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Robot Ride Armor Mech Concepts

The concept of Robot Ride Armor is an old one, dating back to anime such as Giant Robo and Transor Z, and, more recently Voltron. In the original Rockman series, Rock rides in a jetski-like vehichle in Rockman 5. However, it isn't until the X series that Robot Ride Armor is introduced.

Following is a list of the Ride Armors used in the Rockman X series (excluding X4).

Namless mech: X(1)
Rabbit: X2
DRA-00 Chimera: X3
DRA-00 Frog: X3
DRA-00 Kangaroo: X3
DRA-00 Hawk: X3
DRA-01 Kangaroo (Vile's): X3
Goliath Mecha (Vile's second): X3
Eagle (Zero's Blue Mech): X4
Raiden (X's Red Mech): X4

It would appear as if operating Robot Ride Armored Mech is a basic requirement for most Irregular (Maverick) Hunters, and so the need for a new generation of Armored Mecha is introduced in Dark Hunter. Although Morghwyn himself still prefers to use his old Rabbit Mech (enchanced) (see the picture of Morghwyn), there should be several choices for other hutners.

A list of ideas for possible mecha follows: please feel free (Please!) to submit ideas and drawings for new Mecha for the game; it would be nice if each Hunter could have their own Ride Armor, as well as a few extra to choose from!

Ride Armor Mech Ideas:
BT--041 "Grasshopper"; no arms, but heavy missile compliment and excellent leaping abilities.
MT--003 "Caecillian"; amphibious mech that can move freely underwater but has little mobility on land.
LC--6 "Mole"; Land-Digger robot with tunnel capabilities (concept by Epock)
ZX--093 "Dragon"; Flight-capable mech with stinging tail, flame-blast cannon and laser blaster (concept by ???)
X-4M "Cheetah"; Quick, agile mech equipped with laser cannons (concept by Commander Zero)

Please send ideas to me for this one!

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