Rockman 7: Symphony of Fire MIDI Soundtrack

Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Special thanks to Sivak for help on this page. Tracks arranged by Dave Choe indicated with a +.

Track Names
Track 1: Prologue: Forgotten Quartet*
Track 2: Password
Track 3: Rough Ride+
Track 4: Molto Forte*
Track 5: 4 Releasers, 4 Guards
Track 6: Chosen
Track 7: Frozen Cavern
Track 8: Forgotten Factory
Track 9: Burst your Bubble+
Track 10: Up High+
Track 11: The Robot Museum*
Track 12: Spring-Loaded Paradise*
Track 13: Jurassic Jungle+
Track 14: Mystery and Horror+
Track 15: Champ of the Roads*
Track 16: Encounter
Track 17: Triumph
Track 18: Forte's Attack
Track 19: Skull Castle mk VII
Track 20: Main Gate*
Track 21: Shell Shock
Track 22: Skull's Masque
Track 23: Wily's Chambers
Track 24: Encounter in Skull Castle*
Track 25: Suicide Mission*
Track 26: Genocide Averted
Track 27: Contemplation*
Track 28: Bonus! Molto Forte: sawtooth and trumpet remix*
Track 29: Bonus! Big Eddie's*

Track Notes for Symphony of Fire

Track 1 Prologue-- Forgotten Quartet--The prologue music. Rock brings Wily to jail and 4 robots Wily designed attack the city, searching for their master.
Track 2 Password-- The password music.
Track 3 Rough Ride-- The intro stage music
Track 4 Molto Forte-- Forte's theme
Track 5 4 Releasers, 4 Guards-- The stage select music
Track 6 Chosen-- Rock has chosen the robot he's going after
Track 7 Frozen Cavern-- Freezeman's stage music
Track 8 Forgotten Factory-- Junkman's stage music
Track 9 Burst your Bubble-- Burstman's stage music
Track 10 Up High-- Cloudman's stage music
Track 11 The Robot Museum-- The music in the museum where Rock finds Wily stealing Gutsman.
Track 12 Spring-Loaded Paradise-- Springman's stage music
Track 13 Jurassic Jungle-- Slashman's stage music
Track 14 Mystery and Horror-- Shademan's stage music
Track 15 Champ of the Roads-- Turboman's stage music
Track 16 Encounter-- Robot Master Battle music
Track 17 Triumph-- Rock has beaten a robot master
Track 18 Forte's Attack-- Forte has stolen the enhancements for Rock and Rush and has retreated to Wily's castle
Track 19 Skull Castle mk VII-- The music that plays outside of Skull Castle
Track 20 The Entrance-- The music for stage I of Skull Castle
Track 21 Shell Shock-- The music for stage II of Skull Castle
Track 22 Skull's Masque-- The music for stage III of Skull Castle
Track 23 Wily's Chambers-- The music for stage IV of Skull Castle
Track 24 Encounter in Skull castle-- Skull Castle Guardian Music
Track 25 Suicide Mission-- The final battle music
Track 26 Genocide Averted-- Rock has beaten Wily and hesitates to attack. Forte and Gospel save Wily
Track 27 Contemplation-- The ending credits
Track 28 Molto Forte-- Forte's theme (Original trumpet and bass)
Track 29 Big Eddie's--Right Tot's Theme.

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