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Smothering Tragedy

By Fallen Angel

The Introduction

Every person on this world has a conscience. And that conscience can huant a person for the sins' that he or she have commited, until they admit into what they have done. Some people fowever decide not to express their sins' and there is only a certain amount of time, until they can no longer keep their secrets hidden from the world. Now what if a robot was constructed and he was made to be so human like, would he also hold the burden called a consience ?? Yes he can.......

The Order

chapter 1

It was a cold and damp night, and there were shrill sounds of Jackels in the distance. Vultures flew over head as they searched for a scarp to eat. The sun had just set and a battle had just ended. There layed Bass, injured beyond belief. His loyal canine, Treble, layed there beside him. Bass was in great shock to be injured this badly by his enemy, Megaman.

" Damn, him !!" Bass finally spoke. " Why......why must he make me look like a fool !!" Bass sputtered as rose to feet.

He then suddenly felt a great amount of pain rush through his body, which drove him back to the hard soil. Treble pried his head between Bass's arm and his body to help his master up. Once Bass was on his feet, he patted his companion on the head.

" There has to be a way !!" Bass said as he and Treble teleported back to Skull Fortress.

At the over crowded Fortress, Bass staggered to Dr.Wily's office. PharaohMan was guarding the outside of door way.

" Bass ? Is that you ??" Pharoah man seemed pretty surprised on how bad Bass looked.

Bass walked up PharoahMan and hit him in the head and said

" Shut up !!" and then walked through the door.

" You lost again, didn't you ." PharoahMan sounded disapointed.

" Look, I don't want to talk about !" Bass snapped as he slamed the door in PharoahMan's face.

" He lost ." Ran through PharoahMan's mind.

Inside the dark office, Bass could see Dr. Wily working on a diagram for a new robot. Slowly Bass approached his creator, but before he could say anything Dr.Wily asked " Well ???"

" Well what ?" Bass became nervous about the battle he lost.

" the blue dweeb destroyed or NOT !!" Dr.Wily became agitated.

Bass didn't bother to answer. Dr.Wily finally glanced at his creation and groaned.

" I just don't get with you !! I give you everything if not more than what Megaman has and, and,.....and you look like you've been to the slaughter house !"

Dr.Wily became angry. Bass just looked at the floor in shame.

" I don't know how I over estimate you from the others, you're just as BAD !!" Dr.Wily continued to rank out the robot, then turned in disgust, thinking of what to say next.

" At least I tried ." Bass got the courage to speak up.

" Really !! I thought that you just showed yourself to Megaman and said Shoot ME !!" Dr.Wily was now in enraged.

" If you don't win and DESTROY Megaman in the next battle, I'll personally take you apart and use the scraps for my New robot !! Got THAT !!" Dr.Wily threatened as he held up the diagram and shoved it in Bass' face.

Bass gazed down at the floor and then replied," What ever ." and started to walk away.

Dr.Wily then jumped from his chair and darted in front of the black robot.

" What do you mean, What Ever !! You don't mind if I use you for my new robot? Do you have a virus or something ??" Dr.Wily asked.

" No I don't have a virus. and I don't care whether I die, get replaced, anything." Bass growled as he ran out of the room.

PharoahMan was still outside and was listening to the whole thing but before he could say something, Bass punched him in the face and walked away.

As Bass walked down the hallway he mumbled,

" I just don't know how much more destruction I can create and then face later on." Bass then walked into his room hoping that the next morning, this would all disappear. Unfortuntely that would be impossible to happen. Over the next few weeks, Dr.WIly repaired Bass and gave him his orders. He had to destroy Megaman or die in the attempt.

The Final Battle

chapter 2

It was a peaceful night at the lab. Megaman and Protoman were relaxing from a full day of signing autographs, comics, video games, peoples heads ect. Roll was tidying up the place, Dr.Light finally gotten to bed, and Rush was chasing his tail.

> " Mega, how can you just sit there. When there's work to do ." Roll tried to convince her brother into helping her.

" Roll, you gotta learn on how to relax ." Protoman said as he streched and then yawned.

Roll shook her head and said,

" I don't know how you guys are Super hero's. All you guys do is sign autographs ."

Roll nagged as she began to dust the place.

" Hey, who are the ones that stop Wily ." Protoman snapped.

" Not to mention Bass. Did you ever fry his circuts yet?? Mega ??" Protoman asked.

" No, not yet. But I think he's finally getting the picture that he can't beat me ."

Megaman finally answered.

" What gives you that idea that he's given up ??" Protoman questioned his brother.

" I mean he hasn't bothered to attack me in awhile. You know how he used to attack us at least every other week !!"

Megaman replied

" Hmm, maybe Wily got fed up with him. You know Bass has an attitude ." Roll jumped into the conversation.

" I don't think Wily would get rid of his, so called Greatest Creation. Or maybe Bass was lying about that too ." Protoman added.

Eveyone thought for a long while and then said " NAHHHhhhh......."

" You know, I've heard some pretty wried rumors about Bass ." Megaman said.

" Me two ." Protoman added.

" I heard that Bass was made out a actual human ." Roll said.

" I heard Bass was sent from a alien universe to destroy the human race ." Megaman said

" I heard that Bass is descended from Hell." Protoman said.

" Proto, wern't you the one that came up with that ." Roll said

" Hey, it's my opinion !!" Protoman said.

" You know that those are all very good rumors. But I don't think Bass is anything but of those things ." Dr. Light interupted the three robots.

" How come ??" All the bots asked.

" Well, since Dr.WIly is ageing as fast as I am, i sure he's going to get a tad slower into giving orders to Bass ." Dr.Light informed.

" But still Dr.Light, Bass half of the time does what he wants to do ." Megaman said.

Suddenly a transmission came in. It seemed to be the mayor.

" Dr.Light I'm being held as a prisoner from one of Dr.Wily's robots. Please HELP ME !!! NO AHHHhhhh......." The mayor screamed as somebody cut off the transmission.

" Megamam you help the Mayor, NOW !!" Dr. Light ordered.

" Right on it Dr.Light ." Megaman said as telelported for the Mayors house.

Once Megaman arrived at the sence, he saw that whole buliding was ruined, and every where there was blood. Megaman ran through the building to search for the mayor. He entered the bedroom, and there was the Mayor, scared as a kitten.

" It's gonna be ok Mayor ." Megaman said as he helped the Mayor up.

The Mayor shook his head and yelled " NOOOooo Megaman it's a TRAP !!!!!"

Suddenly, Bass came out of nowhere, and seal the door shut. Then took out in a evil cry " Now, it ends. Megaman !!!"

Megaman put the Mayor down and replied, " What do mean it ends ?? I've beaten you before ."

Bass looked sternly at the Blue bomber and replied " Yea,..........Until now...........TREBLE ATTACK !!!!" Bass called his companion out to help him.

Once Treble came, The two joined to be one in a ball of fire. Once the fire had cleared Bass flew down in darting fashion and grabbed Megaman the arm. Bass then flew high up into the air and threw Megaman aganist the wall. Megaman fell to the ground in pain, and Bass just loomed over him and grined.

" Proto was right !! You are a descendent from Hell ." Megaman snapped as jumed to his feet.

" What ???" Bass thought to himself about what Megaman said.

" I'm gonna need some help. RUSH !!!" Megaman yelled.

There was a breif moment of silence, Bass was still thinking and Megaman waiting for his canine to arrive. Soon enough, Rush came down in a shiny red beam. The two morphed into one, just as Bass did with Treble, and started to attack. It seemed to be the usual battle, both of them were losing energy just as fast as they could replenish it. The were fighting for well over an hour, until both of them only had one unit of energy left. One false m

" Die, you blue Parasite !!!" Bass screamed as lunged towards Megaman.

Megaman saw this, but was unable to dodge the attack. Once Bass layed fire on Megaman, the black robot collapsed in pain and agony. Megaman also fell as his circuts started to shut down.

> " No," Megaman fell and slowly in his sleep, he perished.

The Mayor was watching everything and after seeing Megaman die he panicked.

" Oh, my GOD !!!! He's, he's........DEAD ?!?! AHHHHHhhhhhh...." Mayor screamed in terror.

After the Mayor screamed Bass awakened after passing out.

" What the.......Megaman ???" Bass siad as he saw the blue bomber.

Bass's eyes lit up seeing that Megaman was not moving.

" Could it be ?? Is he finally dimolsihed ??" Ran through the evil robot's head.

" Oh no !! He's awake !! Somebody help ME !!" The Mayor cried as he backed away from Bass.

Bass then gazed up at the terrified human and asked,

" Did you see everything ??"

The black robot then stood as he glared at him. The Mayor by now was huddling in a corner, crying just like a injured puppy. He finally notied that Bass had asked him a question and replied " Wha, what was the, the question ??" Bass sighed and said " Did you or didn't you see what happened ???"

The Mayor thought for a moment. Of course he saw everything, but if he was to say yes, what would be Bass's response ??

