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Vava's Rockman X Game Hints

So . . . you've come.
It seems like everybody these days wants to have a look at how to defeat me and Lord Sigma.
Well you just wait . . . no matter what you do, no matter where you go, as long as there are Irregulars, Vava and Sigma will always live! HA HA HA!
So, take your best shot. I dare you! Read the hints pages as much as you want; we'll never be truly dead . . .

Rockman X
Rockman X2
Rockman X3
Rockman X4

Rockman X: This game, for the Super Famicom, introduces the new incarnation of Rockman as "X", the last creation of Dr. Thomas Light. It also introduces Sigma, Vava (myself), and Zero.
Rockman X2: With the introduction of the Counter Hunters, X2 is a worthy addition to the X saga.
Rockman X3: Rockman X3 introduces Dr. Doppler, reintroduces me, Vava, and (of course) Sigma as his virus form!
Rockman X4: For the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn, X4 introduces the "Repliforce," along with several new repliroid friends and--finally--the origins of Zero.

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