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Megaman: Twilight
by Tomm Hulett


Megaman stared out into the Tokyo night sky. The city he'd defended so many the world where he'd done the same. The light blue moon was covered in a thin sheeting of clouds. Megaman wondered how many people were looking up at it right now. He wondered how many of those people were robots. If any of those robots were as human as him.

Was there anyone like him? Megaman was a weapon. A living, well..not really 'breathing'--but a weapon just the same. Did he have a purpose other than to fight? What was he fighting for? Justice. Against a madman who would never stop. Dr. Wily had been defeated time and time again by Megaman. He just came back. More insane and with more robots each time. How could Megaman kill Wily? It violated the first rule of robotics. Of course..Megaman was more than a robot, but still...could he kill Dr. Wily?

Was there a purpose in the endless battle? The justice acheived was always lost; as Wily resurfaced and wreaked havoc. The damage that had been repaired just became reopened wounds at the hands of the Doctor's mad schemes. Megaman frowned. It was no use. He would always fight--he had to. Yet fighting hurt him deeply. He wasn't sure why. How could one achieve peace by waging war? Something was missing from that equation. The being called Megaman seemed doomed to lead a pained existance of fighting and war.

Metal footsteps were heard coming up the stairs leading to the balcony of Dr. Light's lab where Megaman was 'stargazing' this night. The blue bomber didn't bother to turn around; as he knew who it would be. Roll. His counterpart and better half, created by Dr. Light. They had always had a strange relationship. Roll thought of it as romantic--wanting to get closer to Megaman. While he simply thought of his 'better half' as a sister. Nothing more.

"ROCK," Roll complained in an annoyed voice. "Aren't you even going to say 'hi'?"

He turned and gave a weak smile, which brightened Roll's expression noticably. "Hey, sis."

The female robot ignored the comment and strode over to the balcony besides her counterpart. "So...whatcha' doin?"

Megaman smiled. It was almost cute how Roll had adopted the teenage girl vernacular almost immediatly after her activation. "Nothing."

"Seriously, Rock," she tried to look stern. "What are you doing?"

"Thinking...and don't call me Rock."

"Why the heck not?" she asked, stepping away from the railing. "It IS your name."

"Not anymore," he sighed. "I'm 'Megaman' now...the weapon."

"Don't talk like that," she said--this time she really was stern. "You're more than a weapon!"

"Am I?" There was silence for a few moments. The rage of many years of fighting built up inside Megaman. "I was tranferred from using tools to fighting wars," he growled. "But the war didn't end. Dr. Wily is still out there. We once thought he reformed....but then he stole the 'peace keeping project' and ran amok."

Roll tried to say something but was cut off.

"Then what? Dr. Cossack? Mr. X? NO! It was ALWAYS Wily...he will always be evil--just like I'll always be a weapon."

"'re just stressed out. You're always like this once in awhile. It'll get better. It--"

"There IS no better, Roll," he was trying not to scream. He knew Dr. Light would be asleep. "What's the use of fighting if my goal is surreal? There CAN'T be justice for Wily. It will never end. Bass is still out there--Wily programmed him for the SOLE PURPOSE of destroying me. Pure obsession...and I'm FORCED to be just as obsessed towards a futile struggle for justice in a world where there is no SUCH THING!!!"

Roll cowered as much as she could without actually falling to the ground and covering her head. " don't mean that. You can't. You've never given up hope."

"Hope?" Megaman looked back at the skies. "I have's just perverted and torn by the powers I'm forced to wage battle with. "Wily thinks me a gullible fool who will fall to his will simply because he helped create me." He hit the railing with his hard metallic fist and shut his eyes. "Sunstar was an intergalactic warrior created only for battle. The perfect weapon. I defeated him--WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME???" He turned towards Roll and opened his eyes wide in anger. "WITHOUT ME, DUO COULDN'T HAVE STOPPED THE EVIL ENERGY--" his voice became hoarse--almost a whisper. "Am I simply a tool of war to help others accomplish their own ends?"

Roll tried to stop Megaman as he stormed into the stairway which lead back down to the lab. Auto bumped into him as the large green robot was stepping out of the doorway. He watched the tired hero leave and then spoke to Roll. "Fer a guy in blue tights and underwear--he sure pulls off 'angry' well."

"He's just tired," Roll said, trying to sound matter of fact but failing to hide the worry in her voice. "Just tired..."

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