" Uh, I uh, ?????" He sputtered.

Bass looked sternly at the human as if was trying to seek to truth out him.

" Wrong answer Human !!!" Bass said as he raised his arm cannon, charged it to full power and destroyed the Mayor.

" Ewww..." Bass said as he tried wipe the blood off his armor.

Bass noticed Megaman's body again walked over to it.

" AHhhh...Megaman I knew him too well.But alas, he is no more ." Bass said in his poetic words and then chuckled.

" Well better return to Base, to tell Wily that that Megaman is now and forever gone ." Bass then teleported away.

It's now dawn, and Dr.Light, Roll, and Protoman have finally gotten the news why Megaman didn't come home that night.

"" Roll cried out as she laided her head on Protoman's shoulder.

Dr.Light reamained silent, in shock knowing that his greatest creation had fallen. Protoman stood there thinking about one thing,.....Who Did It.......???

" I knew I should of sent Eddie along ." Dr.Light started to blame himself.

" It's not you're fault, Dr.Light. Who ever killed him is resopnsible." Roll said as a tear ran down her check.

Soonly the cheif, David Newfon, came to tell everyone who destroyed Megaman.

" Well we've found our murderer, and form our evidence, burn marks, punching marks ect. and it all points to the most dangerous robot in the U.S.A,............Bass ."

Everyone gasped except Protoman. He just shook his head back and forth in disbelif. He then said two simple words that no one will never forget.

" HE'S DEAD !!" Protoman then clenched his teeth together and started walking away from Megaman's body.

" Proto, where are you going ??" Roll ran after him.

" I going to find that Murderer, and make him wish that he was never, EVER created !!" Protoman said in rage.

" PROTO !!! You just can't do that !! You're judgements' are being clouded by this. I know you want revenge for Megaman's death, so do I, but we just can't barge into things !!" Roll said as she ran after her brother.

" Sorry Roll, but I'm gonna make Bass pay, for everything he's done ! He doesn't deserve to live after all the lives he's taken !!" Protoman said as he continued to leave the premisses.

Roll was going to go after him again, but Dr.Light stopped her.

" Roll, he needs time to cool off. I'm sure he isn't going to do anything drastic ."

" But what if he does find Bass ?? Who knows what'll happen ." Roll said as she walked back to Dr.Light.

Now that Megaman is dead, he can't protect the world from Dr.Wily and Bass. Protoman is now enraged and looking for his brother's murderer, but what will happen when the two meet ??

Painful Memories

chapter 3

It was a dredful day at Dr.Light's lab, but at Skull Fortess everyone was having the biggest party ever !! The RobotMasters were jumping all around the fortress. Mets were dancing, Sniper Joes were hopping jumping, and even Dr.Wily was prancing all around the place !!! Everyone was having fun. Everyone except............Bass.

> The black robot was simply watching everyone and thinking why he had done such a horrible thing.

" Yea, It's conga TIME !! Chachachachacha, CHA ."

Soon half of the RobotMasters' joined into a huge conga line and started roaming all over the Fortress. Bass just rolled his eyes and looked away from the idiotic crowd. Soon ShadeMan walked over to Bass.

" Hey, whats the matter Bass ?? I would think you would be the happiest of everyone. Come on join the conga !!" ShadeMan was then swept way the huge line of RobotMaster's.

Bass just sighed.

" Why am I'm being rewarded, for such a horrible task ??" Ran throuh Bass's mind.

Dr. Wily then stepped away from the large line and went to talk to Bass.

" Well, I was wrong, you are my greatest creation !!" Dr. Wily was so happy that he hugged Bass.

" DOC !!!!" Bass yelled as he pushed the scientist away from him.

" Sorry, I'm just so over joyed that now no one will stop us from taking over the WORLD !!! Hahahaaaaa......." Dr. Wily then broke out in a laughter.

" you ever become......concerned...on how many humans' and robot's robots' that I've killed ??" Bass asked.

Dr. Wily then stopped laughing and looked at his creation.

" What are talking about ?!? Are you telling me that you feel bad for what you done ??" Dr.Wily then became serious.

Bass decieded to sum up his feelings with one word " Well......"

" Hahahaaaa..." Dr. Wily then started luaghing again and fell to the floor.

" Now I know that I created you too acutally feel gulit over come your circit's ." Dr. Wily managed to say.

Bass nodded.

" Bass ?!?!" Dr. Wily hollered.

" What ???" Bass replied.

" I better talk to you privately ." Dr. Wily said as he got up from the floor.

The two walked form the crowd into the repair's lab.

" Doc, what are we doing in here ." Bass asked.

" Bass, you know that I designed you to destory Megaman and all of his followers right ??" Dr. Wily started out.

" Yea, why ??" Bass said.

The evil scientist thought for a moment and said,

" Well, Bass I've gave you something that none of my other robot's have."

Bass stared at his creator with a bewlidered look on his face.

" What ??" He asked.

Dr. Wily was looking through a whole bunch of capsules and then took out one.

" Bass, I gave you certain chips that allows you to feel certain emotion's. Like love, hate, revenge, and of all guilt !! I never thought it would work, but now that I know it works I can put in my new robot and remove the guilt chip ." Dr. WIly said evily.

" So, you mean to tell me, that's why I wanted Megaman's blood shed and then feel sorry about IT !!!" Bass wasn't taking this to well.

" Your the next step to a new generation of the robot kind !! and before I implement it in my new robot, I'll remove the gulit chip from your circit's. and then the WORLD will be OUR'S !!!!And No One Will stop us from destroying the human RACE !!!! HAHAAAAAaaaaa......" Dr.Wily broke out in a hideous laughter.

Bass by now was thinking that Dr.Wily had lost it, sure Megaman was now dead, but what if Dr.Light made a newer better robot than Dr.Wily could ever make.

" When are you going to remove the chip ???" Bass cautously asked.

" Once I get the memory down loaded into my robot. And you don't have worry about any more crimes that you commit. Heck, you might even forget that you even did something !!" Dr.Wily said he went back to his work.

Bass walked out of the room and thought to himself.

" Oh, perfect. What will be next. I can't take much more of this !!"

" That's IT !! I'm not gonna be his pawn in HIS Chess game !! If he wants to kill and destory, let him do it HIMSELF, and not ME !! I've broken the frist rule of robotic's too many TIMES !!!" Bass began to speake out loud.

" Treble !!!" Bass yelled. Soon his companion came trotting after his master's plea.

" We're Leaving Treb, and we're not coming BACK !!!" Bass said as he and Treble left.

But what Bass didn't know that the conga line had gone into ear shot into what Bass had said, and not one of them were happy about it.


chapter 4

Protoman was enraged, his brother was dead, no one would be able to stop Dr. WIly and his Murder was still on th loose. Protoman decided to take Bass head on at Skull Fortress. CutMan was guarding the front entrance at the time and in the distance he saw a red and white glimer coming right at him.

" HALT !! Who goes there !!" He yelled at the intruder.

Protoman stepped into the shadows at the second. CutMan was terrified by this.

" Uh, hey. who, Who's there ?!?!" CutMan put down his cannon and turned around to find Protoman glazing over him.

" AHHHhhhhh....." CutMan then fell to the ground in surprisement.

" I'm not here for you CutMan, I want that Murderer !!!" Protoman yelled.

" Who ??" CutMan decided to play stupid.

" BASS !!!!" Protoman said in fury.

" Sorry, B, Bass Is'nt here any more ." CutMan replied.

" WHAT !!!!!!!" Protoman hollered.

" He ran away. From what I heard ." CutMan added.

" He probably thought I would come after him, Well he's not going to get away that easily. If you ever see Bass again, tell him That whole state of New York is after him !!" and with those simple words Protoman dissapeared in the darkness.

Are we there yet ?

chapter 5

" Ok, It's a little hot but but at least it's nice and quiet ." Bass said in the golden plain's of Africa.

Treble sat there next to his master as he watched a herd a antelope's go by.

" Ah, now I can finally find sanctuary in this world, without the word Megaman or Wily in it !! Just peace and qui........" Bass trailed off as he saw Dr.Light, Roll, and Auto go by in a large jeep.

" did they find me ??" Bass asked himself as he jumped into the saftey of the jungle.

" Wait a minute, where's.......TREBLE !!!!" Bass yelled as he spotted his companion chasing a Spring box.

Treble was unawear about Dr.Light's jeep and ran dab smack of the middle of it !!

" What the.....Treble !!!" Dr.Light screamed as he saw the purple canine.

" Hey, why is Treble here ??" Auto asked.

" Hey, where ever Treble is, Bass is....AHhhhh..." Roll was alarmed with Bass' presence right behind her.

Bass jumped over to his injured allie and picked him up.

" Next, time WATCH where your stering that Damn thing !!!!" Bass yelled at Dr.Light and then ran off.

" Bass what are you doing Here ??" Dr.Light yelled out to the sleek robot.

