Rockman X3: the Doppler Effect
RockmanX3 Irregulars

Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *. Tracks arranged by Justin Horn indicated with a ^. Irregulars gif contributed by Sivak.

Track Names
Track 1: One More Time
Track 2: Prologue: Doppler's Betrayal*
Track 3: X's Theme
Track 4: Headquarters Under Attack/Mac's Betrayal*
Track 5: Zero's Theme^
Track 6: Blizzard in the City^
Track 7: Sewer System^
Track 8: Quarry Fortress
Track 9: Power Plant*
Track 10: Docking Bay
Track 11: Forest Dome*
Track 12: Air Base*
Track 13: Industrial Complex
Track 14: Penetrating the Lab
Track 15: Visceral Area
Track 16: Pawn
Track 17: Showdown
Track 18: Pitched Battle
Track 19: Doppler Muses
Track 20: Doppler Town*
Track 21: Point "D"
Track 22: Vava's Countdown*
Track 23: Deceased Doctor*
Track 24: Hunt Concluded
Track 25: Armory
Track 26: You May Pass
Track 27: Introduction of an Irregular
Track 28: Dr. Cain's Lab*
Track 29: Eternal Battle
Track 30: Sigma Cubed
Track 31: Hollow Victory*
Track 32: Triumphant Return*
Track 33: I'm a Believer

Track Notes for the Doppler Effect

Track 1 One More Time-- the opening anime sequence to the PSX version of the game. Track 2 Prologue--Doppler's Betrayal: the Prologue Music, when Dr. Doppler infects Doppler town with the Sigma virus and declares a New Order.
Track 3 X's Theme: the title screen
Track 4 Headquarters Under Attack/Mac's Betrayal: the opening stage music
Track 5 Zero's Theme: Zero's Theme (surprised?)
Track 6 Blizzard in the City: Frozen Buffalo's Stage
Track 7 Sewer System: Toxic Seahorse's Stage
Track 8 Quarry Fortress: Tunnel Rhino's Stage
Track 9 Power Plant: Volt Catfish's Stage
Track 10 Docking Bay: Crush Crawfish's Stage
Track 11 Forest Dome: Neon Tiger's Stage
Track 12 Air Base: Gravity Beetle's Stage
Track 13 Industrial Complex: Blast Hornet's Stage
Track 14 Penetrating the Lab: Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage I and II
Track 15 Visceral Area: Dr. Doppler's Lab. Stage III
Track 16 Pawn: the music during which an Irregular appears
Track 17 Showdown: Irregular Battle music
Track 18 Pitched Battle: Battle inside Dr. Doppler's Lab
Track 19 Doppler Muses: Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage IV
Track 20 Doppler Town: Stage Select I
Track 21 Point "D": Stage Select II
Track 22 Vava's Countdown: Vava's Stage
Track 23 Deceased Doctor: Dr. Right's Capsule music
Track 24 Hunt Concluded: X's victory fanfare
Track 25 Armory: X receives a new weapon
Track 26 You May Pass: Password music
Track 27 Introduction of an Irregular: the music played when X has selected an Irregular to challenge
Track 28 Dr. Cain's Lab: Dr. Cain's Lab Music
Track 29 Eternal Battle: Battle with Sigma I.
Track 30 Sigma Cubed: Battle with Sigma II.
Track 31 Hollow Victory/the Prophecy: X stares at the wreckage of Dr. Doppler's Lab in the fading sunlight. He mourns that repliroids and humans must fight, and wonders what fate holds for him.
Track 32 Triumphant Return: X returns home, happy that Doppler Town is free of Sigma's virus.
Track 33 I'm a Believer: the closing sequence on the PSX version of the game.

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