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Megaman: Twilight
by Tomm Hulett

Note about voices:
I guess people should have an okay idea of what the characters should sound like...before reading much of the story. So here's how I see it....if you have different opinions--go by those.

MEGAMAN-hey...the 18 year old male voices work for Protoman and think one up for Megaman

PROTOMAN-the voice for him in Megaman8 works

BASS-voice from Megaman8

WILY-I don't really care....he's insane--you figure one out

AUTO, EDDIE-Megaman8 voices (yes, Eddie had a voice)

ROLL-Megaman8 voice

Dr.Light-anything BUT the voice from bout wise?

OH--if any people want to draw my robot masters (once they appear) or the Silicon Knights..then send pics to ""...I'll post them somewhere. okay..that said . . .

Chapter 1: Dreams

Megaman was in his bed, in the state that would be called sleep for a human being. For Megaman it was simply a time to deactivate briefly to allow a circuit recharge. Much like humans, though, Megaman had dreams. He didn't used to...but then Dr. Light explained that when people slept, their brains remained active and created visions during slumber. Since that day, it seemed Megaman's cybernetic "brain" had taken it upon itself to do the same. From then on, the robot had experienced dreams.

Tonight, this dream process took the shape of his memory chip replaying events long past...

* * *

"Hey Dr. Light...what's going on?" Rock strode into the assembly room of the laboratory sipping a cola. The good doctor had installed a special component in Rock which allowed him to break down liquids internally. He felt it would allow the robot to feel more human. Rock could drink--but not eat...yet.

"Oh, hello Rock," the scientist smiled at his creation. "We're putting the finishing touches on Elecman." The kind man beamed with pride. "Once finished, he'll be an excellent way to supervise nuclear reactors!"

"His activation will complete the last of our six humanoid robots," Dr. Light's assistant Wily added. "Then Light Technologies will be on the cutting edge of the robotics industry...not that it wasn't already." Wily went back to diligently plugging away at the exposed circuit board in the 'stomach' of Elecman. Wily had always been slightly peeved that 'Light Technologies' didn't advertise HIS name; but it was nothing to lose sleep over.

Rock threw away his emptied soda can in the nearest waste disposal unit. Cleanliness was one of his main parameters; he WAS a tool robot, and cleaning up your tools was a very important lesson. "Elecman..." Rock mulled the name over in his 'mind'. "Cool."

"Cool?" Light raised an eyebrow. "Where'd you pick that up?"

"Oh...Roll got it from some schoolgirls," Rock paused. "I didn't think there was anything wrong with me saying it...I--"

"No, no, it's fine." Doctors Light and Wily exchanged a moment of pride in their work. They then fiddled some more with Elecman while Rock watched attentively.

"Done!" Wily flipped the activation switch to 'on' while allowing the 'stomach' to remain open so as to allow last minute adjustments. "Let's give it juice."

Doctor Light plodded to the electrode controls and sent the currents through the wires down into the robot.

Slowly, and with a jolt at first, Elecman sat up. He turned his head as to glance around the room. "I em Eleecmin," he stuttered. "A energee sopervasing reboot."

"Blast," Wily frowned. "His voice chip is falty. We'll have to recalibrate it and start over." The Doctor reached over to adjust the grammar device before giving up hope and shutting the 'bot down. He carefully placed the pliers and twisted. A large jolt of electricity was transferred into Wily's body and he was thrown across the room and knocked unconscious by the impact with the adjacent wall.

"DOCTOR WILY!" Rock ran over to help his friend as Doctor Light hurriedly shut down the power flow to Elecman. It suddenly occured to Thomas Light what had gone wrong, as he knelt over Wily's charred body. "We forgot to turn on Elecman's unique energy storage device...but we compensated for it with the energy feed." He shook his head shamefully. "The surplus of power must have done this."

"He's breathing," Rock pointed out. "Let's get him to the hospital."

* * *

Megaman's mind flipped to another memory soon after the previous one ended.

Rock paused and refrained from moving. Doctor Light and Wily had just entered the room next to the tool room where the raven haired robot had been. They were arguing about something.

Rock had been building a new tool--it was called a 'magnet beam'. It fired a laser that formed into a magnetized piece of metal after being exposed to the air. The beam would then be attracted to the nearest source of metal, thus forming a stepping stool of sorts. Of course, since it was made of unstable molecules, it would deteriorate after a few moments. After finishing his work, he had gotten up to leave the room; but the Doctors had entered the room next door and begun their argument. Rock listened in.

"I'm telling you, it won't work," Wily said sternly. "This will ruin everything."

"What are you talking about, Wily?" Doctor Light asked. "Humans and Robots will live in harmony."

"You can't possibly believe that," retorted the other Doctor. "You know as well as I do that the workforce will either be all human or all robot."

"You yourself are a strong believer in the theory that the natural order of things is Chaos.."

"Don't 'theory' me, Thomas," Wily scowled.

"Well wouldn't the chaos state be humans AND robots?" Light seemed firm in his belief of harmony. "Besides, you knew full well that Light Technologies would create models of our six humanoids for industrial work and such."

"I didn't know that we would manufacture so MANY..put so many people out of work," Wily held his head in his hands.

"What did you expect us to do?"

"I--I wasn't thinking," Wily gritted his teeth in anger. "That doesn't change the matter any, though. We're still contributing to the downfall of the human race--the robotic takeover. We're antichrists, Thomas--antichrists."

"That's a little overboard, Albert," Doctor Light scolded. "We will always need to employ humans to BUILD the robots, won't we?"

"You don't think the robots will become self sufficient?" Wily frowned. "You don't think they'll go crazy? Go evil? Did you learn nothing from the incident with Protoman?"

Protoman...there was a name Rock had never heard before. The robot crept closer to the wall, being very careful not to make a noise. Doctor Light spoke next. "I remember it well," he said gravely. "But you know that unlike that incident, the robots would be stopped--thanks to the restraint chips."

"Yes, yes," Wily offered. "The restraint chips were genius." A strange fire began burning in the Doctor's eyes. "You know very well that humans will create flaws in the robots...MAKE them go bad. Humans are evil, Thomas. The human race is devilish..."

Doctor Light raised an eyebrow of concern and backed three steps away from his colleague.

"Robots provide order...but at the cost of human life? What kind of monsters have we become? We were supposed to be saviors, Thomas...but instead we make machines to take the place of humans. The evil humans."

"You're contradicting yourself now," Doctor Light said. It was mainly just an excuse to leave Wily alone, and get away from him. Thomas Light had decided Wily was a dangerous man. Something would have to be done. "You need some sleep." Light retired to his chambers.

"Robots can create order for the evil humans," Wily spoke to himself in a hushed tone. "Order for the evil humans..."

* * *

"I'll do it," Rock said firmly. "Wily must be brought to justice, and I'm willing to take the transformation to do it."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Light beamed. "Although I always knew you would." Wily had just signed off the holovid announcing that he would take over the world. As proof, he had included repeating clips of his reprogrammed robots ravaging the city of Tokyo. They had already killed thousands.

Rock, having a strong sense of justice, had chosen to be transformed to a weapon using robot instead of remaining a tool using robot. He resolved to stop Wily at whatever cost.

Minutes later, Rock found himself inside of a small capsule. He held the hand grips tightly and gritted his teeth, wondering what the transformation process would entail. He had been told by Doctor Light that one of his hands would gain the capability to fire short bursts of plasma. He also knew something about a helmet. It wasn't like he had much choice anymore, so he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

After an hour or so, when he opened his eyes for the first time as 'Megaman', Roll's smile told him all he needed to know...

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