Bass didn't bother to answer he kept on running. Treble whined in pain.

" It's alright bud, you'll be fine ." Bass said as he patted Treble on the head.

" But, where I'm gonna get you repaired ." Bass stopped running thinking maybe he should go back to Dr.Light but if he did, what would happen after Treble was repaired ??

But Bass decided to take the chance of being captured, he ran back to Dr.Light and demanded

" Alright human, you did this now you can repair IT !!"

Dr.Light decided not to take any chances with Bass, so he did as he was told. The scientist did an over all check and saw some extensive damage.

" Hmmm...this uh, I mean, I don't have the right tools here. We'll have to go back to the hotel ." Dr.Light managed.

Bass sneered at the scientist and asked,

" In public ??"

" Well not exactly, this hotel doesn't allow any of the press or the meadia in ." Dr.Light said.

Bass sighed at his response and jumpeded into the jeep and said

" Well ? What are you waiting for ?? We don't have all DAY !!"

" Dr.Light !! Why are we helping HIM ??" Roll asked.

" We don't have a choice Roll. He's too dangerous to say NO to ." Dr.Light answered as he carefully and cautiously went into the jeep.

" I'll sit in the back, to watch Bassy boy ." Auto offered as he took Treble and went into the jeep.

Roll followed.

The whole way there was Hell. Everytime Bass would flinch, Either Roll or Dr.Light would jump right out of there seat. Roll was getting nervous knowing that the one who burtally killed her brother was sitting right behind her. Bass was also getting annoyed that every time he would move, Roll would scream. Suddenly Bass sneezed, and sure enough roll let out a loudest scream that would wake the dead !!

" come everytime I move she Spasses OUT !!" Bass said as he uncovered his ears.

Roll by now was pissed, and she got the courage to speak up.

" Excuse me if I get a little jumpy, when A MURDERER is sitting right Behind ME !!! Your Majesty !!" Roll said as she got up and slapped Bass right up side of his head.

" ROLL !!" Dr.Light tried to stop her from making a big mastake but it was no use, the battle lines had been drawn.

Bass had a bewildered look on his face. He then turned his head to the angry Felmale bot.

" That's Right I HIT You !! And I'm Damn Proud of IT !! Murderer !!!!" Roll yelled right into Bass's face.

Bass then grabbed Roll's arm and started to crush it !!

" Do you want your Pride to cost you YOU'RE LIFE ?!?!?" Bass by now was starting to make Roll cry.

" Hey, Leave her alone !!" Auto finally jumped in.

" Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt her,....TO MUCH !! Well Roll, answer ME !! Do you want to join Megaman in silence or not ?!?!" Bass said as he started to loosen his grip.

Roll finally let out a cry " NOOOooooo..."

Bass then threw her arm back.

" Good, now sit in your seat, or I will give you something to scream AT !!" Bass yelled as he sat back down.

Twenty minutes later.....Roll was still crying horrendously and everyone was fed up.

" Now, instead of screaming WE have to listen to her moaning !!" Bass said.

" Maybe if you apologize she would CALM down !! If you know what apologize means !!" Auto snapped.

" I know what it means !! It's Just that she brought up a subject that I didn't want to hear !!" Bass snapped back.

" Bass, maybe you could try. It's still another hour before we get to the hotel ." Dr.Light pleaded.

Bass sighed and said " FINE, I'll try !!" Bass sat up gazed down at the sobbing robot.

" Do you mind !! We would all be alot happier if you wern't crying like a spoiled baby bot ." Bass growled.

Roll just cried harder.

" Nice work !! Now at this rate the whole jeep will be a swimming pool by time we get to the hotel ." Auto chuckled to himself.

" Shut UP !! I'm tring my best... Come on, It can't hurt that much ." Bass said as he went to pick up Roll's arm.

Roll moved it quickly and murmered,

" Get away from me.."

" Hey , do want me to make it feel better or not !!" Bass snapped.

Roll thought and moved her arm into Bass's reach. Bass then picked it up and examaned it. He noticed small dent marks embeded in her arm, but all Bass could do was rub it gently, and that's what he did. Soon Roll started to calm down.

" Look I'm sorry if I hurt you. Just that I have that reaction when some hits me, kay ??" Bass asked for her approval.

Roll by now had fully stopped crying and she gazed up at Bass, not the evil, cruel one but a newer, kinder one. She has never seen this side of Bass before so she decieded to forgive him. Not for Killing Megaman, but just for simply crushing her arm. She nodded for a yes. Bass smiled and returned to his seat.

Forty minutes later they arived at the hotel. It was big enough to hold Wily's army and whole bunch more to spare !!! Once they had gotten their key's, they headed for Dr.Light's room. Now, Bass's name is known through the U.S all the way to Australia and he's not welcomed any where in between!!

" Well, here we are ." Dr.Light said as he opened the door to the huge suite.

Already there was maid dusting every where until she saw Bass and Treble.

"" The maid mumbled as she triped over the bed and landed right next to Bass.

" Are you ok ?" Bass decided to be nice and helped her up.

The maid was terrified by this and ran off screaming. Bass just sighed.

" Lets get this over with so I can Leave !!" Bass suggested.

Dr.Light nodded and got the tools that he needed and started repairing Treble. It took well over two hours for Dr.Light to complete the repaires, and Bass never took his eyes off the scientist.

" I think I'm done ." Dr.Light finally announced.

Treble then got up and licked Bass on the face.

" Hey calm down boy, save that energy for the long flight back ." Bass said as pushed his cimpanion away from him.

" You're going to leave now ?? It's almost dark out ." Roll said.

" I'm not gonna have this hotel under siege all because of me. Besides you wouldn't want a so called Murderer, in the same room with you any longer ." Bass and Treble then walked up to the balcony.

" Come on, Treb. Let's beat it before the cops get here ." Bass ordered as Treble combined with his master and flew off.

" BASS !!!" Roll cried as she ran to the balcony.

Bass then turned to the female bot and replied " What ??"

" Why don't you just turn yourself in ?? Since your not with Wily anymore, the penalty might be dropped a bit. It's better then being on the run all your life ." Roll tried to convince Bass.

The black robot flew down a little closer to Roll and shook his head.

" Roll, socity has no place in this world for a robot like me. they would just lock me up with Manson and throw away the key !! No Roll, I've chosen my fate, and only God himself can save my Tortured Soul !!" Bass then flew off into the darkness of the night.

Roll looked in away in disapointment and walked inside.

" Roll, why on earth would you want to Bass to stay ?" Dr.Light asked.

" Dr.Light, I haven't really met Bass before until today, and call me crazy but I don't think he's all that bad. I mean anyone that would have to live with, not to mention being made by, by that evil scientist called Wily would want want to leave after awhile. Take Protoman for example ." Roll replied.

" Umm.....Your right you are crazy !!" Auto said sarcasticly.

Roll then walked up to him and hit him in the head.

" HEY !!!" Auto said as he tried to get away from Roll.

" Excuse me if I offended you and BOY friend !!" Auto snapped.

" He's NOT MY BOYFR........ROLL, AUTO !!!" Dr.Light interuppted the two.

" Let's just drop the subject, Ok ?!?!" Dr.Light yelled.

" Fine, ok, sure ." The both of them sputtered.

" Ok, Now we've all had a long day, lets just go to bed and get some sleep. We have to wake up early tomorrow if we're going to catch that plane ." Dr.Light said as he walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Auto decided to funny and said under his breath " You love Bass ."

Roll easily heard him and slapped him across the face.

" Moron !!" Roll said out loud.

" The Both of YOU, Stop it RIGHT now !!!" Dr.Light became angry.

" He started it !!" Roll protested.

" Hey, I was telling the truth, you like Bass !!" Auto said in defense.

Roll hit him in thE head again.

" I DON"T LIK.........ROLL !!!" Dr.Light interuppted the bots again.

" Auto, let the truth REST !!" Even Dr.Light thought Roll liked Bass.

" I don't like him !!!!" Roll yelled as she stomped out of the room.

" Should I go get her ??" Auto asked as he started to feel bad.

Dr.Light came out of the bathroom and replied " No, she'll come back when she wants to ."

And with that the lights went off. Roll by now was on the roof, thinking. She did like Bass, but how could she love the robot that killed her own brother, and hundreds of other humans' and robots'. It was to much to bear at once.

Alone once again

chapter 6

In the dark night Bass was returning to the saftey of the jungle.

" Oh, great. Now that Light and his gang had seen me, theres only so much time before hundreds and hundreds of Partols are going to be running through Africa ." Bass thought.

As Bass flew through the shadows, he heard a faint scream. The black robot gazed down at the dark plain's and found a young female human being attacked by a pack of Hyenas'. Bass flew down and picked up one of the hyena's and threw it into another hyena. After awhile he got them on the run but he seemed to be too late. He gazed down at the grusome sight for a moment until he saw a helecopter in the distance.

