Rockman 5 MIDI Soundtrack

Ruby Flames, Lapis Fire: Rockman 5 MIDI Soundtrack

Note: Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks not yet available indicated with **. Tracks arranged by Dave Choe indicated with a +. Tracks arranged by Joe Bickley indicated with a #. Tracks arranged by Justin Horn indicated with a ^.

Track 1--Prologue: Rampage and Abduction*
Track 2--Eight Guardsmen**
Track 3--Challenge and Teleport**
Track 4--Force of Gravity*
Track 5--Tsunami*
Track 6--Stone and Rock**
Track 7--Sky Castle*
Track 8--Airless Sea*
Track 9--Loco*
Track 10--Jungle Fires*
Track 11--Crystallized*
Track 12--Duel**
Track 13--Triumph**
Track 14--Fortress**
Track 15--Enter Rockman**
Track 16--Inner Ring+
Track 17--Ruby Fire, Lapis Flames**
Track 18--Darkman**
Track 19--Beat**
Track 20--Skull Castle, Take V**
Track 21--Heat in the Skull**
Track 22--Into the Darkness**
Track 23--Mech Battle+
Track 24--Release**
Track 25--Rock and Blues**
Track 26--Resolution and Mystery**
Track 27--Mech Battle, v.2^
Track 28--Tsunami--alternate version#
Track 29--Force of Gravity--alternate version#

Track Notes for Ruby Fire, Lapis Flames

Track 1--Prologue: During the prologue, a mysterious, scarfed robot and his army of followers besiege the city, intent on destroying the world. To add insult to injury, Dr. Light is kidnapped by a robot who appears to be Blues.
Track 2--Eight Guardsmen: the music for the stage select.
Track 3--Challenge and Teleport: Rockman has selected a Robot master to battle.
Track 4--Force of Gravity: Gravityman's Stage Music
Track 5--Tsunami: Waveman's Stage Music
Track 6--Stone and Rock: Stoneman's Stage Music
Track 7--Sky Castle: Gyroman's Stage Music
Track 8--Airless Sea: Starman's Stage Music
Track 9--Loco: Chargeman's Stage Music
Track 10--Jungle Fires: Napalmman's Stage Music
Track 11--Crystallized: Crystalman's Stage Music
Track 12--Duel: the battle music played while Rockman fights a Robot Master
Track 13--Triumph: the music played when Rockman has destroyed a Robot Master
Track 14--Fortress: Rockman discovers Blues' hidden fortress
Track 15--Enter Rockman: the stage music for Blues' fortress (first 2 stages)
Track 16--Inner Ring: the stage music for Blues' fortress (second 2 stages)
Track 17--Ruby Fire, Lapis Flames: Rockman and Darkman face off
Track 18--Darkman: Darkman's Theme
Track 19--Beat: Beat's Theme
Track 20--Skull Castle, Take V: Rockman chases Dr. Wily to Skull Castle, mk. V
Track 21--Heat in the Skull: stage music for Skull Castle (first 2 stages)
Track 22--Into the Darkness: stage music for Skull Castle (second 2 stages)
Track 23--Mech Battle: the battle music for Dr. Wily
Track 24--Release: Dr. Wily is defeated and releases Dr. Light
Track 25--Rock and Blues: Rockman and Blues both ponder their roles in the scheme of things
Track 26--Resolution and Mystery: Rockman and Dr. Light watch Skull Castle crumble to the ground and go home, disquieted
Track 27--Mech Battle, version 2: Wily's battle music (again)
Track 28--Tsunami, alternate version: Waveman's Stage (alternate)
Track 29--Force of Gravity, alternate version: Gravityman's Stage (alternate)

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