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MegaMan: the Wrath Within


The following story takes place between the times of MegaMan 3 and MegaMan 4. Hey, I ain't gonna call it "MegaMan 3 1/2!"

It basically unravels MegaMan's relation to ProtoMan (BreakMan at that time) and... one of Wily's original reploids? Oh, the suspense!!! :-O

It features some brand new bad guys, along with some original ones. Plus, it also features some new heroes, new acquaintances, and some new... well, you'll just have to find out, won't you? =8>

Well, here it is. MegaMan: The Wrath Within.


Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real.
And nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone, but it all works out.
It doesn't matter much to me.

Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real.
And nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.

No one I think is in my tree
I mean I must be high or low
That is you can't you know tune in, but it's all right.
That is I think it's not too bad.

Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real.
And nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.

Always know sometimes think it's me
But you know I know and it's a dream
I think I know of thee, ah yes, but it's all wrong.
That is I think I disagree.

Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real.
And nothing to get hung about.
Strawberry Fields Forever.
Strawberry Fields Forever.
Strawberry Fields Forever!

"Strawberry Fields Forever"
The Beatles
From the album "Magical Mystery Tour"



"With Wily dead, I don't know what to do now," MegaMan said to his long time friend, Roll.

"Don't worry," Roll said. "You'll find your purpose in life. Just because Wily's dead doesn't mean you're finished."

"Yeah, maybe. I just feel so... strange. After learning of BreakMan and how he's my brother, I just feel so empty. Like a piece of me is missing. My heritage, Roll. Break was my brother, and I need to find out more."

"I know. The only problem is that Dr. Light isn't here to tell us about him. He's off at that national robotics thing."

"Hmmm..." MegaMan sat and thought for a minute. "Wait. Doesn't Dr. Light keep records for every robot he's created?"

"MegaMan!" Roll shouted. "Those files are top secret! And even if we could look at them, I doubt Break's would still be there. Remember the computer crash of 2001?"

"Yeah, but only a few of the files were lost. Only the real small ones. Do you think Break's was a small one?"

"Yeah, well... still, we can't go doing that."

MegaMan sighed. "You're right, Roll. I'll just wait."

Roll smiled. "Good. Hey, I'm making some cookies. Want some?"

"Sure! Be right there!" MegaMan said.

Roll walked out. If only she had seen the glint in Mega's eye.

Dr. Wily's Skull Castle... the giant block sat on Dr. Wily's crushed body. The place was silent, save for the humming of a few machines and the occasional blips and bloops of buttons and computer screens.

Then, in the shadows, a man walked out, giggling. It was Wily!!! "Heh, heh, heh. Good thing I put out zat robot of me before I vas crushed. Isn't that right, GutsMan?"

GutsMan, who had apparently been destroyed long, long ago, walked out of the shadows with Wily. "Yeah, boss. Good thing."

"No I must get to vork on my latest creations," Wily said in his always irritating accent. He and GutsMan walked into a lab with flashing screens and different diagrams of different robots. These included such as MegaMan, BreakMan, Roll, SnakeMan, CutMan, and more.

Wily slid over to a work table. A robotic body lay under a white sheet. "Behold! My newest creation! Too bad I couldn't complete him in time to fight MegaMan zis last time," Wily said.

He threw off the sheet. Under it, a new reploid lay. "Presenting... PharaohMan!" Wily shouted, rolling in his pride. The pharaoh-like reploid sat up, his eyes glowing white. He rotated his head and started to speak. Barely. His speech patterns needed work, so his voice conked out at times.

"Wh---e am I? W-- -re y-u g-ys?" he said.

"Ah, my newest mastervork!' Wily said, again splashing in his pride. "You... you vill be the vone to destroy MegaMan!!! Hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!!!"



The house of MegaMan was quiet. Roll was asleep, as were Rush and everyone else. Except for MegaMan. He snuck to the computer in Dr. Light's personal office. He turned it on and went into the Window called "Mega Files." It was a simple writing program. MegaMan went to the option "Open." On the list of files, MegaMan saw hundreds of them. So he went to the option "Search." He typed in the words "Breakman." The screen read:

Files found with word/s: BreakMan
Files found: 4


MegaMan wanted to go into one of the first three files, but he was intrigued by the last, "lightsecrts.doc." He opened it up. It read as follows:

If you are reading this now, you probably know who I am: Dr. Thomas Light, robotics extraordinare. I am here to tell you about a few of my best kept secrets in the field of robotics, such as a few of my earliest creations, the story of my meeting with Wily, my trip to the future, and the relations of some of my most famous works.

There it was. Those words. The secret of MegaMan's relation to BreakMan. He read on.:

A few of my earliest creations were...

Back at the Skull Castle... "Come, PharaohMan. Come vith me to learn of your enemies," Wily said to his creation.

"Hold on a damn minute here!!!" PharaohMan shouted at the doctor. "I don't even know who you are! I don't even know who I AM!!!"

Dr. Wily's eyes grew wide as he slapped his cheek and said, "Zat's right! You don't have your memory chip yet! Come vith me! In here!"

The Doctor led PharaohMan into a lab and implanted the chip into his systems. "Here you go. Don't move!" Wily said.

A pause, and then PharaohMan shook his head and said, "Hiya, Doc! Thanks for finally putting that in! Now, what did you want to show me? Something about my enemies?"

"Yes, yes. Come here," Wily said.

MM's house... MegaMan read on through the file. After reading about Light's early works and his first encounter with Wily, he finally reached a section entitled "X: A Trip to the Future." This intrigued MegaMan. He read through it. Here it part of it, as follows.:

It was right after I built Rush that I first started work on my secret time machine. I couldn't let MegaMan or the others know about it, since it was very private. I started work on it and it was going well until Wily reverted and became good again. I still never told him or anyone else about the time machine.

While MegaMan was battling the gone-bad robots, I finally finished the time machine, called "TM Mark 1." I tried it out. My destination: The future. What I found there was more than I had expected. Instead of Wily or one of his comrades, the new dominant villain was a creature called "Sigma." He, with his evil creations, the "Mavericks," tried to take over the future cities of Monsteropolis, Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Zeta, and more.

Apparently, I am not there in the future. Instead, a man named "Doctor Cain" creates reploids called "Maverick Hunters." While searching for some inspirations, Cain came across some strange capsules. Inside them were brand new reploids called "MegaMan X," "Zero," "Dred Lox," "ProtoMan X," and others. They were supposed to be new robots, but they were actually...

MegaMan was interrupted by the alarm systems. He quickly shut off the computer and ran out. Roll, Rush, and some other reploids were in the War Room. "MegaMan! Hurry!" Roll said.

"What is it!?" MegaMan said.

"There's a new scourge in town... and his name's Doctor Hyakki! This guy's just released hundreds of evil reploids throughout the city!"



"Wait! Wait!" MegaMan said, still getting over the shock of nearly being caught. "What do we know about this guy? Any records?"

"None, MegaMan. It's almost as if he never existed," Roll said.

MegaMan thought for a second. "Hmmm... it might be an alias. But I killed Dr. Wily."

"You never know, Megs," Kite, another robot of Light's said. "He's returned twice before."

"But I didn't see his ship. He was crushed by a giant boulder. So was I, but BreakMan saved me. He's dead, Kite. I know it," MegaMan said in protest.

"Can we save this?" Roll said to the two. "We gotta get moving!"

"Right! C'mon Rush! Let's go!" Mega said to his faithful robotic dog.

"RRRRUFF!!!" Rush barked with zeal.

Monsteropolis... MegaMan, Rush, Roll, Kite, Reset, Contraband, and Grease arrived at the Town Hall just in time. Hundreds of brand new evil robots are attacking and driving all the people out.

"Hold on, everyone! We're coming!" MegaMan said.

"HELP! HEEELP!!!" a lady said as she was carried out by a flying robot.

"I got it, Megs," Reset said. Suddenly, time froze. Reset ran to where the still lady and robot were. He grabbed the lady away and blew up the robot. Then time unfoze again. "Here you go, ma'am," Reset said to the lady.

"Thank you," she said. "But my husband... he's still in there! You must help him!"

"Waitaminnit," Roll said. "That lady's the mayor's wife... oh crap!"

All 7 ran up inside the Town Hall to find the mayor fighting off ten or twelve robots with a chair. "Hi, guys!" Mayor Arlen said to our heroes. "Come to help?"

"Yeah!" MegaMan said. "Hold on, Mayor! Rush! Now!"

Rush comprehended and turned into a jet board. MegaMan hopped on and they flew over the robots to the mayor. "Hop aboard, Mayor!"

Mayor Arlen hopped up onto Rush and the flew over the robots to safety. Then Kite destroyed the robots with a Kite Blast. "There we go! Are you all right, Mayor Arlen?"

"Please, call me Toby," the mayor said to Kite and the others. "Thanks for saving my life. I'm fine, but you had better save the rest of the Town Hall inhabitants!"

"He's right," Contraband said. "Let's go!"

As they ran out, Arlen said to them, "By the way, anytime you need this city's help, just tell me."

"Thank you, May... er, Toby," MegaMan said as he walked out.