" Oh shit, There gonna think I did it !!" Bass sputtered as he ran off.

In a few minutes the helicopter's light flicked on and started to search the area. It then found the huge blood stan where the human laid. The helicopter then landed and two human's came out to investigate.

" Oh god !!" One of the human's groaned.

" That maid wasn't kidding, we have a major problem on our hands ." The other human said as he picked up his comunicator and started to talk to the command post.

The other human then went to the helicopter and took out a large black sheet and then covered the dead female.

" Sargent, we have a killer robot here, and we need your help !!" Obviously the human was talking about Bass.

" Allright !! I'll send some troops over, and Don't say anything to the public about this yet ! We don't want panicked tourist's running a rampage All Around KENYA !!" The sargent replied as he ended the transmission.

" Eww... Hey Fred, what if this robot is still around ??" The human asked.

Fred looked at him with a worried face and replied " I really hope he isn't !!"

Bass watched from a distance knowing that those human's falsely accused him.

" I'm not going to let them rat me out Anymore then they already have!!" Bass mumbled to himself as he prepared to attack.

" Uh, Harry ?? Maybe we should leave ." Fred suggested.

" Uh Yea . That's a good Idea ." Harry agreed as they turned around to find Bass looming over them.

" You TWO Human's aren't going to live to See the Sun RISE !!!" Bass growled.

Fred and Harry then screamed in fear and ran in panic. Bass then brought out his arm cannon and started shooting. One hit Fred and he fell to the ground dead as a doornail. Luckily Harry made it through the dense firing and continued running.

" I don't Think SO !!" Bass yelled as he took to the air and grabbed Harry by the hair.

Bass then flew over a large pride of Lions and let the human go.

" NOOoooo..." Was the human's last cry as he fell to his doom.

Bass just grined and said sarcastically " Sorry, I had to feed the animal's and you just happened to be around. Haha !!" Bass then flew away from the gruesome site.

As Bass returned to his little hideway, he started to feel something come over him, guilt !!

" Maybe, I shouldn't of.............NO the human's deserved it !!" Bass tried to change his mind about feeling bad.

He then separated from Treble.

" Boy, we gotta leave again. The human's know we're here. but where are we going to go now ?? Maybe Aulstarlia? no, To many hazards. Wait, how about Japan?...........Nah, nobody can speak english. Ohh......I don't where we can go. Do you have any Idea's ??" Bass was reduced to asking Treble.

His canine thought then, with his paw, he sketched something in the sand which looked alot like a fortress, yeah Wily's fortress. Bass sighed.

" Treb, ........we can't go back there. I can't go under Wily's rule anymore. He think's he can stay up top forever, HA !!! No body is immortal !! That human think's he God himself !! For all I know he could be Satan !!" Bass said as he walked away to think.

Treble of course followed his master. Bass laid on the floor and went into deep thought.

" If I return to Wily, I'll have to deal with his orders. And If I stay on the run, I'll probably get caught. and If I..............what the Hell is the that ?!?!" Bass stopped thiking as he saw a large teleporting beam come down from the heaven's.

Treble started to growl at the large beam. As the large light dimmed, a huge army of robot's appeared. Bass's expression was pretty grim.

" DROIDS' , HALT !!!" A medium sized robot yelled at the large group.

Soon everyone calmed down to see what seemed to be their leader, had to say. The leader seemed to have black, white, and light blue armor. His helmet had three points to it, which was shaded in red, and he had long spiky green hair.

" Alright !!! You all know why we're are hear, RIGHT ?!?!?" The bot shouted.

The large crowd of robot replied " UH........"

The green haired robot shook his head in shame knowing that he should of brought a smarter group of droids.

" We're HEAR to destroy the human race, REMEMBER !! And for me to get revenge on one BLUE robot and one Mad Scientist !!" The robot shouted.

The huge crowd of bots then replied " OH, Yea !!!! Destory, Human's !!"

" And any robot's that stand in our WAY !!!" The robot added.

The large group then moved south, to the city !! As the crowd left the sun rose over the plains.

" What the hell, was that all about ??" Bass said aloud.

Treble started to whimper. Bass then looked down at his companion and replied,

" Your right. I don't want to stick around either ." Bass and Treble then teleported back to the U.S.

As Bass and Treble landed back at good old New York, Bass started to relize that that robot was talking about Megaman and Wily !! But what Bass wanted to know was, who was that guy ??

Face Off

chapter 7

Bass had no other choice, he had to tell Wily about this new threat. Though he might be free from the evil scientist's rule, he was still loyal to his creator.

" Well Treb, you got your wish, we have to warn Wily about this new guy." Bass said he and Treble teleported to the fortress.

" Hey, everything is just the same ." Bass was suprised by this, usally mets would reconstruct the place at least every other week, and Bass had been gone for a least two months.

As Bass approached the gates of Dr.Wily, he saw GutsMan who was guarding the place.

" Hey Gutz !!" Bass decided to greet the over larged robot.

GutsMan finally gazed down at Bass, and then looked back down at the floor.

" Huh ?? Hey, Hello ?? GutsMan reported to base !!.....Come back to Earth !!" Bass tried to get GutsMan's attention.

" What do you want ?? Traitor !!" GutsMan blurded out.

Bass then backed away from the large robot and said,

" EHhh......Gutz forget you just said that, Kay ?? I need to talk to Wily ." GutsMan then stared at Bass and sneered at him.

" Hey, what was That FOR ?!?" Bass was offended by this.

" Guess you don't know what happened ." GutsMan said.

" Huh, WHAT ?? What happened to Wily ?!?!" Bass demanded.

" Protoman came looking for you, but you were already gone. So he decided to sneek in and get some answers from Wily. Wily didn't want to give him the answer's so, so.........And If you were THERE WILY wouldn't have DIED !!!" GutsMan started to blame Bass for Wily's demise.

Bass was in shock, knowing that Wily had died.

" But........I.....had to leave ." Bass said as he started to tip toeing away from GutsMan.

" Yea sure Leave Us BASS !!! You were supposed to be our seconded in command. Now you should be our LEADER !!" GutsMan started to yell.

" LOOK, I can't lead ON !! You might not know this but Wily was an evil human and He deserved to DIE, and if you think I'm going to carry on his EVIL way's I'M NOT !!!!" Bass yelled back.

" Yeah, sure. Same song, same tune !!" GutsMan tuanted.

Bass was fed up so he decided to shoot a couple of plasma shots at him. GutsMan's arm came off.

" Why don't you just kill me !! Huh, ANSWER ME !!!" GutsMan by now was jumping up and down like a spoiled child.

Bass didn't answer and he continued to leave, not bothering to tell him about the new robot and hid gang.

" Maybe I'll have better luck with Light ." Bass thought as he and Treble teleported to Dr.Light's lab.

As Bass approached the lab, he knocked on the door.

" I hope their back from Africa ." Bass said to himself.

Suddenly the door opened a crack to show Roll's beuatiful face.

" Uh, we're not opened yet,.....Bass !?!?" Roll was surprised to the black robot's face.

" Roll, I have to talk to you ." Bass said causally.

Roll looked at the time and then opened the door to let Bass in.

" All right, but Dr.Light going to up in an hour ." Roll warned.

As the two entered the lab Roll was wondering why Bass was here, she was hoping that he was here to talk about the two of them, but it was only a wish.

" Uh, Bass ?? Why aren't you in Kenya anymore ??" Roll finally got the courage to say something.

" Roll, we have major problem's. Some new robot's came from another planet and their looking for Mega and Wily. Just one problem, their both dead ." Bass said.

" What !! New robot's ?? From where ??" Roll became a little nervous.

" I don't know, but they seemed to be here before. Have any clue ??" Bass asked.

Roll thought for awhile and she said,

" The only Alein robot's that's came to our world was Duo, and Terra's group ."

" Uh, explain this Terra guy ." Bass said as he sat down on the floor.

" Oh god, you couldn't miss that guy if he were in stuck in a huge group oh human's. He had the weiredest hair !!" Roll chuckled at the funny memory.

Bass then remembered that the leader of that group of robot's had strange hair.

" Hey, did he have greenish afro like hair ??" Bass asked.

" That's him alright. But why would Terra come back to earth ??" Roll asked her self.

" I don't know, but he looked pretty mad when I saw him ." Bass said.

Before Roll could say anything, Protoman busted through the doors.

" Damn him, I can't find him anyw................." Protoman stopped himself as he saw Bass.

Protoman and Bass stared at each other for awhile then Protoman said something.

" You !! You think you can return here with out paying for you're SINS!!" Protoman then brought out his cannon and started shooting.

Bass dodged them easliy and returned the favor by shooting back. Protoman blocked his shots with his shield.

" I'll make you pay Murderer !!" Protoman yelled as he lunged at Bass.

" I wouldn't be talking, You killed Wily !!" Bass hollered.

The two fought for about ten minutes when Dr.Light and Auto came into the room.

