wily (not counting the Game Boy games)?
Oy. This is what killed people, even though I was very loose in interpreting it. Here's the list:
In Rockman 1, you fight Wily's mech twice (the life bar fills up twice).
In Rockman 2, you fight Wily's mech twice and his hologram machine once.
In Rockman 3, you fight Wily once. However, if you counted the robot of Wily you fight--both forms--and the false head of Gamma, then I accepted between two and four times.
In Rockman 4, you fight Wily 3 times.
In Rockman 5, you fight Wily 3 times.
In Rockman 6, you fight Wily 2 times.
In Rockman 7, you fight Wily 2 times.
In Rockman 8, you fight Wily 2 times.
I didn't include
Rockman and Forte because it hadn't been released when I wrote the quiz. So, the answer--depending on how you interpreted it, could have been anywhere from 18 to 21 times!

Which unit does X lead in Rockman X3?
The 17th

Right. Those're the answers. Good luck on the current quiz!

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