MegaMan, Rush, Kite, and Grease leave to the Courthouse of Monstertropolis to see if there is any trouble there. No one is there. "I guess we can go, then," Grease said.

Suddenly, the doors shut behind them. MegaMan and Rush ran to open them, but it was useless. "Sorry, guys. It's stuck," MegaMan said. "Guess we'll have to find another way out."

Then, MegaMan heard a noise. From behind the judge's desk. Suddenly, MegaMan shouted out, "DUCK!!!" as he pushed the others out of the way. Just over their heads, a giant sword blade flew. It hit a wall and made a springy sound. And out from behind the desk emerged one of the most menacing robots MegaMan had seen to date. There was a giant sword attached to his head, and his hands were not hands, but long, shimmering swords.

"Hi there, guys," the sword-clad robot said to the crouched heroes. "I hope you liked my present. I put so much thought into it!"

"And you are?..." Kite said to him.

"My name's BladeMan, and I'm here to see to your untimely demise," he said. "If I don't... let's just say, Doc Hyakki will be pretty peesed off!"

"Afraid to swear... what a wuss," Grease said under his breath.

"Alright, BladeMan," MegaMan said. "Now yer up against something you cannot handle... MegaMan!!!"

MegaMan switched to the Elec Beam weapon and shot three electric blasts at BladeMan. Only one of them hit him. "Rrrr... you pissed me off now! Taste my Slice Swords!" BladeMan shot several sword projectiles from his hands at MegaMan, but Rush came in just in tiime and deflected them with a shield system.

"Thanks, Rush!" MegaMan said. Rush woofed happily.

"Hey, Kite! Go an' get him!" Grease said to his comrade.

"Already ahead of ya, Grease!" Kite said. He flew into the air and glided over BladeMan. He fired a barrage of shots downward at him. They all connected, destroying BladeMan!!! MegaMan grabbed the weapons chip.

"Now I have the Slice Sword!" he said.



"Who are we up against?" MegaMan said to Roll back at the lab. "Who are the new Robot Masters?"

Roll typed something into a computer, then turned to Mega and said, "Here. They're coming up on the northeast screen."

MegaMan and the others looked in that direction. A screen came up that listed each Robot Master's name.:

-BladeMan... desceased

"Hmmm... FlushMan..." Kite said to himself. "Does he have a bunch o' turds all over him?"

Contraband laughed. "Heh, heh! Yeah! He's soaked in urine! Ha, ha, ha, ha! And little bits of crap like toilet paper and vomit!"

Kite burst out laughing. "Ah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah!!!! POOPY MAN!!!"

"Shut up, guys! This is serious!" MegaMan shouted, bearing his Arm Cannon. Kite and Contraband instantly shut up. Kite whistled the tune to the song "Tomorrow Never Knows."

"According to this chart," Roll said, "each Master has a different location and an order we should fight them in." The screen showed up.:

2- WaterMan Location: Alpha Canal
7- AntMan Location: Buckler Field
6- BladeMan Location: Courthouse... Desceased
5- MantisMan Location: Mountain Dojo
8- WhipMan Location: Football Stadium
4- FlushMan Location: Sewers
1- ApocalypseMan Location: Missile Silo
3- VoltMan Location: Power Plant

"Well then," MegaMan said, "looks like ApocalypseMan is next on the list to




The old missile silo... MegaMan, Roll, Rush, Kite, Contraband, Reset, and Grease climb up the old ladder to the top of the silo. It is a large mass of a thing, where old test missiles from the 1960's were used.

"Follow me," MegaMan said, pointing to the inside of the silo.

"No way! I ain't going in there!" Reset protested.

"Okay then, Reset. You stay out here and keep watch for any trouble," MegaMan resolved.

"Uh, okay," Reset said, climbing back down the ladder. The rest went on inside. Each one climbed down the ladder inside and finally got to the bottom. They could sense radiation, so they each turned on their radiation protection armor.

Walking through, they saw old signs from the 1960's. One said "Up with people! Down with war!" followed by a little sign that looked like the symbol for an overpriced German car. Another said "Live in concert! The Beatles!!!" "People were weird back then," Kite said.

"Hey, Kite. Remember, you were named after a song by those guys," Roll said, pointing to the "Beatles" poster.

Suddenly, a box fell down on Grease! "Are you all right!?" MegaMan screamed.

"Ow! Yeah, I'm fine! Get this off of me!" he said.

Just as MegaMan and the others were about to help Grease, a shot was fired, followed by someone's voice. "Leave him there or die!"

Outside... Reset watched for any trouble. He paced around, whistling some old tune from the 1990's. It was "Sex Type Thing" by the Stone Temple Pilots.

All of a sudden, an unknown shot hit Rest in the back! "Argh! What the Hell?"

A robot hopped out of some trees. He was a giant one, equipped with all the latest technology. In fact, he looked a lot like "Orphan Maker" from an old comic book. "Who are you?" Reset asked him.

He spoke in a deep voice. "My name is Sodom. Welcome to your doom."

"Oh, gee. Real original," Reset mused with a cynical groan.

Sodom looked pissed. "When my friend, Gomorrah, is done with your friends, we will both destroy you!"

"Uh, oh. Guys, I hope you're okay," Reset said to himself. And the battle

began. Reset flipped backwards and fired a few plasma shots Sodom's way. But the shots were evaided by Sodom and he retaliated by shooting a huge fire blast!

"Jesus Christ Super Star!" Reset yelled, barely dodging the fire blast. Reset checked his analysis systems, to find a shock.

**Accessing damage report... Scan Damage from 100%
To 34%... All remaining body parts from 100%
To 40%**

"Wait a minute!" Reset concluded. "34%? 40%? That means I was hit, but I ..."

He couldn't finish his sentence... he had just looked at the left side of his body... all of it was gone! He was hit after all!...

"Who are you?" MegaMan asked the robot.

"My name is Gomorrah," he replied. He looked like Brak from Cartoon Planet, except for the heavy artillery that bordered his armor. "My friend Sodom is taking care of your friend. Meanwhile, I will destroy you!"

"Sodom and Gomorrah... those are names from the Bible I think. They were rivaling cities," Roll hypothesized.

"Well let's kick this city's ass back to where it came from!!!" Kite decided

in a flurry of plasma shots. Surprisingly though, Gomorrah flew between every one with a swift leap. It was uncanny. No robot could do that!

"What in the Hell?" Kite burst out. "I must've fired out 60 shots!!! How could he...?"

"Amazed?" Gomorrah asked. "I have a super agility enhancer. I can get by any of your shots. Go ahead. Fire away!"

MegaMan took this opportunity to fire out what had been waiting in his Arm Cannon for so long. He yelled and fired an average of 300 shots! A great explosion occurred. When the dust settled, they all expected to see Gomorrah's charred remains.

But the sight they saw was far from what they expected...

"Heh, heh. Got ya!" Sodom concluded, looking a the pitiful body of Reset.

"How the Hell...?" Reset trailed off. "I know I missed that! How could I...?"

Suddenly, a faint whistle was heard. A "La, la, LA. La, LA." Reset could barely remember it. Wait. He knew it. It was the brother of...

A white light flooded Reset's eyes. He could not see. But he heard a great explosion. And when the light faded back to normal, Sodom was nowhere to be found. Only a shadow loomed over Reset. It bore a long neck bandana...

...There was Gomorrah, unscathed and unharmed. "That was fun! Do it again!"

Everyone's mouths dropped open. "WHAT THE F**K!!??!!??" MegaMan and Kite both screamed in unison.

"This is gonna be a long day," Contraband and Grease said.

"That will do, Gomorrah," a voice said from the shadows. "Your friend has been defeated. I will take over."

"Destroyed? But master...!" Gomorrah whined.

"LEAVE, Gomorrah. I will take over," the voice snapped.

"Y-yes master," Gomorrah muttered as he walked off into the shadows. The voice (or should I say, the man behind the voice) stepped out of the shadows. He was striped green, orange, and red.

"I take it you're ApocalypseMan. Interesting look!" MegaMan joked at the new Robot Master.

"Joke all you want after you have beaten me, not before!" ApocalypseMan snapped. "Now challenge me, fools! The Apocalypse shall come, and only one of us shall come out of it alive!"

"Oh, geez. This guy's whacked!" Kite joked.

Before they could say another word however, a giant explosion occurred! "What was that!?" Roll shouted.

From the smoke emerged ApocalypseMan. "Have you checked your damage report lately?" he asked the heroes.

They were confused, but they did so anyway. To their surprise, all of their life readings were at 1%! "Oh my..." Contraband trailed off. "What the f**k just happened?!?!"

"Heh, heh, heh. My Apocalypse Call has just hit you," ApocalypseMan chuckled. "It saps your energy to 1%. If I hit you with anything else, you will die. The Apocalypse is upon us all! No one shall be spared!!!"

"Megs, we need E Cans, pronto!" Kite whispered to MegaMan.

MegaMan checked out his Energy Tank supply, and to his horror... "Oh, shnikies. I only have three Tanks for the five of us!" MegaMan said.

"It's okay, Megs. I'll go without one," Roll said. "Me and Contraband decided."

"Yeah, you go ahead. We can always be repaired," Contraband said.

