the Robot War: Rockman MIDI Soundtrack

NEW!!! Now available for download as a "virtual album", complete with credits, detailed track notes, all MIDI songs on this page, and a "virtual CD cover" in .gif format! Download now! (about 100K).

Note: All music composed by Chanchacarin Manami. Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks not available yet indicated with **.

Tracks and Titles
Track 1--Preparation
Track 2--Challenge
Track 3--Achilles' Heel
Track 4--Colossus' Lair
Track 5--Ends of the Earth
Track 6--Ground Zero
Track 7--Play with Fire . . .*
Track 8--Wax Wings
Track 9--Robot Master*
Track 10--Fall of a Master*
Track 11--Castle Guardian
Track 12--Skull Castle
Track 13--Central Core*
Track 14--Wily's Defeat Fanfare*
Track 15--Epilogue
NEW!!!Bonus track--Colossus' Lair (remixed).

Track Descriptions for the Robot War: Rockman (1)

Track 1--Preparation: the Stage Select music for the first Rockman game, in which Rockman prepares to go forth and liberate the world from the robotic scum of the earth . . . or something like that.
Track 2--Challenge: the music during which Rockman has chosen a Robot Master to combat.
Track 3--Achilles' Heel: Cutman's stage music.
Track 4--Colossus' Lair: Gutsman's stage music.
Track 5--Ends of the Earth: Iceman's stage music.
Track 6--Ground Zero: Bombman's stage music.
Track 7--Play with Fire (and You Get Burned): Fireman's stage music
Track 8--Wax Wings: Elecman's stage music
Track 9--Robot Master: Battle music during which Rockman either makes scrap from his enemies or ends up looking like the victim of a demolition derby.
Track 10--Fall of a Master: the fanfare played when Rockman destroys a Robot Master
Track 11--Castle Guardian: the Cyclops music (Rock monster).
Track 12--Skull Castle: Stage music for the first 2 stages of Skull Castle
Track 13--Central Core: Stage music for the last two stages of Skull Castle
Track 14--Wily's Defeat Fanfare: Music played when Dr. Wily is defeated
Track 15--Epilogue: Ending music for Rockman (1)

Right, that's it for Rockman (1)! To listen to any of the music, simply click on the track number. Any questions or comments should be directed to Maelgrim (see main page).

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