" What on earth IS going on here ?!?!?" Dr.Light demanded.

" Bass......" Roll mumbled as Auto ran over to the fighting robots' and separtated them.

" Allright, calm down the both of you !!" Auto hollered.

" Will somebody please answer me ??" Dr.Light asked.

" Roll, why is your BoyFriend here ??" Auto asked.

" BOYFRIEND ???" Bass and Protoman asked in shock.

" AUTO don't start with that again !! Now, what is going here ?? Bass what are You doing here ??" Dr.Light repeated.

" ...........Boyfreind..........??" Bass mumbled.

" He's probably here to kill all of us !!" Protoman yelled.

" NO ." Roll finally barged into the agrument.

" Let them both go now Auto !!" Roll ordered.

Auto did what he was told and let them go. Roll then quickly darted between them to make sure the wouldn't started fighting again.

" Bass tell them about Terra, So they woun't accuse you of tresspassing ." Roll whisphered in Bass's ear.

Bass decided that was the best thing to say, and he explained about Terra and why he had returned. Dr.Light was very suprised by this, but Protoman didn't belive one word that Bass said.

" Ohhh...Come On !!! He's lying Again !! And Roll, why are YOU with Bass ?!?" Protoman demanded.

Bass and Roll then looked at each other and then quickly looked away.

" Proto, he came to tell me about Terra ." Roll protested.

Protoman just frowned at his sister and then turned to Auto.

*Sigh* " Auto what did You mean when you said Boyfreind ?" Protoman asked.

" Oh !!! You should have been there Proto, Roll and Bass were having themselves a little soap oprea, while we were in Africa ." Auto started ratting out Roll and Bass.

By time Auto was done, Protoman was devastated.

" Hey, that's not True !! I wouldn't even try to have an affair with Roll !!" Bass protested, even though he was lying.

He knew he wanted to be with Roll, but it would be too risky to even attempt it. After Roll heard those words, she almost broke out in tears, for she didn't know that Bass cared for her as much as she cared for him.

" It better not be true, Muderer. Because if it is, you'll be in even more trouble than you already Are !!!!" Protoman threatened.

Bass just glared evily at Protoman.

" Proto !Now Bass, you said you saw Terra and his droid army head for the city ?" Dr.Light asked.

Bass nodded.

" Ok, then I better call the hotel to see if anything happened ." Dr.Light said as he went to the phone and started dialing.

It rung a few times before it came up the most annoying shreech and then a voice said " We're sorry, but the number that you have dialed in no longer in use. Please hang up and try again ."

" That's odd, the number isn't reponding ." Dr.Light said as he tried again, but the same annoying voice came up.

" Now that's really odd. I'm sure I dialed the right number ." Dr.Light said as he hung up.

" Maybe Terra is already there ." Roll said.

" Probably ." Dr.Light replied.

" I doubt it ." Protoman mumbled.

" Please Proto, lets just get along ." Dr.Light pleaded.

" Get Along !?! How can you get along with the one that Brutally Killed Mega !?!" Protoman asked.

There was a moment of silence to settle the situation.

" And how can I get along with the one that killed my creator ?!?!" Bass mumbled.

Protoman heard this and decided to tell him off.

" Your creator was evil so I decided to wipe the slate clean of his evil rule; and give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick your tin can out of Here ?!?!" Protoman demanded.

" If you kick me out, then you'll just be kicking your self ." Bass taunted.

" He's right, we're gonna need all the help we can get ." Auto said.

Protoman then sneered at Bass and asked " Why do we need him ??"

" Proto, all of us are going to have to get along on this one ." Dr.Light said as he held out his hand.

Auto then put his hand on Dr.Light's, Roll put her's on Auto, and Bass then put his hand on her's. All have joined together, all execpt Protoman.

" Come on Proto ." Roll said.

Protoman sighed and then put his hand on Bass's.

" Fine, but I'm gonna watch you like a hawk !!" Protoman warned Bass.

" Alright !! All for one, one for..........uh hey what last word ??" Auto asked.

" All ." Bass suggested.

" Uh, Yea !! That's it !! All for one, one for All !!" Auto cheered.

So never say never when comes to making allies. But how would four robots and one human could stop a whole robot army from a distant planet?? Megaman has accompished this before but now that he's no more, how would any of his freind's know what to do to defeat this new threat?? They were just gonna have to wait and hope for the best.

Old Friends

chapter 8

Now that Bass had joined up with Dr.Light and his team, how would they stop Terra and his group ?? Now Dr.Light has thought this over more than Twice. So the next morning, he got the crew up to see some familiar friends and hopefully, some allies.

" Are we there yet ??" Auto whined.

" NOOO !!!!" Everyone yelled.

" We're almost there ." Dr.Light replied.

" Where are we going ??" Bass asked as he patted Treble on the head.

" Oh, that's right you've never seen Dr.Cossack. Well he just might help us in fighting Terra ." Dr.Light said.

" Dr. Who ??" Bass asked.

" COSSACK !!! Learn to Listen !!!!" Protoman yelled at Bass.

" Hey, I was just asking a simple Question !!!" Bass yelled back.

" Guys !! You've already fought once today, and Once a day is enough!!" Auto said as he covered his ears.

" Guys come on, calm down !! Guys ?? Please ??" Roll pleaded.

Bass looked at Roll and then sat back in his seat. Protoman was confused by this, and he wasn't happy about it.

" Oh now I get IT !!! Sure, you'll listen to Roll, all because you like her !! I'll Tell You something Bass, you better stay away from her!!" Protoman threatened.

" How Many Times Do I Have to SAY THIS ?!?! I Don't Like HER !!!" Bass lied.

" GUYS !!! Tell you what, you two can start fighting once we get the Dr.Cossack's Citadel, ok ???" Dr.Light tried to compromise, but the two robot's kept on fighting.

Five minutes later they reached the Citadel and Protoman and Bass were still fighting. They were fighting from Roll to Megaman then Wily.

" Alright, we're here. Everyone off ." Auto said as he opened the door and Bass and Protoman fell out.

" OWWww !!!!" They both yelled.

" You two deserved it !!" Roll said as she and Treble hopped out of the van.

" He started IT !!" Protoman and Bass said at the same time.

" Guys can we please act like Grown up bots and not a bunch of spoiled teen's ." Dr.Light said as walked up to the door and knocked.

Protoman and Auto followed Dr.Light while Roll kept Bass back to talk to him.

" Bass, don't listen to Proto, he just does it to annoy you ." She started.

" I know, just that I'm not gonna put up with his crap !! and I'm sorry that he has to keep bringing up that subject about you and me ." Bass apologized.

Roll then became nervous, thinking maybe she should tell him the truth but how would he react ??

" Uh, Bass ?? ??" Roll managed to say.

Bass looked at her strangly and smiled.

" Yea, why ??" Bass replied.

" I,, Bass Come on !!" Auto interuppted the two.

Roll decided to make a break for it and started to walk towards the Citadel's doorway.

" Roll ??" Bass said as he ran after her wondering what she was going to say to him.

Treble followed.

" Oh, uh,.......froget it. It was nothing ." Roll said.

" Are you sure ??" Bass said as he opened the door for her.

" Uh, yea I'm...sure ." Roll said as walked through the door.

The three caught up with Auto and Protoman.

" Where were you two ??" Auto asked.

" No where !!" Bass snapped.

" Ohhh, I think I know what you two were doi....." Auto stopped himself as he caught a glimpse of Bass's arm cannon, which was pointed right at his head.

" Uh, what were you saying Auto ??" Bass asked.

" N,n....nothing ." Auto replied as he tried to smile.

" Good ." Bass then withdrawaled his cannon.

" Dr.Light !! There are reports from all over the world !!" Dr.Cossack said as ran to Dr.Light.

" I know, I know. How bad is the damage ??" Dr.Light asked.

" Well, Kenya is completly destroyed, The northern part of Japan is in ruins, Moscow is being invaded, California looks like it been through five earthequakes At Once, and the South Pacific has been cut off from food, and communication ." Dr.Cossack said with a nervous tone.

" Oh dear ." Dr.Light groaned.

" What are we going to do ??" Auto started to panick.

" Dr.Cossack and I have been working on a new virus chip called XZR1. It's supposed to wipe out and invading robot's memory clean, but we haven't the time to test it, yet ." Dr.Light said.

" Do you know where Terra's head quarters are ??" Bass asked.

" Uh, I think. There is an area where most of the robot army returns to after each invasion ." Dr.Cossack replied as he pointed to a small area in Australia.

" Well I think it's time test your little chip ." Bass said.

" What ??" Dr.Cossack asked.

" Give me the chip and I'll see if it works ." Bass said as he held out his hand.

" Oh no Bass. It's too dangerous. We don't know what we're up against." Dr.Light said.

" I'll be fine. All I'm gonna do is sneek in and out. Besides I'll have Treble. It will be Simple, right ??" Bass asked.