"That's real brave, guys," Megs said. Suddenly, Rush barked frantically. "What, boy?" MegaMan asked the dog.

Rush nudged himself in the ribs. Then it hit MegaMan! "Rush has extra E Tanks!"

It was true. Rush was always equipped with extra E Tanks. Luckilly, he had three extras. Roll and Contraband grabbed them, and the others loaded theirs. Now they were ready. MegaMan, now fully powered up, leapt at ApocalypseMan yelling.

"Well, it seems I have enough energy to pull of my Apo--" ApocalypseMan was cut off suddenly by MegaMan.

"Time to die!" Megs yelled. He suddenly, in midair, pulled off a spinning kick! "KUCHU TATSU-MAKI-SENPU-KYAKU!!!" he screamed. The kick was able to hit ApocalypseMan directly in the face nearly twenty times!!! He was hurled backwards into the darkness.

MegaMan landed. "Is he dead?" he asked. He heard a spark.

And from the darkness, ApocalypseMan stumbled out, his body a wreck. His left arm and his head were wiped completely from the body, and his right leg was hanging by a few thin wires.

"Oh my!..." Kite and Roll trailed off.

Finally, after a few brave steps, ApocalypseMan fell to the ground and




"Are you okay?" Reset could barely hear the far off voice. It was still only a bright light and that shadow. It must be the shadow talking, he thought. I've never heard that voice, except...

"Who are you?" Reset managed to force from his mouth.

Suddenly, the light disappeared and the shadow was a visible figure. A long yellow neck bandana. Red and white armor. A black visor. A shield. Reset knew who this robot was...

"BreakMan," he groaned out.

"Yes, it's me, Reset. You're lucky I found you when I did or you'd be history," BreakMan commented.

"Huh?" Reset asked.

"I'll explain," Break said...

Alpha Canal... MegaMan, Kite, and Contraband split up with Roll, Rush, and Grease. "Where could Reset be?" He's been gone for a while," Kite said.

"Hopefully okay," MegaMan hoped.

"I hope you're right! It's gonna be bad! I'll bet!" Contraband added, pessimistic as ever.

"Contraband, for once could you please look on the bright side of stuff?" Kite asked.

"No," Contraband mumbled.

Kite and MegaMan sighed as the three walked on. What an ugly old place, MegaMan thought. It was an old run down canal that made a water route through the Alpha Bay. Of course, it had since been replaced by modern technology, like teleporters and the such. Any kind of trouble could be lurking in this old piece of junk, even a whole army of robots.

He was right. From under a girder, an army af flying robots surprised MegaMan and the others. "This Hyakki guy must have learned a thing or two from Wily," MegaMan surmised. He blasted the robots currently coming at him with a plasma blast.

An unsuspecting Contraband was hit in the back by a robot. "Ow! Damn! Where the... Megs! Look!"

MegaMan and Contraband looked at where the robot was. It was too high up for a normal blast to take it down.

The weapons.

MegaMan had almost forgot about his earned weapons of the past. The Bubble Lead. The Cut Blade. The Needle Cannon. The Quick Boomerangs.

The weapons.

The Gemini Laser. The Elec Beam. The Search Snake. The Leaf Shield...

The Search Snake.

That was the key. The Search Snakes could easily seek and destroy the far up robots.

MegaMan's armor turned green and white. He fired three Search Snakes at the wall. They climbed up. The first one... damn. Missed. The second... damn. Missed again. One more... yes! The Snake found its target and destroyed it.

"Megs! I'm done. They seem to be all de... I see you found your old wepaons again," Kite said.

"I guess so," MegaMan said, returning to his blue color. He looked at his Mega Buster. It slowly changed color, from green to blue. He'd have to remember these awesome powers of his.

Kite, Contraband, and MegaMan continued walking, occasionaly blasting robots and the such. Once a huge one almost demolished Kite, but MegaMan remembered his Guts Power weapon and crushed the robot with a block.

Finally, the three came to a familiar-looking door. MegaMan touched it, and it opened up. Once they all got past it, it closed behind them. Another door lurked ahead. The same deal: Touch, open, walk, close.

They were suddenly engulfed in water. The room was full of it. Suddenly, a teleport flash zapped in front of them. It materialized into a robot with air tanks on its back and a diving mask. It was blue and green. Kite cringed at the booming-like voice of the robot in front of him. "Hello, MegaMan! I am WaterMan! I apologize to say, this will be your watery grave."

"Oh, gosh. More apologies. Is there ever a time when a mad doctor doesn't program those damn apologies into their robots?" MegaMan groaned. "Well, let's get this over with!"

MegaMan switched to his newly-earned weapon, the Doomsday Beam. To his surprise, it packed a wallop, and a mean backfire. Firing the beam sent MegaMan shooting back into the wall!

But it was a strong weapon! When MegaMan shot it, a powerful beam of green light swirling with little pink and yellow photon rays flew out and hit WaterMan so hard, he was knocked back into the wall, too. "Gah! W-what was that!?" WaterMan wondered aloud. "How could something hit me THAT hard!?"

"ApocalypseMan is how, WaterMan," Kite said.

"And you're going to go with him!" Contraband said, firing his Contra Buster.

WaterMan had been rejuvenating all this time, so he was perfectly able to get out of the way of the blasts. He jumped up in the water, which gave him an extra boost. Then he shot his weapon, the Water Shooter, at Kite and Contraband. A burst of water sent them reeling backwards to where MegaMan was at. "Hi, Megs," Kite said, rubbing his head.

MegaMan, during all of this, had recharged his weapon. "Hi, Kite," he said. MegaMan got up, stuck his Arm Cannon in front of him, and said to WaterMan, "Ready for another one... bitch?"

Before WaterMan could answer, MegaMan shot one more Doomsday Beam, completely and utterly destroying WaterMan.

Far away... the Skull Castle looms in the horizon. Dr. Wily was inside, training his creation called "PharaohMan."

"Good, good, PharaohMan. Zoon you vill be ready to fight MegaMan," Wily said.

PharaohMan stopped training and went to Wily. "Say," he said. "Think you could give me more background on how this whole you versus MegaMan thing sprang up?"

"Vhy sure," Wily said, sitting down with PharaohMan. "Vonce upon a time..."



Power Plant... "Ruff! Ruff!"

"That's right Rush," Roll said to the dog. "We're going to get some doggy food for you."

"Yeah, and its brand name is 'VoltMan'!" Grease added.

These were the jokes shared between Roll, Rush, and Grease while searching through the power plant of Monsteropolis. VoltMan was their target, and they were determined to defeat this new piece of Robot Master junk.

"So where now, Roll?" Grease asked.

"The computer says that VoltMan is located straight ahead," Roll answered. "We should just stay on this path. Then we'll find him."

While walking through the corridors, little spark robots attcked. Luckily, Grease was equipped with a water blaster which quickly took care of them.

"This might be easier than we expected," Grease said.

Rush, for some reason, whimpered.

A remote place... somewhere off the east coast of Japan. A man in a lab coat and hood sat in a rotating chair. His voice was sharp, yet repressed and moody in some way. He spoke to his new robot called "MantisMan."

"Has the MegaMan team defeated WaterMan yet?" he said to MantisMan.

"Yes, Doctor Hyakki. Roll and her friends are currently going to battle VoltMan," MantisMan answered.

"Mm-hm... and what of Reset?" Hyakki asked.

"Whereabouts unknown, I'm afraid," MantisMan again answered.

Hyakki was upset. "Find him. Rescue him. Nothing must happen to him."

"Yes, sir."

Grease's scream was heard by Roll and Rush. He went ahead of them to clear out any enemies. And now his blood-curdling was being heard. What happened, Roll thought.

Roll and Rush flew to the scene. They found Grease... or at least, they thought it was Grease.

His smoking, charred bbody lay on the ground. He was zapped by a live wire swinging around. Roll was careful to pick him up without shocking herself.

"Speak to me, Grease! Come ON!!!" she yelled. She was worried.

A moan came from the cinder of a body known as Grease. "Rrr... uh... I think I'm hurting."

"Rush! E-Can! Quick!" Roll commanded.

Rush barked and shot an E-Can at Roll's hands. Roll gave it to Grease. Seconds passed. And then Grease was well again. "Thanks, guys. I feel better," Grease said, gratified.

The three walked on, still being careful of the live wires. Once Rush yelped. Roll and Grease were worried. But it was just a bug that Rush was spooked by. "Don't do that, boy!" Grease yelled at the dog.

Later... Roll, Rush, and Grease saw the door up ahead. A very familiar door. Roll touched it and it opened. They walked through a corridor to find another door. Same deal.

Roll, Rush, and Grease were in a small room. Platforms of different sizes lined the walls. Suddenly, VoltMan teleported in front of them. "I take it you're Roll. Damn, Hyakki didn't tell me you were such a babe!" VoltMan commented.

Roll sneered. "You stupid son of a bitch!" She shot a blast at the electric prongs on VoltMan's head, but the electricity simply deflected it.

"What's wrong with you, hooch!? I complemented you!" VoltMan accused. He shot his weapon, the Volt Dagger, at Grease and Roll.

