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R O C K M A N : D R E A M S O F M A D N E S S


written by Ben Roberts

Cast of Characters
Doctor Thomas Xavier Light-benevolent roboticist, creator of Rock and Roll
Doctor Willam Albert Wily-cousin of Dr. Light and nemesis of Rockman
Blues--android 000, Rock's "brother"; mysterious android who disappeared years ago
Rockman-android 001, assistant to Dr. Light, champion against chaos
Roll-android 002, Rock's "female" counterpart, assistant to Dr. Light
Metalman-laboroid 009, modified lumberjack robot
Airman-laboroid 010, waste disposal and wind-tunnel operation robot
Bubbleman-laboroid 011, modified sub-marine exploration
Quickman-laboroid 012, modified super-sonic test robot
Clashman-laboroid 013, ground disruption robot
Flashman-laboroid 014, law enforcement robot
Heatman-laboroid 015, modified waste disposal robot
Woodman-laboroid 016, bio-mechanical interface prototype droid
Docman-emulation robot with a burning hatred for Rockman and his creator

Setting: 20XX A.D.
Dr. Light's lab--Neo Tokyo, Japan
Skull Castle, mark 2--Himalayan Mountain range in Nepal (Asia)
Metalman's Domain--Shirow Cybernetics laboroid construction factory in Fujiyama City (Japan)
Airman's Domain--Nuclear testing facility in Juneau (North America)
Bubbleman's Domain--Continental Water Purification Plant #5 (Africa)
Quickman's Domain--World Comm Tower #27 in Olsberg, Germany (Central Europe)
Clashman's Domain--Sydney International Space Port (Australia)
Flashman's Domain--San Salvador Maximum Security Detention Center (Central America)
Heatman's Domain--Geothermal Power Plant in Union City, Antarctica
Woodman's Domain--Treeborg Jungle Research Center in India (Asia)

Author's Note: This book--Dreams of Madness--marks the second installment of my Rockman-based trilogy The Wily Wars. It picks up several months after the last book left off, so the characters have aged a small bit. It should be noted that the original sub-title to the game is actually "Dr. Wily's Riddle" (another translation is "The Mystery of Dr. Wily"). However, having established the tone that I have in Rockman: the Robot War, I felt that a darker, less cliché title would be more suited to my tale of Dr. Wily's second, desperate bid for power.

I will make the assertion that I did before that not all of the material in this story is 100% accurate as according to Capcom's story of Rockman. For one thing, Rockman is supposed to be a little boy robot who refers to himself as "boku" (Japanese for "I"--used informally by younger males). He is also supposed to be a robot, and not an "android" as depicted in my story.

The terms "laboroid" and "androbot" are used fairly interchangeably within the story. Both refer to robots who were meant for heavy industrial or military work, etc... "Laboroid" is an official Capcom term, while "androbot" is my own invention--a mix between "android" and "robot," implying something that is more than one but less than the other.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily's real Japanese names are Dr. Thomas Right and Dr. Albert W. Wily. I got confused. Sorry. I've written one whole book using the names I knew before, and I don't intend to change them now.

I'd like to drop a quick note of thanks to a few people.

My brother, for being supportive of my writing, even if he is a dick sometimes (like I'm not). My wife, for supporting me in my silly hobbies and tolerating my late nights spent in front of the computer screen. Black Draco, for being an apparently rabid fan who keeps pushing me to write more, and Red Draco, for being an all around cool person who also inspires me to write by setting an example. And finally, even though it was over 2 years ago, Girl Wonder and Youngblood, the original maintainers of MegaMan: the Man in Blue, for posting the first chapter of Rockman: the Robot War, and making me think that my li'l ol' fic was worth continuing.

With all that out of the way, prepare to enter the world of Neo Tokyo 20XX, nearly recovered from the ruthless attack of a mad genius and an army of fanatics. More cautious now, the robotics industry is booming with new Robot Masters and the world is entering once again into a period of peace.

However, there are two who dream their nightmares of insanity, and soon both shall act. While one takes the spotlight and makes a bid for world domination, another shall begin to set his diabolical plan of vengeance in motion. The globe shall once again be plunged into chaos, and the call for justice shall arise.

And in the last place anybody expected, a third will begin to question his own sanity . . .

This is the tale of three legendary figures, and their Dreams of Madness

--Ben Roberts / Mælgrim Cedaur, December 5, 1999

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