Loose Threads--Rockman 3 MIDI Soundtrack
Rockman 3 Robot Masters

Note: Tracks arranged by Dave Choe indicated with a +. Tracks arranged by Joe Bickley indicated with a #. Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Sivak indicated with a -*-. Tracks not yet available indicated with **. Tracks 15 and 20 are the original compositions of Maelgrim.

Tracks and Titles
Track 1--Prologue+
Track 2--Home Base+
Track 3--Eight Colonies
Track 4--Teleport
Track 5--Weapon Assimilation#
Track 6--A Stitch in Time . . .+
Track 7--Whistler
Track 8--Mesmerized+
Track 9--Double Vision+
Track 10--Agamemnon and the Rock+
Track 11--Vertigo+
Track 12--Burrow Deep*
Track 13--Electrocuted
Track 14--Realm of Darkness#
Track 15--Soul Chameleon**
Track 16--Break Man**
Track 17--Colossus**
Track 18--Destroy Everything**
Track 19--Der Tod eines Robotenmeister**
Track 20--Battle in the Darkness+
Track 21--Descent**
Track 22--Storming the Castle#
Track 23--Heart of the Storm-*-
Track 24--Fanfare for the Defeated Madman**
Track 25--Epilogue+
Track 26--Neutrality+
Track 27--Bonus: Burrow Deep (instrumental remix)
Track 28--Bonus: Realm of Darkness (instrumental remix)

Track Notes and Descriptions for Loose Threads--Rockman 3 MIDI Soundtrack

Track 1--Prologue: Opening music for Rockman 3, in which Rockman learns that eight mining robots have gone berserk and taken over off-world mining colonies.
Track 2--Home base: Password/Get equipped music
Track 3--Eight Colonies: this music plays while Rockman decides which colony to teleport to
Track 4--Teleport: Rockman has decided upon a colony and is teleporting there during this music.
Track 5--Weapon Assimilation: the music played when Rockman gains a Robot Master's weapon
Track 6--A Stitch in Time (Might Save your Life): Needleman's Stage Music
Track 7--Whistler: Blues' whistle Theme
Track 8--Mersmerized: Magnetman's Stage Music
Track 9--Double Vision: Geminiman's Stage Music
Track 10--Agamemnon and the Rock: Hardman's Stage Music
Track 11--Vertigo: Topman's Stage Music
Track 12--Burrow Deep: Snakeman's Stage Music
Track 13--Electrocuted: Sparkman's Stage Music
Track 14--Realm of Darkness: Shadowman's Stage Music
Track 15--Soul Chameleon: Doc Robot's Theme
Track 16--Break Man: Battle between Blues and Rockman
Track 17--Colossus: Gamma's Theme
Track 18--Destroy Everything: music that plays when Rockman battles a Robot Master
Track 19--Der Tod eines Robotenmeister: music that plays when Rockman has destroyed a Robot Master
Track 20--Battle in the Darkness: the Battle music inside Skull Castle
Track 21--Descent (into Madness): Dr. Wily does the eyebrows thing and disappears into Skull Caslte, mk. III
Track 22--Storming the Castle: Skull Castle Stage Music, first half
Track 23--Heart of the Storm: Skull Castle Stage Music, second half
Track 24--Fanfare for the Defeated Madman: Music that plays when Dr. Wily is defeated
Track 25--Epilogue: Dr. Wily is crushed under falling rubble and Blues saves Rockman, revealing himself to be Rock's twin brother
Track 26--Neutrality: Rock, recuperating, deals with the mixed feelings that come with Dr. Wily's death
Track 27--Burrow Deep (remix): Snakeman's Stage Music, remixed
Track 28--Realm of Darkness (remix): Shadowman's Stage Music, remixed
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