Rockman: Battle and Chase Soundtrack
All tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Thanks to Metool for information about the track names of tracks 27 and 32.

Track 1: Battle and Chase Main Theme*
Track 2: Options
Track 3: Racers
Track 4: Courses
Track 5: Equipping the Car
Track 6: Mountain Race
Track 7: Obstacle Course
Track 8: Cosmic Track
Track 9: Crystalline Duel
Track 10: Aerial Race
Track 11: Toyland
Track 12: Munitions Factory
Track 13: Skull Castle by Night
Track 14: Blues' Victory
Track 15: Roll's Victory
Track 16: Wily's Victory
Track 17: Forte's Victory
Track 18: Quickman's Victory
Track 19: Iceman's Victory
Track 20: Gutsman's Victory
Track 21: Napalmman's Victory
Track 22: Shadowman's Victory
Track 23: Springman's Victory
Track 24: Race Aftermath
Track 25: On Your Marks . . .
Track 26: Victory! Wily Steals the Prize Money!
Track 27: Carried on the Wind
Track 28: Rock's Party
Track 29: Credits
Track 30: Final Symbols
Track 31: Call from a Friend
Track 32: Ah! A Man's Life!

Track Descriptions:

Track 1--Battle and Chase Theme: Main theme. Also Rock's victory music.
Track 2--Options: The music where you can change the game options
Track 3--Racers: The music of the character selection screen
Track 4--Courses: The music where you chose the track you wish to run
Track 5--Equipping the Car: The music during which you customize your car right before a race.
Track 6--Mountain Race: Gutsman & Quickman's mountain race tracks.
Track 7--Obstacle Course: Rock's, Roll's and Blues' obstacle course race tracks.
Track 8--Cosmic Track: Duo's space race track.
Track 9--Crystalline Duel: Iceman's & Shadowman's cave and glacier race tracks.
Track 10--Aerial Race: Versus stages. There are 3 special racing tracks when you play VS mode with B&C. All these courses are in the air (flying).
Track 11--Toyland: Springman's toyland race track.
Track 12--Munitions Factory: Napalmman's military factory race track.
Track 13--Skull Castle by Night: Dr. Wily's and Forte's race tracks, set in front of Skull Caslte.
Track 14--Blues' Victory: Music played when Blues wins are race.
Track 15--Roll's Victory: Music played when Roll wins a race.
Track 16--Wily's Victory: Music played when Wily wins a race.
Track 17--Forte's Victory: Music played when Forte wins a race.
Track 18--Quickman's Victory: Music played when Quickman wins a race.
Track 19--Iceman's Victory: Music played when Iceman wins a race.
Track 20--Gutsman's Victory: Music played when Gutsman wins a race.
Track 21--Napalmman's Victory: Music played when Napalmman wins a race.
Track 22--Shadowman's Victory: Music played when Shadowman wins a race.
Track 23--Springman's Victory: Music played when Springman wins a race.
Track 24--Race Aftermath: Music played when the entire Battle and Chase is finished.
Track 25--On Your Marks . . .: Music played when the race begins.
Track 26--Victory! Wily Steals the Prize Money!: Upon Rippoto's presenting of the prize money to the winner, Wily appears and steals it away.
Track 27--Caried on the Wind: a special song that is played when the game is beaten with Roll.
Track 28--Rock's Party: When Rock wins the Battle and Chase, he returns home and Dr. Right throws a party for him, along with Rush and Right Totto.
Track 29--Credits: the credits music.
Track 30--Final Symbols: after the credits, four odd signs appear on the screen, and this music is played.
Track 31--Call from a Friend: when Quickman wins the race, he is called by Turboman. Turboman was sick, and Quickman filled in for him in the Battle and Chase. Go fig.
Track 32--Ah! A Man's Life!: a special song that is played when the game is beaten with Gutsman.

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