Rockman X2: Sigma Redux

Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Justin Horn indicated with a ^.

Track Names
Track 1: Prologue
Track 2: X Squared
Track 3: Factory Ambush
Track 4: Weather Dome
Track 5: Deep Sea Realm
Track 6: Dinosaur Tank
Track 7: Buried Treasure
Track 8: Desert Base
Track 9: Anxiety in the Mines*
Track 10: Nerve Center^
Track 11: Hidden Fortress
Track 12: Inner Keep
Track 13: Hunter
Track 14: Irregular Battle
Track 15: Fight with an X-Hunter
Track 16: Lethal Octet
Track 17: Location 00
Track 18: Dialogue with the Enemy
Track 19: Unearthly Gift*
Track 20: X-Hunters Plot*
Track 21: New Weapons
Track 22: Cool Down
Track 23: X Wins
Track 24: Mutual Hatred
Track 25: Battle with a Clone*
Track 26: Neo Sigma*
Track 27: Avatar*
Track 28: Requiem for an Irregular*
Track 29: Bike Ride

Track Notes for Sigma Redux

Track 1 Prologue: the prologue and introduction music.
Track 2 X Squared: the title screen
Track 3 Factory Ambush: the opening stage music
Track 4 Weather Dome: Wire Sponge's Stage
Track 5 Deep Sea Realm: Bubble Crab's Stage
Track 6 Dinosaur Tank: Wheel Gator's Stage
Track 7 Buried Treasure: Morph Moth's Stage
Track 8 Desert Base: Overdrive Ostrich's Stage
Track 9 Anxiety in the Mines: Crystal Snail's Stage
Track 10 Nerve Center: Magna Centipede's Stage
Track 11 Hidden Fortress: X-Hunters' Stronghold, stage I and II
Track 12 Inner Keep: X-Hunters' Stronghold, stage III
Track 13 Hunter: the music played when an Irregular appears
Track 14 Irregular Battle: Irregular battle music
Track 15 Fight with an X-Hunter: the X-Hunter battle music
Track 16 Lethal Octet: Stage Select I
Track 17 Location 00: Stage Select II
Track 18 Dialogue with the Enemy: the X-Hunter appearance and speech music
Track 19 Unearthly Gift: Dr. Right's Capsule music
Track 20 X-Hunters Plot: the X-Hunters' theme
Track 21 New Weapons: X receives a new weapon
Track 22 Cool Down: Password music
Track 23 X Wins: X's victory fanfare
Track 24 Mutual Hatred: the music played when X has selected an Irregular to challenge
Track 25 Battle with a Clone: Zero's Battle music
Track 26 Neo Sigma: Battle with Sigma I
Track 27 Avatar: Battle with Sigma II
Track 28 Requiem for an Irregular: Following Sigma's defeat, X and Zero watch the sun rise over the ruins of the X-Hunters' control center and wonder what the future holds.
Track 29 Bike Ride: X returns home on his hoverbike and ponders on his role in life.

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