" Wrong !! If you go, I'm gonna go to make sure you don't try anything smart !" Protoman jumped into the conversation.

" Look, I don't need any help. Besides, two's a crowd for this mission." Bass snapped as took the chip as he and Treble headed for the door.

" Bass, Proto is right. It's too risky to go alone ." Dr.Light said as stopped the black robot.

" ...........fine........!!" Bass mumbled as Protoman headed for the door.

Once they were outside of the Citadel the two promised each other not to fight, because if they did, it could cost them their lives.


chapter 9

The two teleported to the outer edges of Sydeny, where they hope to find Terra and his army.

" God, how dense can a forest get ?" Bass asked himself as he pushed away a huge branch.

" How much further, before we get up to Fro boy ??" Protoman whined as the branch wacked him in the face.

" OWWWWwww....!!!!!!" Protoman yelled.

" Oh, sorry ." Bass said as if he did that on purpose.

" You bit.........hey is that ...??" Protoman lowered his voice when he saw a large group of robots and one very familiar robot.

" That's him !!" Bass said as he jumped into a tree.

" What the Hell are you doing ?!?!" Protoman demanded.

" We gotta get closer to them if we're going to plant that chip on him." Bass replied as he climbed higher in the tree.

Protoman just sighed and climbed up after him. By now, Bass is looming over Terra, and was just about to put the chip on him until........Crash!! Bass's weight snapped the branch and he fell to the ground.

" Wha......HEY !!!" Terra started out.

" Uh, uh,....I didn't do it !!" Bass started freaking out.

" Hey, your that robot, called Bass right ??" Terra asked.

" Uh,......yea, that's me ." Bass replied.

" Hey, Guys !! Here's that robot I've been talking to you about ." Terra yelled.

Soon all the robots gathered around Bass.

" Yea that's him. See look in the papers ." One robot yelled.

" I was hoping we would find you, but I didn't think we were this lucky. Oh, but where are my manners, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Terra, leader of the droid division. and this my good friend Ballade. We're here rid this world of the human race and we've learned from the thing called newspapers, that you've been carring that out ." Terra said.

" And we're so impressed by this we're going to offer you a once in a lifetime gift ." Ballade said.

" Yes, we can see that you are a fugitive on the run, and we'll be more than happy if you would join us. Leave your criminal life behind and become a Droid. Become one of us. No one can stop us with we join sides." Terra offered.

Bass just stood there motionless, thinking on what to do.

" He's speechless ." Terra mumbled to Ballade.

" You...want..m,, ??" Bass finally spoke.

Terra and Ballade both nodded. Suddenly Bass had it. If he pretended to join Terra, he could would be able to test the chip. But what would Protoman think. Bass just shook off that emotion and grinned evily and said,

" Of course.....I'll join you !!!"

" What ?!?!" Protoman whisphered as he hid father back in the tree.

" Perfect !! Let us show you around ." Terra said as he and Ballade took Bass to see the place.

" Wait a sec, TREBLE !!!" Bass called as his companion leaped from the bushes.

Just before they left area, Bass turned his head and looked at Protoman, who was still in the tree, and lipped out the words that spelled " sorry ."

Unfortunately, Protoman didn't understand him.

" You Traitor !! I'll make you PAY !!!" Protoman said as he left back for Dr.Cossack's Citadel.


As Protoman approched the Citadel, he thought of only one thing, HIM !

"he'll pay" Protoman mumbled as he opened the Citadel's doors.

Soon, everyone came to see him.

" Thank god you two are.....where's Bass ??" Dr.Light asked.

" What !! Bass isn't here ?? Where is he ???" Roll became panicked.

Protoman sneered at his sister and then he snapped " You're Stupid Boyfriend decided to JOIN Terra's SIDE !!!!"

" What !?!?!?!?" Everyone yelled.

" That's right !! You were Wrong, I was RIGHT !! I told you the same thing over and over again. Once evil always EVIL !!!" Protoman hollered.

" Oh no, is the chip still with him ?" Dr. Cossack asked as he put his hand over his face.

" Yes ." Protoman replied.

" OHHHhhhh......MAAAnnnnn !!!" Auto whined.

" Now what are we going to do ???" Kalinka asked, who happened to be listening on the conversation.

" We're gonna have to move to plan B ." Dr.Light said as he opened a small tin box and pulled out an electric disk.

" Huh, what's that gonna do ??" Auto asked.

" If Bass has the chip than we're going to have to make him give it back !!" Dr.Light said as he gave the disk to Protoman.

" Proto, I want you and Auto go back there, get Bass and bring him back here. Once Bass comes to, we'll take the chip from him ." Dr.Light said.

" But, what are we going to do with Bass ??" Roll asked.

" That's the part I haven't thought about. I might have to deactivate him, if he trys anything that might help Terra find us ." Dr.Light said.

" We're outa here ." Protoman said as he and Auto left.

" Why......deactivate....Him ??" Roll asked.

Dr.Light looked at Roll with a *I'm sorry face *and said

" Roll you and I know that you care about Bass, but I have to do what's necessary. But I just don't understand, why you would start to like Bass now ?" Dr.Light asked.

" Dr.Light, after I frist met him, when he came for repaires, I thought he was nice enough. But I haven't really gotten to sit down and talk to him since then. I know he killed Mega but, ...but I wished...he never did that. I wish he was never made by Dr.Wily. I wish that he could just, just........." Roll trailed off as a tear came down her cheek.

" Be with you ." Dr.Light finished Roll's sentance.

Roll looked her creator and then hugged him.

" I just don't get Dr.Light, I haven't felt this way about anyone before ." Roll said as she started to cry.

" Roll, I designed you with more emotion chip's than I did with Megaman or Protoman. I guess your emotion's let you fall in love ." Dr.Light replied.

" Roll ?? Does the other robot know that you love him ??" Kalinka asked.

" I tried to tell him, but it didn't come out right ." Roll replied.

" Roll, let me tell you something, When Protoman and Auto get back with Bass you know he isn't going to be happy. But when this all over if you want me to, I can reprogram him ." Dr.Light said.

" No !!! If you reprogram him, he won't even know who I am ." Roll became mad by Dr.Light's gesture.

" Ok, I was just suggesting it. But if I don't reprogram him, what am I going to with him ??" Dr.Light asked.

Roll didn't know what to say in reply.

" See, nothing. Roll, pick one or the other ." Dr.Light said.

Roll thought for a long time then she replied

" I want him to Live ."

The Capture

chapter 10

" The bastard should be right over here ." Protoman said as he and Auto pushed away the branches to show Terra, Ballade and Bass watching all the other droids' cheering about their lastest victroy.

" So Bass, how does it feel to be one of the droids ?" Terra asked.

" I'll tell you one thing, it's a hell of alot better than always being on the run ." Bass replied.

" Couldn't have said it better ." Ballade added.

" So, whens the next attack ?" Bass asked.

" Uh, some place called New York ." Terra said.

" N, New York ??" Bass asked.

" Yep, and since you know you're way around this world, you can lead us straight to the capital ." Terra replied.

" Oh ." Bass said in response for he wasn't too happy about Terra attacking his home state.

" Well, I'm gonna head for bed. Big day tommorow, you coming ??" Terra asked.

" Yep ." Ballade said as he walked over to his little hut.

" Bass, you coming ??" Terra repeated.

" Uh, no. I'm just gonna think for little while ." Bass replied.

" Suit yourself ." Terra said as he headed for his hut.

When Terra was gone, Bass finally felt relieved.

" Ok, now that the chip is on him. I can get out of her.........." Bass stopped thinking when he saw Protoman and Auto looming over him in a tree.

" What the......" Was Bass's reaction.

" Nighty, NIGHT !!!" Protoman said as he threw the disc at Bass.

" WHAT !?!?! AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh..........." Bass cried out as the disc hit him and let out a electric charge that therw Bass to the ground unconscious.

" Bingo !!" Auto said as he and Protoman jumped down from the tree and grabbed him.

Unfortunataly, they forgot about Treble. The wolf dog let out a howl and lunged himself at Auto.

" Sorry puppy ." Protoman said as let out shot that hit Treble in the stomach.

Protoman then grabbed Treble.

" Bass ??? What the.........PROTOMAN !?!?!" Terra came out of his hut after hearing Bass's loud shriek.

" Uh oh !! The calvery is here !!!" Auto said as he saw Ballade come out of his hut.

" What do you two think you're doing with our new member !?!?!" Ballade demanded.

" If you're here, Where's MEGAMAN !?!?" Terra demanded.

" SHUT IT , FRO BOY !!" Protoman yelled as he let out a large ball of plasma at Terra.

As Terra fell to the ground, Ballade let a shot out at Protoman. Protoman blocked it and and yelled,

" Lets get out of here before more droids get here ." At that moment, Protoman and Auto left with Bass and Treble.