Computer Scanners::: Message From MegaMan:
Download Weapon: Water Shooter
Execution Time: 328 milliseconds
...Download Done

All of this happened in Roll's mainframe. Her armor turned blue and green, and, without hesitation, she forced her Arm Cannon up and shot a Water Shot blast at the Volt Dagger coming straight at her face. The water put out the electricity and hit VoltMan.

"Nooo!!!" VoltMan yelled.

Roll shot another, this time, for the electric prongs. They flew through the air and hit the prongs. You can guess what happened next...



"I'll explain," Break said. "Before you were even created, probably before you were born, there were two boys, Ben and Michael. They were teenagers, just living a normal life. This was before any of the robots or anything were around. Thomas Light was completely unknown, as was Dr. Wily. But a day came when Ben and Michael's parents divorced. Their mother took Mike and their father took Ben. They didn't see eachother after that.

"A few years later, Dr. Wily first struck. He trashed a lab by using a robotic prototype he had created. So Light was determined to make a fighting machine to beat Wily. Mike's mother had died, and Ben's father was in jail. Light found Ben first. He asked him if he wanted to be subjected to an experiment. It would give him incredible robotic powers, but he would be almost 80% robot. Ben accepted and he was transformed into a special robot prototype. He did battle with Wily once and won. Wily was seemingly reformed, and he and Light went to work building robots for environmental causes. Ben was forgotten and he went into hiding.

"Later, Light found more people willing to be robots. Two of them were Mike and his cousin. Mike was transformed into the warrior MegaMan. He and his partners, BombMan, GutsMan, CutMan, ElecMan, IceMan, and FireMan, went to work helping Monsteropolis become a better place. But Wily unexpectedly took control of all except for MegaMan. So for years, Light, MegaMan, and Roll fought to defeat Wily and his new Robot Masters. Just recently, MegaMan found his long lost brother, Ben. Or, as he's called now, BreakMan."

Reset suddenly spoke. "And what of their cousin?"

"Oh, right. Dave and his brother Will were also transformed into..." BreakMan stopped.

"Who?" Reset begged. "Who were they transformed into?"

Break sat still. Then finally, "Dave was turned into ElecMan and Will was turned into Bass. ElecMan and Bass are MegaMan's and my cousins."

The sewers... "Okay! That's it! I dunno what I'm doing in here!" Contraband complained.

"Will you shut up, Contra? The sooner we find FlushMan, the sooner we can get out of here," Kite retorted. They had been listening to Contra's whining ever since they crawled through manhole.

They all walked through the dank and seamy sewers. "Wonder when Roll and them are getting here," MegaMan said to himself. Of course, that wasn't the only thing on his mind. He still desperatley wanted to find out about his brother, and more importantly now, his future. Who were these "robots?" What about this one called "MegaMan X?" Or "Zero?" Who were all of them? He had to get it all over and find out. Find out before it was too late.

Computer Scanners::: Message From Roll:
Download Weapon: Volt Dagger
Execution Time: 326 milliseconds
... Download Done

This happened in Megs' mainframe. He could feel new power surge through him. "You guys get that?" MegaMan asked the others.

"All complete, Megs," Kite said. "Wonder what this can do."

Something took MegaMan by surprise. He quickly switched to his Volt Dagger. He turned orange and yellow and pointed his Arm Cannon at Kite.

"Yah! What's the matter, Mega!?" Kite yelled.

MegaMan charged.

"MegaMan!!!" Kite cried.

And MegaMan shot a Volt Dagger straight at Kite...

Reset was silent. Finally, he said, "So your cousin was turned into ElecMan? MegaMan destroyed his own cousin without even knowing it?"

"'Fraid so," Break said, looking down the whole time.

"Who's this 'Bass' guy?" Reset asked.

"Bass was just recently created by Wily. In fact, he was built just before MegaMan's third battle with Wily. He hasn't been out to fight yet, but he will. Maybe in a few years or so. Right now, he's just in waiting, like the snake he is."

"Don't you like him?"

"Ugh, even if that bastard CrashMan were my cousin, I'd like him better than Bass. I hated Bass when he was Will. He was a f**king dumbass."

"Did Megs like him?"

"Not as much as I hated him. He thought Bass was okay when he was Will. Not like him, but respect him as a member of his family."

"What... about the guys we fought in the Return of Wily? Y'know, Enker? Ballade? Punk? Or Quinet?"

Break took a moment then said, "I don't know if we're related to them in the least, but if we are, then I guess we have a few more bad family members. Especially considering what happens in the future..."

"WHAT!?" Reset yelled. "The future!? You know about that!? Tell me!"

But Break was smart. In the blink of an eye, he teleported away. A white light again flooded Reset's eyes, and then he found himself in the sewers, right next to FlushMan's feet...

...The Dagger flew at Kite. This was it, he thought. Killed by his own friend.

And then MegaMan said something that changed everything: "Duck."

Kite did as instructed, and the Dagger flew over him. He heard an explosion. MegaMan was shooting at an ugly robot about to jump Kite. That changed everything. He still had friends in this life after all.

"You okay, Kite? Sorry if I scared you," MegaMan said to his friend.

"Yeah. I'm cool," Kite said, still panting.

A cry was heard deep in the sewers. Megs, Kite, and Contra knew who's it was.

"It's Reset," Megs said. "Let's go!"

"Did ya like my Acid Flush?" FlushMan said to a scorched Reset.

A rain of acid had just poured upon Reset, badly burning his arm. "How the Hell did you do that?!" God, I've already been nearly killed, he thought. This is all I need.

Reset suddenly used his Reset Stopper weapon to freeze time. FlushMan was frozen stiff. Through his rejuvenating process, Reset had earned all of the weapons earned by the others. He switched to the Volt Dagger and fired three or four shots of electricity at FlushMan. They each hit, and just as time unfroze, FlushMan exploded and was no more.

Suddenly, MegaMan and the others came running in. "Res! Are you okay!?" MegaMan asked.

"God, am I glad to see you!" Kite said.

"Where were you?" Contraband added.

"I'll tell you once we get outta this stink hole," Reset said.


Skull Castle... "So you mean to say that MegaMan has beaten you three times before?" PharaohMan asked.

"Oh, many more zan zat," Wily said. "He's beaten me even more times. But the last three vere ze most important. But now, vith you at my side, ve vill destroy the Mega Creep for good!"

Their battle was not far away...

Mountain Dojo... Roll, Reset, and Contraband had climbed the perilous mountains to find the old mountain dojo of Monsteropolis. It was once used for martial artists perfecting in ju-jitsu, but it had since been abandoned for the cities. But according to Roll, there was still one more occupant by the name of MantisMan still residing there.

"I'm picking up some Ninjabot scans around here, guys. Be ready," Contraband


Roll asked Reset questions. "Where were you? What happened at the silo?"

Reset explained it all. "Well, some robot named Sodom attacked me and nearly killed me. But then he was blown up somehow and I found myself in an infirmary with BreakMan. He explained some stuff to me, and then he sent me back to here."

"What did he tell you?"

Reset was quiet.

"Res? What did he tell you?"

Reset couldn't tell them now. Maybe not ever. That was Break's job. "Er, not now, Roll," he said. "Later."

Roll shrugged and they hiked ever closer to the old dojo.

"Hello? MegaMan? Hello?" Dr. Light said on the intercom at headquarters.

"Right here, Doc. How are you?" Megs said.

"Oh, I'm fine. I think I'll win this one."

"That's good."

"So, what's been happening there?"

"Eh, well, uh... not everything's very good."

"Oh, and why, may I ask?"

"Er, well, it's like this: There's this new doctor named Hyakki, and he sent out these robots to attack and we're all trying to defeat them and it's not going so well, but Roll and the others are on their way to the next robot so now it's okay. Heh, heh."

Dr. Light frowned. "We'll have a talk later, MegaMan."

"Damn. That's what I thought," MegaMan said, no longer nervous, but displeased.

"Anyway, keep going. By the way, I don't mind if you did look at those files, just next time, ask?"

MegaMan was shocked. "How did you...?"

"Let's just say, I don't keep my things unguarded. Over and out."

MegaMan was left dumbfounded. Who snitched, he thought? Well, there was more to do. So he had better go, he thought.

Inside the dojo... it was dark and cold in the old deserted dojo. Roll scanned for MantisMan. Contra scanned for Ninjabots. Reset just sat and looked at stuff. It didn't matter much to him. As long as the MegaMan future mystery was at hand, nothing would matter much to him.

A noise. Contraband suddenly shouted, "DUCK!!!" They all ducked as several shuriken blades flew at them. They all stuck to the wall. Then, four Ninjabots hopped out of the shadows and did some strange ju-jitsu moves.

"Okay. These guys are wacked," Contra muttered.

The Ninjabots suddenly stopped in place and slid out of the way. Out from the cleared path in the shadows, the menacing MantisMan walked out. He had the head of a mantis and the claws too, but the armor was sleek and ninja-like. Even his voice was intimidating.

"Welcome. I do hope that the climb wasn't too much for you. I'd hate to have your energy sapped for the battle." He removed something from his pocket. "Here are three E-Cans, one for each of you. Go ahead." He threw them on the ground.

"Okay. This is weird," Reset said.

"He wants the full extent of our powers to fight against so he can win with honor," Roll said to herself.

