Rockman 8: Metal Heroes MIDI Soundtrack

Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Track names contributed in part by Sivak.

Track Names
Track 1: Electrical Communications
Track 2: Flashback
Track 3: Title Screen
Track 4: Galactic Battle/Rock and Forte
Track 5: Ruined Area*
Track 6: World Domination*
Track 7: Confirmation
Track 8: Skies Above All (It's Just a Kid)--PSX version
Track 9: Skies Above All (It's Just a Kid)--Saturn version*
Track 10: Big Top/See you in my Dreams (sequenced by Justin Horn)
Track 11: Rimed with Frost--PSX version*
Track 12: Rimed with Frost--Beta Test Version
Track 13: Heavy Artilery
Track 14: Awakened Colossus
Track 15: Duo*
Track 16: End of the Line/Duo to the Rescue
Track 17: Aztec Ruins (A fair fight)*
Track 18: Astral Realm (But I don't know what to do)*
Track 19: Aquatic City*
Track 20: Scavenger Hunt
Track 21: Death Match
Track 22: Oversight
Track 23: Wily Tower
Track 24: Jet Odyssey
Track 25: Cavern of Flight*
Track 26: Treading Carefully
Track 27: Core of Evil
Track 28: Fortress Match
Track 29: Final Battle
Track 30: Molto Forte: Dark Energy Remix*
Track 31: I Can See Your Heart . . .
Track 32: Curtain Call
Track 33: Welcome Back!*
Track 34: BrandNew Way
Track 35: New Weapon

Track Notes for Metal Heroes

Track 1 Electrical Communications--opening song to Rockman 8, as sung by the Japanese pop group Ganasia.
Track 2 Flashback-- (American opening) clips of Rockman defeating Robot Masters in the past and Dr. Wily with Forte and Gospel.
Track 3 Title Screen
Track 4 Galactic Battle/Rock and Forte--Duo and the Dark Energy battle in space, each wounding the other. Meanwhile, on Earth, Rockman and Forte battle in the streets of Tokyo before Roll interrupts.
Track 5 Ruined Area-- The intro stage's music
Track 6 World Domination-- The stage select music
Track 7 Confirmation-- Rock has chosen who he will go after
Track 8 Skies above All-- Tenguman's stage music (Sony Playstation version)
Track 9 Skies Above All-- Tenguman's stage music (Sega Saturn version)
Track 10 Big Top-- Clownman's stage music
Track 11 Rimed with Frost-- Frostman's stage music (Sony Playstation version)
Track 12 Rimed with Frost-- Frsotman's stage music (Beta Test version)
Track 13 Heavy Artilery-- Grenademan's stage music
Track 14 Awakened Colossus-- Duo awakes in Dr. Right's lab. Seeing the Dark Energy, he destroys it and escapes from the lab.
Track 15 Duo-- Duo's Theme
Track 16 End of the Line/Duo to the Rescue-- Having fought Duo to a standstill, Rockman finds Wily Tower, and is nearly destroyed by a gargantuan robot powered by the Dark Energy. Duo rescues Rockman just in time, leaving the way open to defeat the next set of Robot Masters.
Track 17 Aztec Ruins-- Swordman's stage music
Track 18 Astral Realm-- Astroman's stage music
Track 19 Aquatic City-- Aquaman's stage music
Track 20 Scavenger Hunt-- Searchman's stage music
Track 21 Death Match-- Robot master battle theme
Track 22 Oversight-- Rock has beaten a robot master
Track 23 Wily Tower-- The theme outside Wily Tower
Track 24 Jet Odyssey-- The music for stage I of the castle
Track 25 Cavern of Flight-- The music for stage II of the castle
Track 26 Treading Carefully-- The music for stage III of the castle
Track 27 Core of Evil-- The music for stage IV of the castle
Track 28 Fortress Match-- The battle music inside the castle
Track 29 Final Battle-- The final battle music of Wily and his predictable attack pattern
Track 30 Molto Forte Dark Energy Remix-- Forte's theme
Track 31 I Can See Your Heart . . . -- Having been nearly killed by the Dark Energy, Rockman lies on the blasted ground near the ruins of Wily Tower. Duo arrives and looks into Rockman's heart and soul, discovering the unending battle for justice Rockman has fought. "I can see into your heart," Duo murmers. He revives Rockman, and disappears. Rockman awakes later in Dr. Light's lab, with Blues and Roll nearby. Blues tells Rockman Duo's final message.
Track 32 Curtain Call-- The ending credits
Track 33 Welcome Back!-- Dr. Light's Lab music
BrandNew Way-- the Japanese ending sequence music.
Track 35 New Weapon-- this is the music played when Rockman has gained a new Master weapon. Continue to Rockman and Forte Soundtrack
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