" ARRRGGHHHhhh........!!!! He woun't get away with this !!! That's IT, We attack NOW !!!!" Terra yelled in rage as he ran to get his army together.

" YEA, We'll get their Litanium Tail's !!!" Ballade said as he ran after Terra.

" DROIDS' !!!!" Terra yelled as jumped into the middle of the group of robots.

" Huh, what ??" The droids' were confused by this.

" Our New member has been brutaly kidnapped, and Are we going stand for IT ?" Ballade yelled.

" NOOOOOoooo.....!!!" The droids' replied.

" Then we Attack our ENEMY'S !!!! And they Will not Survive !!!" Terra hollered.

" YEEEAAA.... !!!!!" The droids' started chreering.

" Megaman, It ENDS !!!" Terra yelled as he and Droids' started to get ready for their battle.


" Mission accomplished Doc !!" Protoman said as he and Auto came in the door with the unconscious robot's.

" Oh, good ." Dr.Light said as he went after them.

" Did you find the chip ??" Dr.Cossack asked.

" We didn't have time to look. Because Terra and Ballade came right out after Bass screamed ." Protoman replied.

" Did you hurt him ??" Roll asked as she went up to Bass.

" No, we didn't hurt your Boyfriend !!!" Protoman snapped.

" We better get them in manacles before they wakes up ." Dr.Light suggested.

Soon everyone moved into the holding chamber. Protoman and Auto then strapped Bass up against the wall and put Treble in a force feilded cage. In a few minutes Bass was starting to come about.

" Oww.......what the...." Bass noticed that everyone was staring at him.

" Where's the chip, You Traitor !!!" Protoman demanded as he grabbed Bass by the colar of his armor.

" What ??" Bass asked since he wasn't exactly awake from the shock.

" THE CHIP !! Where's The CHIP ?!?!" Protoman started to yell.

" Proto !! Lets not get drastic ." Dr.Light scolded.

" What are you talking about ?? Frist he's lies about being on our side, then he murderer's Mega, and now just when we think he's gonna help us,....He's stabs All of us in THE BACK !!!" Protoman snapped.

" What !!! What do you mean by that ?!?!" Bass asked.

" You know you Traitor !!! You left us, to join Terra !!!" Protoman belowed.

" Join Terra ?? What are talking about ?? I pretended to join him, so I can plant the chip on him !!!" Bass snapped.

" LIAR !!!!!!" Protoman yelled as he punched Bass in the face.

" PROTO !!!" Dr.Light yelled as he and Dr.Cossack pulled Protoman away form Bass.

" What are doing !?! Let me rip him Apart !!" Protoman exclaimed.

As Dr.Light and Dr.Cossack dragged Protoman out of the room, Roll went up to the black amored robot. Bass's head was down in shame.

" B, Bass ??" Roll said as she put her hand on his face.

Bass looked up at her with a tear of pain in his eye.

" ??" Roll asked.

Bass nodded.

" Why ?? Why did you have to do this ??" Roll asked.

" What....did...I do ??" Bass decided to ask his own question's.

" What did you do ?? Bass, you betrayed Dr.Light. Why ??" Roll repeated her question.

" What are you talking about ?? I didn't betray anyone ." Bass was confused by Roll's question.

" Bass please don't lie to me, we both know that you did. Please, tell me why ??" Roll asked again.

" Roll, I didn't betray anyone. I was pretending, I told told Protoman I didn't mean it. I did it so I could get the chip on Terra ." Bass said.

Roll just looked away and walked away from Bass.

" Roll ?? You ok ??" Auto asked.

Roll didn't bother to answer and walked out of the room as Dr.Light and Dr.Cossack walked in.

" What's wrong with Roll ??" Dr.Light asked.

Auto shrugged his shoulders in reponse. As Roll walked down the hallway she came across, Protoman who was sitting on the floor.

" Dr.Light kick you out too ??" Protoman asked.

" No, I let myself out ." Roll said as she took a seat next to him.

" Boy now that's odd, I would think you would be in there with your stupid Boyfriend ." Protoman said.

" Will all of you stop Saying that !!! He's not boyfriend, he would never want to be my boyfriend, I dont want to be his grilfriend and that's IT !!!" Roll yelled in Protoman's ear.

" God, ok !! He's NOT your boyfriend ." Protoman corrected himself.

" Thank you ." Roll said as Dr.Light, Dr.Cossack and Auto stepped out of the holding chamber.

" Well, we searched him and we couldn't find the chip. and now we'll have to move to plan C ." Dr.Cossack said with a sigh.

" Should I ask what's plan C ???" Protoman asked.

" We'll since Bass told us where Terra is attacking next, New York, we're going to have to get all our robot's and bring the battle to him!!!" Dr.Light said.

" You mean a suicide MISSION !?!?!" Protoman exclaimed.

" It's now or never Proto, it's either we win or we lose in trying, Got It !?!?!" Dr.LIght said as he and Dr.Cossack went to go get their robot army together.

" Victory or Death ?? Now Light is losing it !!" Protoman mumbled.

" Well guy's we better catch up with Dr.Light before he thinks of something else that's drastic ." Auto suggested as he, Protoman and Roll went to catch up with their creator.


Mean while back in the holding chamber, Bass is stuggling to break free.

" Arghhh...If I don't get outa here, Dr.Light and his team are going to be trampled !!" Bass yelled.

Treble whined at his master for comfort. Suddenly Bass had it, If Treble could escape from his cage he could free Bass, but how ??

" Wait a minute, Treble. Throw your bone at the cage !!" Bass ordered.

Treble looked at Bass oddly then barked.

" The bone, put the bone on the bars ." Bass repeated.

Treble then started to gnaw on the bone.

" Treble !!!" Bass started to yell.

Treble then looked up at his master and whined.

" Get the bone and throw it at the cage ." Bass pleaded.

By now, Treble finally got what Bass was saying. Treble then grabbed the bone and put it up against the bars. The bone too in so much electricty that the power blew out. Treble then chewed the bars apart to let himself out and then chewed the manacles off Bass.

" Good Boy, now lets just hope we're not too late ." Bass said as he and Treble teleported to New York.


chapter 11

It is now dawn, Terra and his army has now arrived at New York and are now heading for Dr.Wily's fortress to pay the good doctor a vist. Unfortunatalym, Terra didn't know that Dr.Wily is dead.

" HALT !!!" Terra cried out as he and his army approached the fortress.

" We will now, destory the one that led my former army to Death !!!" Terra yelled as he ordered one of his larger droids's to brake down the gates.

Just as the large robot tore the gates apart, it found Dr.Wily's army right behind it !!

" ATTACK !!!!!!!" Both sides of the army yelled out as the went out.

About an hour later, more than half of Dr.Wily's army had fallen. Only GutsMan, ShadeMan, SnakeMan and GyroMan remanded to fight. Soon Terra appeared to talk to the last remaining robot's.

" Alright !! The battle is over. We won. Now where is WILY !?!?" Terra demanded.

All of the robot Master's looked at each other and replied,

" He's........dead !!! WAHHHhhhh !!" Soon all of the robot Master started crying.

" What ???" Terra yelled as he fell over.

" Terra ?? you ok ??" Ballade asked as he helped his friend up.

" Yea, I'm, I'm ....fine, just that felt dizzy for a second ." Terra said as he scratched his head.

" Who killed HIM ??" Ballade asked.

" Protoman.....wahhhhh !!" The robot Master's replied.

" That red freak, did our Duty ?!?! He's Dead !!! Droid's report to Dr.Light's lab !!!!" Terra hollered as they left the cowering robots.

Another hour went by as Dr.Light and his army came through to find the biggest junk heap they had ever seen.

" Look's like Terra got here before we could ." Protoman said as he walked through the robot graveyard and then found the ramaining robot Master's.

" Oh no not another invasion !!" ShadeMan groaned as he hid his head beneath his hands.

" Hey it's Dr.Light ." GyroMan said as he waved.

" Oh great thatss even worsse ." Snakeman hissed.

" Wow, what happened to you guys ??" Auto asked the robot's.

" Terra and his army came in and destoryed everything ." GutsMan replied.

" This can be our army ." Roll said as she started to think negative.

" Roll, don't say that. At least our army has duplicates of that chip." Dr.Cossack said as he surveyed the land for additional life.

" How big was his army ??" Protoman asked.

" BIG !!!!" The robot Master's said in responese.

" Well we better head back to the lab, to over look the damage that Terra's had done so far. You guys can come, as long as you don't start anything ." Dr.Light said as he called in the transportation group.

the robot Master's nodded and jumped into a jeep.

" Dr.Light do you think inviting them to come with us is smart ??" Roll asked.

" Roll, think for a sec. They have no leader, nowhere else to go, plus we have a common enemy, it would be foolish to try anything ." Dr.Light said as he hopped into a van.

The other's followed. Soon the whole army was ready to leave and they set back off to Dr.Light's lab, but they were going to run into some uninvited guests.