"I'll tell you one thing, this guy ain't winning!" Contraband said. Each grabbed an E-Can and absorbed them.

"Good. Thank you for honoring my tradition," MantisMan said. And without hesitating, he leapt through the air.

Something hit each of the robots in the neck. But they couldn't see anything. After a second, they saw MantisMan on the other side of the dojo. "That was my Neck Strike Kick. It strikes with deadly accuracy."

Roll's neck was pierced. "Good God damn lord! What was that?"

"This turkey's toast!" Reset said. "Contra! Slip 'em up!"

Contraband shot a slime blast and made MantisMan trip. Then Reset froze time. "Roll! Use the new weapon!"

Roll comprehended and switched to the Acid Flush weapon. She fired it and a huge rain of acid fell upon MantisMan. There was a giant cloud of smoke, and when the rain went away, the charred body of MantisMan stood. And with his last breath, he uttered, "Thank you, my enemies." And then he turned to a pile of ashes.


"So, Res. Explain what happened," MegaMan said to his friend, back at HQ.

"Okay, I was nearly killed by Sodom, but BreakMan came and saved me and killed him. Then Break nursed me back to health and we..." Reset stopped.

"You what?" MegaMan asked.

"I... I can't tell you. It's for Break to decide when," Reset said.

MegaMan looked upset, then sighed. "I guess you're right. It's for him to tell me, and I respect your not telling me."

"Who's up next?" Roll asked, with a big grin.

With BladeMan already dead, MegaMan, Roll, and Kite went off to Buckler Field to battle AntMan. It was a large field, alright. About 20 acres of grassy, flat land. But it held things that weren't so peaceful.

"Seems like eternity since I was last here," MegaMan said.

"When was that?" Kite said.

"After the first time I beat Wily. I was running home from his trashed Skull Castle, when I came here to catch my breath. It hasn't changed a bit."

"I'm gonna bet differently on that, MegaMan," Roll commented. "Who knows how this place has changed in the past years?"

The three walked through the grass. Really green grass. It could be holding anything. Suddenly, a small robot leapt out of the grass and fired at the three. "Whoa!" Kite said, quickly drawing his blaster to fire. He shot three blasts, which took care of the robot quickly.

"Geez. Guess you was right, Roll. This place IS different," Kite panted.

"Well, let's get going," MegaMan said.

Buckler Field... MegaMan fought off the evil robots who just attacked them. He switched to the Mantis Strike weapon and zapped them all with a green beam of light. "I wonder where AntMan is, eh?" MegaMan was able to call to his friends.

"Very funny," Roll said, ripping the head off of a 'bot. "Is there one time where you can ever be serious in a fight?"

"No!" MegaMan shouted over the ruckus.

Kite wasn't doing so good at all. "Stupid goddamn bastards!" Kite shot more blasts, and when it became too much for him, he jumped and floated away with his quasar shields. The quasar shields sent out a puff of air from Kite's armor, which stirred the air molecules around him. This allowed Kite to rise up into the air and glide until the molecules settled down.

Kite landed at MegaMan's side. "Are you guys okay?" he said to them, gasping for breath.

"These mother f***ers are toast!!!" MegaMan burst out. He ripped off all of the robots' heads around him. Something had just given him immense power!

"Megs! You okay?" Roll shouted.

MegaMan returned to his normal self. "Yeah, okay. Something just suddenly gave a huge burst of power! Wonder what it was?"

"Probably surges in the air. Maybe the swirling of the molecules I caused did it," Kite replied.

Suddenly, a rustling was heard in some thick grass. And out from it popped... AntMan! "Well, hello! Glad to see you could make it!"

"You're AntMan? Geez, yer ugly!" Roll commented.

"MegaMan, I have something to tell you," AntMan continued. "There are indeed surges in the air, but Kite nor I created them. They have been here for quite a while."

MegaMan said, "Last time I was here, there weren't any surges."

"Well, that was before," AntMan said. "We think it happened during your second strike against Wily."

"Ah, look at all the lonely people!!!" Kite suddenly shouted.

"Kite?" Roll said.

"Sorry, Roll," Kite replied. "Must be the surges."

"When I wake up early in the morning, lift my head, I'm still yawning!" AntMan yelled. "Damn surges! They affect me too!"

"I'm tired off this!" MegaMan said. "Time to use a weapon from a while ago!"

With this, MegaMan switched to the Slice Sword. He turned red and white in armor color. And from his Buster shot out a huge sword blade! It flew at AntMan with blinding speed. Before MegaMan went out of shooting stance, the other two heroes saw the sword right through AntMan's chest. AntMan gave a little wave before... KABOOM! He exploded!

"A lifetime is so short, a new one can't be bought..." MegaMan said, the surges still in the air.

"Er, let's go, Megs," Roll said, grabbing MegaMan by the shoulder.

"Here, making each day of the year," MegaMan said.

"Let's get outta here," Kite said as they teleported out of Buckler Field...


Dr. Hyakki's stronghold... "WhipMan! Status!" Dr. Hyakki ordered.

"Not good. Everyone's dead... 'cept for me," WhipMan replied.

Hyakki sat back in his chair. "I see. Well, go on ahead. What are you waiting for?"

"Yes, sir," WhipMan said. He teleported out.

Old football stadium... Grease, Contraband, and Reset walked toward the doors of the football stdium. Since it was off-season, no one was there.

"This place is eerie," Contraband said to his comrades.

They walked into the giant doors. A sign marked "GT4" hung above the door. "Gate Four, I guess," Reset muttered.

They all walked in, going through the halls and corridors. They went through one of those turnstile things and found themselves at a flight of stairs. "I know it's gonna be bad. Something'll attack us up there," Grease whined.

"Ah, shut up, Grease, or I'll kick your Wily-made butt to the scrapyard," Contraband snapped.

Reset broke in. "Hey, hey! Watch it! May you remember, none of us were created by Dr. Light. I was built by some guy named Dr. Cossack. Grease, you were built by Wily. And Contraband, you were built by a man named..."

Contraband interrupted, "I know, I know. Dr. Jesse Fleece. Don't remind me."

*To find out more about these guys, check out the origins series at the end.*

The three walked up the stairs, but surprisingly, no one was there. "Well, twizzle my sticks!" Grease joked. Reset and Contraband looked at him in a way that said, "This guy's nuts."

As soon as they made their ways upstairs, they found themselves at Food Row, the food court. They slowly made their way by the stands. Suddenly, a "chink" sound was heard. "Oh, sh**! Run!!!" Reset yelled.

Once he shouted this, thousands of robots leapt out from behind the counters and started firing! The three ran as fast as they could, dodging shots here and there. "It's a gauntlet!" Contraband shouted.

"It's a raid!" Reset added.

"It's Only Love, and that is all!" Grease joked again. Reset slapped him as they ran. They fired to all sides of them as they ran, hoping to hit at least something besides the counters and doors of the bathrooms.

"Duck in here, dammit!" Contraband shouted over the noise of the fire. He ducked into a corridor that most likely led into the inside of the stadium. Reset and Grease followed. Grease stayed behind and kept shooting at the robots from the doorway. Reset grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him away into the darkness...

Inside the corridor... "I can't see a blasted thing," Reset said, remarking his pitch black surroundings. "Anyone got a light?"

"I do," an unfamiliar voice said.

"Who's there?" Contraband asked.

They heard a slithering sound, then a scream. Grease's scream. "AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! SOMETHING'S GOT MY ARMS AND FEET!!!"

Reset quickly fired into the air to catch a glimpse of what had Grease. "Holy sh**..." he trailed off. Four live whips were strapped onto Grease's wrists and ankles. They slithered again and pulled Grease away into the darkness.

"GREASE! C'MON RES! WE GOTTA SAVE HIM!!!" Contraband screamed, starting to run toward the whips.

Res grabbed him by the shoulder. "No, Contra. We stay on the path. We'll find him, don't worry."

Contraband looked into the darkness. "We'd better, Res. Or your Cossack-created butt is mine."

Later... a light shone from a doorway. "It's the stadium," Reset said from the dark corridor. "Let's go!"

They walked out of the corridor and into the light. It was the inside of the stadium. Seats lined the insides. The grass was green like it always was. But they saw something else down there.

"Is that... Grease! It's him!" Contraband said, pointing to the figure on the field.

"That's not the only thing there," Reset said. "Look at who has him!"

It was WhipMan. He seemed to be laughing at Grease, who was still stuck in the four whips. WhipMan turned to look at Reset and Contraband. He shouted, "Hello, guys! Come on down! The more, the scarier!"

"Let's go," Reset said. They both hopped down from the aisles of seats to the field itself.

"Guys! No!" Grease said.

Reset and Contraband landed on the field and ran to WhipMan and Grease. "Let him go!" Reset said to WhipMan.

"I don't think so, Reset! He's mine, and so are you!" WhipMan said, suddenly lashing the whip attatched to his head at Reset. It grabbed Reset by the wrist!

"Rrr! Get this thing offa me!" Reset said, struggling to get out of the whip's hold.

"Heh, heh, heh! It's too late for you, Reset! Nothing can save you now!"

