Rockman 6: End of a Circle MIDI Soundtrack

All music written by Yuko. Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Dave Choe indcated with a +.

Track Names
Track 1: Prologue: Betrayal at the Tournament*
Track 2: Title Screen
Track 3: Contestants*
Track 4: Selection
Track 5: Forgotten Wood*
Track 6: Fields of Fire*
Track 7: Frozen Island
Track 8: Ancient Realm*
Track 9: Capital of Science*
Track 10: Restricted*
Track 11: Life in a Mechanical Tower*
Track 12: Invincible Fortress*
Track 13: Contest
Track 14: Rockman Victorious
Track 15: Armory
Track 16: Stored Away
Track 17: Mansion
Track 18: Traps
Track 19: Skull Castle mk VI
Track 20: Final Stretch+
Track 21: Last Stand+
Track 22: Dr. Wily Falls/End of a Circle
Track 23: Final Call
Track 24: Flameman Remix by Ben Yackley
Track 25: Centaurman Remix by Ben Yackley
Track 26: Windman Remix by Ben Yackley
Bonus Track: Prologue: Betrayal at the Tournament--Japanese Version

Track Notes for End of a Circle

Track 1 Prologue-- Betrayal at the Tournament: In an unexpected deception, Mr. X, the sponsor of the world's first Robot Master Tournament, steals the contestants and turns them against humanity, intending to conquer the world.
Track 2 Title Screen--Self explanatory
Track 3 Contestants--the Stage Select Music
Track 4 Selection--the fanfare played when Rockman has challenged a Robot Master
Track 5 Forgotten Wood--Plantman's Stage
Track 6 Fields of Fire--Flameman's Stage
Track 7 Frozen Island--Blizzardman's Stage
Track 8 Ancient Realm--Centaurman's Stage
Track 9 Captial of Science--Knightman's Stage
Track 10 Restricted--Tomahawkman's Stage
Track 11 Life in a Mechanical Tower--Windman's Stage
Track 12 Invincible Fortress--Yamatoman's Stage
Track 13 Contest--Robot Master Battle Music
Track 14 Rockman Victorious--pretty obvious
Track 15 Armory--the music played when Rockman receives a Robot master wepaon
Track 16 Stored Away--the password music
Track 17 Mansion--music played before every mansion stage
Track 18 Traps--the stage music for Mr. X's Mansion
Track 19 Skull Castle mk. VI--the music played before every Skull Castle stage
Track 20 Final Stretch--the stage music inside Skull Castle
Track 21 Last Stand--Dr. Wily's battle music
Track 22 Dr. Wily Falls/End of a Circle--the fanfare played when Dr. Wily is defeated
Track 23 Final Call--the credits
Track 24 Bonus Track--the Prologue music from the Japanese version of the game.

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