At the lab, Bass and Treble had just arrived.

" Oh Great !! There not here !!" Bass mumbled as he continued his search.

All of sudden Treble started growling.

" What's up Treb ?" Bass asked as he looked all around for intruderes.

Treble then walked up to the door and started scratching at it. Bass then followed and opened the door to find Terra's army come this way.

" Not Now !!" Bass said to himself as he ran out and started jumping up and down to draw attention.

With in a few minutes, Terra and his army confronted Bass.

" BASS !!!" Terra and Ballade both yelled out as they ran in front of the army to greet him.

" Uh hi ." Bass said.

" Hey, what happened?? We saw you were taken away by Protoman and some other bot ." Ballade asked.

" Uh, they kinda tried to take me prisoner, but uh, they couldn't hold me ." Bass replied.

" Well were glad you're back. Now you can help us search for Megaman and his other friends ." Terra said.

" Uh, but there not at the lab anymore. They uh, left in search for you." Bass said.

" Well, then...we....can....wreck the la....." Terra fell down again.

" Here he goes again, Terra !!" Ballade said as he went Terra's aid.

" Hey, the chip is working !!" Bass thought to himself.

" Terra why are are falling over again ??" Ballade asked.

" I told you, I'm just feeling a little dizzy, that's all !!" Terra said as he got himself back up.

" Now, Droids ATTACK !!!" Terra ordered. Within a few minutes, the lab was destroyed.

" HA !! I would love to see the looks on their faces when they come back ." Terra wished.

" Well, looks like you're going to get your wish after all, Terra. Look!!" Ballade said as he pointed out the army in the distance.

" Good !!!" Terra said with an evil grin.

Mean While, Dr.Light and his army a had just entered the area.

" AHHHHhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!" Dr.Light and everyone else screamed.

" What HAPPENED ?!?!?" Protoman demanded.

" Oh NO !!!!" Auto moaned.

" Terra got here before US ???" Roll asked.

" What are we going to do ????" Kalinka asked.

" You're going to Be OUR Prisoners !!!" Terra said as he and Ballade entered the sence.

" AHHHHHhhhh.........their Still HERE ???" Auto started to freak out.

" RUN !!!!!!" Protoman ordered as everyone panicked and retreated.

" No, NO !! We woun't retreat !!! ATTACK !!!" Dr.Cossack ordered.

By now everyone was totally confused. Half of the army didn't know what do, and for that, it costed them the victory. Two hours later, Terra had gotten Dr.Light, Dr.Cossack, Kalinka, Protoman , Auto and Roll in his clutches.

" Now that I've gotten all of you except ONE !! I would like it if you tell me where that one is !!!" Terra demanded.

" Who ??" Everyone asked.

" MEGAMAN !!!!!" Terra yelled.

" Megaman ?? What are you talking about ?? He's dead ." Auto decided to speak up.

" WHAT !!??!? He's Dead TOO ??? Who did IT !?!?" Ballade asked.

Protoman then saw his chance to back at Bass.

" Well, well, well. He didn't tell you ??" Protoman started.

" Who ??" Terra and Ballade asked.

" You're so called new member of course !!" Protoman ratted.

Terra and Ballade then looked at Bass, who happened to be in the back watching everything.

" Why didn't you tell us, that you destroyed Mega creep ??" Terra asked.

" Well, uh....I, I didn't want to uh,...spoil your fun ." Bass managed to say.

" HMMmm.....well....that seems to be....resonable, now I get to destory all of you. Starting with the female bot ." Terra hissed as he raised his arm cannon at Roll.

Bass saw this and quickly darted in front of Terra.

" NO !!! Leave the girl. She's mine !!" Bass decided if he was going to save one of them it would be Roll.

" I'm yours ?? Wrong !! I almost Belived you. But Now all I can see out of you, is EVIL and DECEIT !! I Was going to say that I Loved you, But now I HATE you !!" Roll snapped.

This hit Bass's emotion's like a ton of bricks. He tried to say that he never wanted this to happen but it just didn't come out right. Bass then walked away from Roll with tears coming down his face.

" See. I told ya, you don't need Females ." Terra said as he highered his gun at Roll.

Roll shut eyes tight as she waited for the end. Terra was just about to destroy her when Bass turned around and then lunged towards Terra as he screamed,

" NNNNOOOOOOOooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!" Bass then knocked Terra down and started attacking him.

" What are YOU DOING !!?!?!" Terra demanded as Bass threw him to the ground.

" I Never EVER WANTED THIS !!!!! The Only reason I joined you because I had to plant the Virus Chip on YOU !!!!!" Bass hollered as he grabbed Terra throat.

" YOUR the ONE that made ME FALL OVER every TEN SECONDS !!!!" Terra yelled as Ballade came up from behind and shot Bass in the back.

As Bass fell to the ground, Protoman elbowed the robot that was holding him and threw himself at Ballade.

" Die THE BOTH OF YOU !!!!!!" Terra screamed as he started shooting at Protoman and Bass.

Treble then jumped up at Terra's face and started biting at it. Bass finally got up to get an upper cut in the jaw by Ballade. Protoman then put Ballade in a head lock.

" Die You Asshole !!!!" Protoman yelled in fury as he shot Ballade in the head a few times.

" You're going to be the one that DIES !!!" Ballade hollered as he flipped Protoman off him.

Bass then pulled Treble away form Terra, who was barly alive.

" If it wern't for You. I would be at peace in this World. But Now that you've taken that away from me, I'll take THE BREATH OF LIFE Away From YOU !!" Bass screamed as he charged his cannon to full power and shot it.

As Ballade saw his leader explode in a ball of flames his anger started to build up towards Bass. Ballade then lunged himself at Bass and started shooting at him.

" You'll pay for killing Him !!!" Ballade yelled as Protoman aimed for him.

Ballade then threw Bass into Protoman.

Ballade then stagered himself towards the biroids and aimed at shot a fully charged plasma shot at them. The both them cried out in pain. Protoman fell to the ground dead as Bass passed out in pain. Of course Treble didn't know that his Master was still alive so he pounced on Ballade and ripped him limb from limb.

" ARRRGGHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh..............!!!!!!!!!" Was Ballade's last sound as he joined Terra and Protoman in death.

There was a moment of silence, all of the droid's let the prisoners go and Roll ran down to Bass and Protoman.

" OH NOooo.......why did I say that to you. Bass, I'm SORRY !!! I didn't mean IT !!! I,...I love you !!! " Roll sobbed as she laid herself over Bass.

The black robot with his last bit of strength opened his eyes and put his hand on Roll's. Roll then looked down at Bass as he smiled. Roll smiled back as she kissed him on the head.

" ." Bass mumbeld.

" Don't Worry, you'll be fine ." Roll said.

Bass just his head back and forth.

" know...that each other...I've fulfilled ." Bass said.

" NOOoo !!! We'll never see each other again !!!" Roll said out as she put her hand on Bass's face.

Bass just smiled at her again and replied with his last breath,

" I'" And with that, Bass died.

" Bass ??? BASS !?!?! NOOOOOOOooo......!!!!!" Roll cried out as she laided her head on Bass's scratched chest.

Dr.Light and other's gathered around her.

" Roll, don't cry ." Kalinka said as a tear came down her face.

" Roll, I'm sorry. None of us knew that Bass was telling the truth ." Dr.Cossack said.

" We're all sorry ." Auto mumbled.

As the daylight was blocked out by storm clouds, Treble let out a howl as if he were saying good bye to his Master. Soon it began to drizzle as if it were washing away as the blood shed that has been commited. Dr.Light stood there crying and thinking about what has been done.

" Roll, you know what I did with Mega, right ??" Dr.Light asked.

" .......Yes......." Roll replied as she went back to crying.

" Well, I'm going to do the same thing with Proto, do you want me to do it with Bass too ??" Dr.Light asked.

" ...You mean transfer him into a.........reploid ??" Roll asked.

Dr.Light nodded. Roll thought for a moment, she wanted him to live but she wouldn't be able to see him after he would be activated. Besides, he wanted to die in peace and she didn't want his peace to be ruined. Roll had to make the hardest decision in her life, was she going to have her happiness, or was she going to let him have his happiness.

" ........No.....Let He wanted peace ." Roll decided to let Bass have his happiness.

" Are you sure ??" Dr.Light asked.

Roll nodded.

" Just give me one last moment with him ." She said.

Everyone then left with Protoman.

".....Rest in in peace..." Roll whisphered as she kissed Bass's lips and then she slowly got up and left crying.

As the rain fell down, in the distance a rainbow glistened in the remaining sun. Roll looked up at this, and then she started to feel a little better. Roll gazed up at the beautiful rainbow and thought it was a sign of reassurance, thinking it was Bass saying " It's alright. I'm fine ." Roll then wiped away the her tears and ran to catch up with the other's. Bass finally got his wish to be free, to be at peace. But will that peace last ?? Only time can tell.....

The End

For now.....