"Except for me!" Contraband yelled, unsheathing his laser dagger. He leapt at the whip holding Reset's wrist and slashed at it nearlly ten times before it snapped!

"Agh! You broke my whip! You'll pay dearly for that, fool!" WhipMan cursed.

"Not yet, Whipster!" Reset said, suddenly using his Reset Stopper to freeze time! WhipMan froze in his tracks. Grease was still struggling to get out of the four whips that held him.

"Hey, while he's frozen, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!" Grease screamed. Contraband comprehended and fired four blasts, taking out each rope.

Grease landed on the ground and said, "It's my turn to take out this punk! See ya in robot Hell, bitch!" Grease charged his blaster, switched quickly to the Ant Crusher weapon, and fired a barrage of shots. KABOOM! WhipMan was no more.

Hyakki's stronghold... "YES!!! THEY DID IT!" Hyakki said trimphantly, hopping up and down. "Now I can reveal MegaMan... the secret!"

The Headquarters... Reset, Grease, and Contraband arrived, still talking about their glorious victory. MegaMan called the round-table meeting to order. "Guys, settle down. Okay, guys, congratulations! We've successfully defeated all eight of the Robot Masters. Now we have an even greater challenge... Dr. Hyakki himself. I've picked up coordinates from various sources, and they tell us that Hyakki's Castle is off the east coast of Japan. So we've got a job to do, guys. Let's go!"


Back when I was a kid, I played with jump ropes,
Got high, floated 'round 'til I saw the light of God,
And met John Lennon and Hendrix and Joplin and Elvis...

Back in time to my life through a swirl of magic and time
Because I'm goin' back in time.

Flying with lucy in the sky and playing with my friends
And drawing pictures inside my head
And listening to Dylan and Clapton and Lennon and Elvis...

Back in time to my life through a swirl of magic and time
Because I'm goin' back in time.

Back when I was a kid I looked up to the sky
And saw we were not alone in the universe
With Steven and Leah and the rest of the band...

Back in time to my life through a swirl of magic and time
Because I'm goin' back in, back in, back in... time!

"Back in Time"
by Lynx, written by Steven Cronen
From the album "Back In Time"

If the rain comes they run and hide their heads.
They might as well be dead.
If the rain comes, if the rain comes.

When the sun shines they slip into the shade
(When the sun shines down.)
And sip their lemonade.
(When the sun shines down.)
When the sun shines, when the sun shines.

Rain, I don't mind.
Shine, the weather's fine.

I can show you that when it starts to rain,
(When the rain comes down.)
Everything's the same.
(When the rain comes down.)
I can show you, I can show you.

Rain, I don't mind.
Shine, the weather's fine.

Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines,
(When it rains and shines.)
It's just a state of mind?
(When it rains and shines.)
Can you hear me, can you hear me?

Sdaeh rieht edih dna nur yeht semoc niar eht fi.

by the Beatles
From the album "Past Masters Vol. 2" (Originally released as single)


Wily's Skull Castle... Bass walked through the halls of the Skull Castle. He spied all of the pictures of past robots around him on the walls. SnakeMan, QuickMan, CutMan, they were all there.

He walked up to a door. "Identification please!" the security computer beeped. "Retinal scan commencing."

A beam of light shot from the computer into Bass' eye. "Retinal scan complete... object identified as Bass, a non-Wily threat. Voice identification please."

Bass said, "Lemme in, dammit."

The computer hummed. "Voice identification complete... object identified as Bass, a non-Wily threat. Thank you, and have a horrible day."

"Yeah, yeah..." Bass trailed off, entering the open door. He walked up to another computer. "Okay... let's see..." He started to push different buttons on the panel. Only he knew what he was doing.

Outside of Hyakki's stronghold... MegaMan and his friends looked at the huge castle standing on this small island. The wind blew in their faces as they got out of the boat. "Gee, MegaMan. I thought you said we was seeing Dr. Hyakki, not Count Dracula," Grease joked.

"Har-de-har, Grease. C'mon, let's go," MegaMan said.

They all slowly creeped up to the giant doors. They were in the ominous shape of an upside-down lightning bolt, resembling the one an old superhero named Captain Marvel wore (except his tweren't upside down, kids). The doors slid open easily when MegaMan tapped one. They all walked in quietly, being sure not to trip some kind of alarm. "Well, this Hyakki sure knows how to make someone feel umcomfortable," remarked Contraband.

Suddenly, the floor creaked and, before anyone could see anything, MegaMan, Rush, and Kite were gone in a puff of smoke.

"Great, just great," Reset said.

A small room... "Where the Hell are we?" Kite said in the utter darrkness.

MegaMan, Rush, and Kite were blinded in the darkness. All of a sudden, they lights came on with a flash! "Sh**! My sensory circuits are overloading!" Kite screamed. The light was unbearable! Too bright!

"Hey, don't I know you?" a voice said from beyond the light. "Yeah! You're those guys I scrapped at the silo! Lights turn DOWN!"

As soon as the voice shouted the word "down," the lights dimmed to a state where they were not unbearable. MegaMan, Rush, and Kite looked to where the voice came from. Rush growled as soon as he saw the all-too familiar face. MegaMan and Kite almost did the same when they too saw...

"Gomorrah!" MegaMan exclaimed. "What're you doing here?"

"Hee, hee," Gomorrah snickered. "Last time we met, I was beating the Hell out of you at the silo!"

"You recall incorrectly, Gom. Before you could even get started, Apocalypse stopped you and told you to leave. Don't be making yourself bigger than you are!"

"Ooh, tough 'bot! Of course, you won't be around long enough to even see Hyakki once I'm through with you! CLEANSER BLAST!"

Before Kite could even begin to joke "we're not laundry," a powerful blast of light filled the room! Through MegaMan's eyes, only Gomorrah's silhouette was visible in the burning light. At first, it was just a light. But before they knew it, MegaMan and Kite were on fire! "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! GET IT OFF!!! FIRE!!!" Kite screamed in terror.

But it was only an illusion that Gomorrah was creating. There was no light. Nor was there any fire. Gomorrah's weapon was able to shoot an invisible blast that only his enemies could see or even feel. But through the eyes of MegaMan and Kite, there was only a white light... and the fire...

But there was someone Gomorrah had not accounted for. He forgot about Rush. Rush was not affected by the beam, therefore, he was able to attack. Rush leapt up and bit Gomorrah's arm off!

"AAAAHHHHHHH!!! F**KING DOG!" Gomorrah cursed. The beam wore off and MegaMan and Kite were back to normal.

"What the... what was that?" Kite asked, feeling still especially drained of power.

"Whatever it was, Kite, it's over now," MegaMan said. He turned to Gomorrah. "And now it's time to kick some small-town ass!"


"Okay, Gomorrah," MegaMan said. "Let's play!"

"Play? Oh, I'd love to play!!! Come! Let us play... PLAY INDEED!!!" Gomorrah shouted, suddenly ricocheting around the room and firing thousands of small bullets.

"Whoa! That's fast!" MegaMan exclaimed, attempting to follow Gomorrah.

"Faster than we think, Megs! I'm clocking that monstrosity," Kite said. "And his highest speed so far is up to 400 miles per hour!"

The bullets started to rain down on MegaMan and Kite. "OW! OW! OW!" they exclaimed, the bullets hitting them in all different places.

But again, Gomorrah had not taken Rush into consideration. Rush stood in a position in the corner, getting ready to pounce. Then, he leapt up into the air and was able to catch and bring Gomorrah down!

"Aaahhhh!!! Stupid mutt! You've messed with me for the last time! Say your prayers!" Gomorrah shouted, pointing his blaster at Rush.

"NOOOOO!!!" MegaMan screamed, firing a Whip Ray quickly. The Whip Ray wrapped around Gomorrah's blaster and started to carry an electric current! The current hit the blaster and electrified Gomorrah!

"AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Gomorrah screamed. He screamed so loud that a few monitors and glass things shattered. When the current was over, the smoking, charred body of Gomorrah slumped to the ground. It lay lifeless on the white ground.

MegaMan inched toward the body. "Is he...?"

Kite walked toward it too. "I don't know. He isn't moving." He looked at Rush. "Okay, boy?"

Rush barked excitedly. MegaMan said, "He sure looks dead. Of course, that's what I thought with Wily after I beat him for the second time. Here, I'll check." MegaMan kneeled down beside Gomorrah's body. He was about to touch it, when he had the fright of his entire default setting...

Reset and the others walked around looking for an entrance to where their friends fell. "This place is dark. And creepy. It's dark and creepy," Grease whined.

"Grease, if you don't shut up right now, I'll blow your Wily-built hide to three days after New Years Eve, 30XX!" threatened Contraband.

"Guys, quit arguing or you're both scrap-heap fodder!" Reset shouted. The shout echoed throughout the halls. "Whoa. Cool."

As they all continued to creep through the fortress, they could hear the battle below. "Geez, we need to find a way down there and fast!" Roll said. "They could be getting killed down there!"

Reset listened closer. "Something tells me that they're doing better than that."

If only he knew how wrong he really was...

"HOLY F**KING GOD!!!" MegaMan screamed as the charred hand of Gomorrah shot out and grabbed his wrist.

