Dreams of Madness--Rockman 2 MIDI Soundtrack
Rockman 2 Robot Masters

Note: Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Trevor Kuprel indicated with a ^. Tracks sequenced by Dave Choe indicated with a +. Tracks not yet available indicated with **. Tracks 5, are the original compositions of Maelgrim.

Now Available!! Trevor Kuprel's entire Megaman 2 MIDI Soundtrack is available as a ZIp file here!

Tracks and Titles
Track 1--Prologue**
Track 2--Memory
Track 3--Lottery
Track 4--Challenge
Track 5--Dreams of Madness**
Track 6--Factory+
Track 7--Ten Miles High
Track 8--Poseidon's Realm+
Track 9--Faster than a Speeding Bullet
Track 10--Under Construction+
Track 11--A Frozen Moment+
Track 12--Geothermal
Track 13--Floramech+
Track 14--Battle with the Robot Master
Track 15--Victory
Track 16--Wily Appears**
Track 17--Skull Castle, mk.II+
Track 18--Hunter and Prey
Track 19--Humble Fanfare**
Track 20--Reflection
Track 21--Celebrations*
Track 22--Bonus: Geothermal--alternate instrumentation*
Track 23--Bonus: Floramech--alternate instrumentation^

Track Notes and Descriptions for Dreams of Madness--Rockman 2 MIDI Soundtrack

Track 1--Prologue: the opening music of Rockman 2 is the most familiar to many Rockman fans, because it was most likely the first Rockman music they ever heard. A classic tune, it is well worth listening to.
Track 2--Memory: the password music
Track 3--Lottery: this music plays while Rockman chooses the Robot Master whom he will face down next.
Track 4--Challenge: Sound familiar? It's the same as in Rockman (1).
Track 5--Dreams of Madness: Dr. Wily's Theme
Track 6--Factory: Metalman's stage music
Track 7--Ten Miles High: Airman's stage music
Track 8--Poseidon's Realm: Bubbleman's Music
Track 9--Faster than a Speeding Bullet: Quickman's stage music
Track 10--Under Construction: Crashman's stage music
Track 11--A Frozen Moment: Flashman's stage music
Track 12--Geothermal: Heatman's stage music
Track 13--Floramech: Woodman's stage music
Track 14--Battle with a Robot Master: pretty self explanatory
Track 15--Victory: this music plays after Rockman has defeated a Robot Master
Track 16--Wily Appears: Dr. Wily appears in his flying saucer-mech, and does the eyebrows thing at Rockman before disappearing into the depths of his ringed citadel.
Track 17--Skull Castle, mk. II: In another Skull Castle (Dr. Wily built several in hidden locations around the globe during the height of his power just before the original Rockman story took place) Rockman wends his way through mechanical guardians of all sorts.
Track 18--Hunter and Prey: After several false leads, Rockman draws nearer to the center of the castle.
Track 19--Humble Fanfare: Wily, defeated, does his amazing "bow down and beg for mercy" trick.
Track 20--Reflection: Rock, tormented by his violent lifestyle, trudges through remote areas of the earth while the seasons turn in Tokyo, before he finally returns home--to peace.
Track 21--Celebrations: the celebration after the defeat of Dr. Wily (if you recognize it, that's because it's really the epilogue music from Return of the Jedi: Special Edition except I've "Rockman-ized" it a bit. Don't worry--I'll write a real one later.)
Track 22--Geothermal (alternate instrumentation): Heatman's stage music (remixed)
Track 23--Floramech (alternate instrumentation): Woodman's stage music (remixed)

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