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Plot and Storyline

Neo London. The 22nd Century.

Life in Great Britain is a tenuous one; illegal activity is controlled by the ruthless and iron-fisted Kondir, a mysterious Irregular whose face has never been seen by those who lived to tell about it.

Irregular activity in Neo London is rampant, and the local IHD (Irregular Hunter Division), led by the saurian Captain Mahnsed, is pressed to its limits merely to keep life orderly on the streets.

When Captain Mahnsed announces his plans to retire, Irregular Hunter Morghwyn is named as Captain of the 256th IHD. However, before he can acept the mantle, Mahnsed is brutally murdered by a mysterious, shadowy Irregular.

Intensive investigation into the matter reveals that the murder is only the tip of the iceberg in a much larger, possibly genocidal plot. Just as real progress is being made by the Hunters, four Irregular leaders rise up and forcibly take control of Great Britain, killing any humans or reploids who get in their way.

The Hunters work to destroy the Steel Barons, as the Irregulars call themselves, and, after solving several riddles and unlocking many clues, the Hunters succeed.

Returning to their main base, the Hunters receive news from Professor Mallers that Kondir has made a bold move and taken control of all extraterrestrial mining colonies, and has threatened world domination within the week if his demands (i.e., control of the Siberian-based Geolaser) are met.

Joining with other Hunters from across the world, the 256th division embarks on a hunt to destroy the Irregulars which control the most important extraterrestrial mining and military facilities.

As the countdown continues and time grows short, it is discovered that Kondir has made a bargain with terrifying forces that plot the downfall of not only humanity but of all life itself in the Galaxy!

With Kondir as the focal point for the dark forces gathering to wipe out life as we know it, the Hiunters rush to both locate and destroy his legendary hidden base and hold at bay the monstrous forces which have aligned themselves with Neo London's most powerful underworld figure.

After terrible sacrifices, the Hunters are victorious, and destroy Kondir's base. However, they are chilled by the knowledge that the evil of which Kondir himself was possessed will always lurk on the edge of the Galaxy, waiting to emerge and find a new figurehead.

At this point, I plan to include:
Animated cut scenes
A script which has multiple plots and endings
Human-acted voices for the Hunters, Irregulars
Much more, but that's a surprise!

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