"M-m-miss meeee?" Gomorrah said, his voice hoarse and cracking. He let go of MegaMan and slowly stood up. Ashes fell from his scorched body. Smoke emitted all over him. "Like the look? I could personally go for this one instead." He suddenly flashed, and, when the light settled, MegaMan and Kite didn't see what they had just previously seen.

Gomorrah was now in a sleeker, much more advanced (and un-scorched) armor. It shone brightly at every point. "Yeah, this is it! Okay, now where were we? Oh, right. The dog was about to get it. Well, seein' as you'll probably just fry me again, I don't dare do that. So... I think it's my pal's turn!"

"Pal?" Kite said, worried.

Gomorrah suddenly teleported out, and in his spot, another robot materialized. One equipped with the latest technology. But this time, he didn't exactly wear an Orphan Maker get-up. This one was much more deadly.

The robot said, "My name is Sodom. Welcome to your doom."


"Holy crap..." Kite said, marveling at the opponent facing them now.

"Gee, you're original," MegaMan snapped at Sodom. "I've heard every single stupid-ass comment made by your kind, and let me tell you, that one's been said one too many times!!!"

"Oh, but I'm not here to fight," Sodom said. "Hyakki wants to see you. In that door. Over there." He pointed to a door on the side wall. "He's in there."

MegaMan knew it was a trick, but he did as instructed anyway. Anything to avoid a battle with this Hulk-lookalike. "Okay, we're going."

Kite followed MegaMan into the room. The doors swooshed open. Once MegaMan and Kite were in, they shut tight. Then came an all too familiar sound to MegaMan... the Rabbit.

"THAT RAT-BASTARD!!!" MegaMan shouted. The Rabbit, an enemy of MegaMan's past, hopped toward them. When it landed, it almost always sounded like it was laughing at you. There had been imposters and lookalikes that MegaMan had faced after the Rabbits, but this was one of them. The real deal.

"MegaMan, what the Hell is this?" Kite asked, pointing at the Rabbit.

"A Rabbit," MegaMan replied. "Just one of thousands of foes I faced back during Wily's first strike. I faced one in nearly every place I went. The Quarry. The Blade Station. ElecMan's Tower. The Frozen Caves. The Skull Castle. Everywhere I went, boom, there's a Rabbit. If they stomp you, even if you're at full power, they'll kill you after four stomps."

"RUN!!!" Kite suddenly interrupted. He grabbed MegaMan by the arm and ran

just as the Rabbit landed where they were standing. Kite panted. "That... was... close..."

"It'll take all we have to beat it!" MegaMan exclaimed. His armor turned gray and white. A Cut Blade stood out on his forehead. "The Cut Blade suits me fine!"

MegaMan hopped up to where the Rabbit stood. He did a power-jump up to its eye and threw the Cut Blade from his head! The Blade hit the Rabbit multiple times, and it went back to MegaMan's head.

Kite saw what MegaMan was doing. He himself jumped and fired a supercharged blast at the Rabbit's eye, scoring more multiple hits. Bit by bit, they wore the Rabbit down until...

Roll and the others walked more throughout the huge fortress. "Hey, did you hear that?" Grease said.

"Grease, stop joking," Roll snapped.

"No, I mean I heard something," he snapped back.

All of a sudden, before their eyes, a robot teleported in front of them. They all put their blasters at the ready, for when the robot materialized. One move. A flinch. That was all they needed to let loose their shots.

But it didn't seem they'd have to fire, because, in front of them had just teleported in BreakMan. "Hey, guys. Put those things down."

Roll and Reset let out sighs of relief, but Grease and Contraband kept their blasters up. "Guys, you can put those down. It's BreakMan," Roll said.

"My reason exactly, Roll," Contraband said. "We all know what this guy did to MegaMan during Wily's third."

"Contra, I was merely testing..." BreakMan said.

"Testing, yeah. To see if he was too strong for Wily. To wear him down so that Wily would have a field day with him!" Grease blamed.

Roll suddenly smacked Grease and Contraband upside their haeds. "Will you two knock it off!? Break's our friend, you bolt dolts!"

"Er, sorry, Roll," Grease said, rubbing his head. "I just kind of get a little edgy when I encounter guys who have been our enemies in the past."

"He was never our enemy, Grease," Reset said. "BreakMan, what news do you have for us?"

"I thought we'd never get to that," Break joked, eyeing Grease and Contraband. "I have news that MegaMan and Kite are stuck below us in a secret room."

"How do we get down there?" Roll asked. Before BreakMan could answer, a teleport flashed in front of them. Out from it stepped…


"MegaMan and Kite!" everyone shouted in unison.

"Hey, all," MegaMan said, giving a little wave.

"Whassup with all of you?" Kite asked.

"We were just about to search for you," Roll answered. "What happened?"

"It's like this," MegaMan started to explain. "We were trapped down below the floor, and we had to fight Gomorrah. You know, that little dude from the missile silo? Anyway, we did battle with him, and I almost killed him, but he returned from the dead, basically. Then he got away and a guy named Sodom showed up…"

"Sodom! He was the one who almost trashed me!" Reset commented.

"And then, he led us into a room where a Rabbit attacked us!" MegaMan added.

"Rabbit?" almost everyone asked.

"A rabbit was one of the robots we faced during Wily's first strike," Roll answered.

"So how didja beat it?" Grease asked.

"So check it," Kite said, being cocky as always. "We start blasting it with Cut Blades and plasma blasts. Then, it explodes and falls down, making a big ol' fireworks display!"

"Cool! So, where's Rush?" Roll asked.

Kite and MegaMan exchanged horrified glances. "Oh, no…" they trailed off.

Rush sat in the dark room. Hyakki sat in his throne, looking at the poor mutt. "Sometimes, I almost hate to see animals suffer. But as soon as MegaMan arrives, it will all be revealed…" he said to himself. "Heh, heh… hah, hah, HAH!!!"

MegaMan and the others zoomed through the halls of the stronghold. "I swear," MegaMan said, "if anyone does anything to Rush, I WILL kill them."

"I'm with you, Megs," Roll agreed. "I've known Rush as long as you have, and if he's in danger, you can save a piece of this robot trash for me."

"Same with all of us, Megs," BreakMan added. "Let's save that dog!"

They all rushed through the halls until MegaMan ran into something. "OW! WHAT THE F…"

He trailed off, for he realized he was standing face to face with a giant robot! It was something of a giant smiling bouncy ball.

"What in the Hell is THAT?" Contraband muttered.

"I'll tell you one thing, if Wily's involved in it, I wouldn't be surprised," Roll commented.

The bouncy ball was a roadblock in their ways. Kite said, "Look, you ugly sonofabitch, get out of our ways, or we'll have to blast you into oblivion!"

The bouncy ball suddenly bounced around the small hall, almost landing on the robots! "AAAHHH!!!" they all shouted.

"Get this thing offa me!" Grease screamed. "GET IT OFF!"

"I'll take care of it!" Reset shouted. He quickly froze time. Of course, he had miscalculated it, so it froze his friends as well. "Great. Well, I guess it's up to me!" Reset quickly started blasting the ball, which was frozen on top of Grease. Just as the time freeze wore off, the ball exploded, letting Grease free.

"OW!" Grease shouted, coming out of the freeze. "That hurt!"

"Let's get going," BreakMan said to the others. "We have lots more ground to cover here."

Everyone obliged, and they started running through the halls once more.

Later… "Okay, whoever designed this freakin' place must have been a friggin' completist!" Grease whined. The bunch were still running through the halls, just blasting small robots.

"I don't care," MegaMan said. "Rush is my best friend. I WILL find him!"

Before they could say anymore, MegaMan suddenly disappeared into a puff of smoke! "Great! Not again!" Reset complained.

The rest of them suddenly entered a huge room. "Whoa. Roomy," Kite said.

Before them, two figures teleported in. From the charges emerged…

"Sodom and Gomorrah," BreakMan uttered.

"Where am I?" MegaMan said, searching in the dark. "Who's there?"

"Only us, MegaMan," a voice said. "Here, I'll turn on the light."

The light suddenly switched on, and before MegaMan sat Rush! "Rush!" MegaMan shouted. He ran to Rush, hugging him and petting him. "I'll never leave you again."

"Ah, how nice. Glad to be of some service," the voice said.

"Who are you?" MegaMan said, looking toward the owner of the strange voice.

The owner was dressed in a voluminous cloak. Up by his ears, there were points that looked like he was either a robot or an elf. "I am Dr. Hyakki, the one you have been searching for. But more commonly, I am known as…"

He threw off his cloak to reveal a shocking sight…


"Hello, fools!" Gomorrah greeted. "MegaMan was a real jerk earlier, so we figured that you guys would be a lot nicer!"

BreakMan eyed his foes. "So, we finally face off."

"More than a pleasure to scrap you!" Sodom threatened.

"Well, what are we waitin' for?" Gomorrah asked. "As they said in 'Twin Peaks,' 'Let's rock!'"

"Oh my God… it can't be you!" MegaMan said. "You've been dead since Wily's first strike!"

The figure spoke, "Well, I'm not, Mega-twerp! It is I, ELECMAN!!!" It was true. When Hyakki took off the voluminous cloak, it revealed MegaMan's arch nemesis, ElecMan! (ElecMan's first appearance was in the first MegaMan game!) "Well, enough with the chit-chat, Mega-dweeb! Let's go for it!"

MegaMan switched to the Elec Beam weapon. "Taste your own work of art, ElecMan!" He fired an Elec Beam at ElecMan's torso.

But ElecMan was a lot faster and stronger than before, and he learned a new trick. He quickly swooshed his hand in front of himself, making a huge shield of electricity in front! It reflected the Elec Beam back at MegaMan!

"Ha! You'll have to do a Hell of a lot better than that, blockhead!" ElecMan teased.

"Don't CALL me that!" MegaMan shouted. He switched to the Cut Blade. He knew this had always been ElecMan's weakness. "Taste the power of the Cut Blade!" He fired off the Cut Blade.

It hit ElecMan's shield… and passed right through it! It slammed ElecMan right in the chest, scoring multiple hits on his chest! "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" he yelled.

Finally, his burnt and cut body fell to the ground. He coughed. "Come here, my old friend."

MegaMan slowly walked toward him. "What do you want of me, ElecMan?"

"I think it's time you knew the whole truth…"

"Before we start," Kite interrupted," where's MegaMan?"

"He's down learnin' the truth about his past from Hyakki!" Gomorrah answered.

BreakMan and Reset looked at eachother grimly. "Oh, no," BreakMan uttered.

And with that, the battle truly began…

"Many years ago," ElecMan started, "we were not who we are now. Your name was Mike. My name was David. BreakMan's name was Ben. I'm sure you know by now that he is your brother. And it's true. But you don't know the whole story yet. You also have a cousin named William. But he's not William any more. His name is Bass. I'm not sure when you two will get aquainted, but I'm sure it'll be soon. But anyway, Bass has a brother… know who it is? I'll give you a hint… his real name… is David."

MegaMan was stunned. "No way… you're kidding! This is just one of your insane tricks, isn't it?"

ElecMan shook his head. "Nope, it's not, Megs. Just look in Light's files, they're all there. Or… just check with BreakMan himself. Although, Bass was always kinda out of it, so don't ask him, or he'll probably blow your ass off if ya know what I mean!"

MegaMan was astonished. "And what of… our future?"

"That's the best part, but I'm pretty hazy on the subject. You could always check in Light's files… or with BreakMan…"


"Say hello to your deaths!!!" Gomorrah shouted, flying into the air. He fired several blasts at lightning speed, hitting our heroes each twice!

"AAAHHH!!!" Break Man shouted. "He's way too fast for us! We don't stand a chance!!!"

"Well, DUH!!!" Grease retorted, rubbing his neck.

"What do we do?" Roll asked.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Kite warned.

Sodom fired a huge fire blast at Break Man and Kite. Kite quickly flew into the air and landed on the charred ground. Break Man leapt into the air, sustaining only minor burns. But they still hurt him badly.

"We need another plan of attack," Break suggested. ""May I suggest... retreat!!!"

The six robots ran as fast as they could in the other direction (out, that is). Sodom lumbered quickly forward, while Gomorrah stuck to leaping from wall to wall. "Follow them, Sodom!" Gom ordered. "They musn't get away! They're ours!!!"

Mega Man sat quietly. Elec Man rubbed his wounds. Suddenly, Megs turned to Elec and said, "How do I know you're not lying?"

Elec Man rolled his eyes. "Do I have to keep repeating it? Check with Dr Light. Or your bro! Gosh, you sure can't listen. Just like the old days..."


"Dude, for a second there, I thought you would say 'I Am The Walrus.' Just one of my dumb assumptions, I guess."

"Yeah... I guess..." Mega Man turned away again. Elec Man sat quiet.

"Mega Man... Mikey... I don't wanna fight. This is pathetic. It's all because of Wily and Light... and that stupid robtics thing! If we wouldn't have been transformed, none o' this would have ever happened. It's just stupid... so dumb..."

Mega Man still sat silent. Elec Man continued. "I think your friends need help up there. Don't worry. I can take care of Rush while you're... ARGH!!!"

Mega Man spun back. Elec Man cringed with pain, then lay down. "Elec Man! You okay?" Mega Man asked.

"I'm fine... now GO!" Elec Man commanded.

Mega Man looked silently at Elec Man... then Rush... then himself... and said, "I won't fail you... I'm outta here!"

And with that, he teleported into the fray...

"Blast them!!!" Gomorrah shoued, still following our heroes.

Sodom fired a giant flame blast, nearly scorching the whole passageway! "Look out!" Reset screamed.

Our heroes jumped, just barely evading the huge flame. "Yoins, that was hot!" Grease exclaimed.

"Just keep running!" Break man exclaimed. "Maybe we can outrun them!"

"No need, bro," a voice said from the darkness. Break Man, Kite, Roll, Reset, Contraband, and Grease looked back, and saw Sodom and Gomorrah being blown to bits!

Break looked up into the shadows where the blasts were coming from. And from the shadows, Mega Man hopped down! "I knew you'd come, bro," Break Man said, shaking hands with his brother.

"Hey, you too, man," Mega Man replied. "And when we get home, you have some explaining to do..."

"It's a Kodak moment, huh, Roll?" Kite joked.

"Yeah," Roll said. 'They've finally made peace..."

"It's a good day when such peace is achieved," Reset added.

"Um... yeah," Contraband added, not one to spread wisdom.

The only one who did not contribute was Grease... until he said, "Guys... LOOK OUT!!!!!!"

A blast came from the shadows, coming straight at Mega Man!

"Mega Man!" Roll screamed. "NOOO!!!"

But before the blast hit Megs, guess who jumped in to save the day?...


"Elec Man!!! NOOO!!!" Mega Man screamed.

Elec Man zoomed out in front of Mega Man and took the blast!

"AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!" Elec Man screamed in pain. He fell to the ground, charred and smoking.

Gomorrah and Sodom emerged from the shadows, broken and bleeding. "We'll... get you... cough... next time... fools..." Gomorrah managed to choke out. And with that, Sodom and Gomorrah teleported out and away.

Mega Man fell to where Elec Man lay. "Cous... speak to me..."

Elec Man choked out, "Teleport me to... my... lair..."

Mega Man took Elec Man by the hand and teleported to the throne room lair of Elec Man...

The throne room... Mega Man and Elec Man were greeted by Rush. Rush whimpered, then started to sniff and nudge Elec Man.

"Elec Man," Mega Man said, his voice choked up. "Why did you want me to come here?"

"For one last goodbye, Mega Man," Elec Man spoke. "For the longest time, we were friends. And... for the longest time... we were enemies. I just hope that <COUGH!> these last final moments are spent like our childhood, not like our bitter robotic past."

Mega Man could feel the tears running down his cheeks. "Elec... Davey... you're not going to die... you never will... I can just get Dr. Light to repair you, and..."

"No, Mikey... it's just that time for me, that's all... you'll do fine in the future, I'm sure... you and Ben can get along without me... I'll be okay..."

"No, cous... don't go..."

"Sorry, Mega Man... seeya later... blockhead..."

Mega Man gave a small smile through the crying. Elec Man suddenly flashed in a ball of light, and when it faded, all that remaimed in the place that was once filled by Elec Man was a small glowing metal orb. It hovered above the ground. Mega Man hesitated, then grabbed it with his whole hand. Where Mega Man's finerprints and handprint touched, the orb suddenly retracted in those places, creating an indentation of Mega Man's hand. And then, the orb flashed once more, and it was gone... all gone...

"He's gone," Mega Man spoke softly to his robotic dog, Rush. "He sacrificed

his life so I could continue on... to me, that's what courage is... let's get out of here, Rush..."


Dr. Light's lab... "So... what of the future?" Mega Man asked Dr. Light.

Dr. Light was about to answer, when Break Man walked in. "I think a brother should handle this, Doc," Break said.

Light nodded, and walked out of the room. Break man sat down next to his brother and started to tell the story... of how the future would go... about Mega Man, who would become Mega Man X. And Break Man, who would become Zero. And Bass, who would become Slice Raptor. And the courageous tale of Elec Man, who, in the distant future, would be rebuilt and renamed as... Dred Lox, the Soul of Goodness...

Dr. Hyakki's Castle was soon demolished after the epic battle that took place, due to a grant requested by Mega Man and his brother, Break Man.

Dr. Wily and his creation, Pharaoh Man, set forth another plan to attack Monsteropolis again with eight new robots... I think you know what comes next...

It was not yet known what Bass was doing in Wily's lab... maybe a future tale will tell...

Sodom and Gomorrah were not seen since then... but they're still alive... and considered two very dangerous robots by the entire earth...

Elec Man was not seen since then either. A proper funeral was held for Elec Man, thanks to Mega Man.

Dr. Light allowed Mega Man to view Light's personal computer files to get the whole scoop on his past, present... and future...

Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.
Love, Love, Love.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.
It's easy.
Nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time.
It's easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

Nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.

All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.

All you need is love (All together, now!)
All you need is love. (Everybody!)
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need (love is all you need).
Oh yeah!
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah.

"All You Need Is Love"
by The Beatles (Yep.)
From the album "Magical Mystery Tour"


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