Rockman X4: the Repliforce
RockmanX4 Irregulars

Tracks arranged by Maelgrim indicated with a *.

Track Names
Track 1: Love is Not Lost*
Track 2: Two Hunters
Track 3: X's Theme*
Track 4: Zero's Theme*
Track 5: Tokyo IHHQ*
Track 6: Volcano Hunt/Answer Me!
Track 7: Jungle Weapon
Track 8: Jet Chase
Track 9: Bio Laboratory*
Track 10: Cyberspace/Limitless Potential*
Track 11: Space Fortress* (revised by Sivak)
Track 12: Supply Train/Both Foolish and Reckless
Track 13: Flurry
Track 14: Ice Caverns
Track 15: Threat of the Final Weapon
Track 16: Argument with Carnel
Track 17: Battle with an Irregular*
Track 18: Repliforce Battle
Track 19: Cosmoport
Track 20: Aboard the Final Weapon
Track 21: Reluctant Battle*
Track 22: Double's Betrayal/You're a Trusting Fool
Track 23: Reaper
Track 24: Reincarnation
Track 25: X Victorious
Track 26: Zero's Victory
Track 27: Dragon Irregular
Track 28: Sigma's Monologue
Track 29: Zero's Nightmare
Track 30: Sigma Gloats
Track 31: the Crimson Irregular
Track 32: What a Freak/Deadly Transformation
Track 33: One More Chance
Track 34: Title Screen
Track 35: Introduction (American version)
Track 36: Repliforce Irregular
Track 37: Dr. Right's Gift
Track 38: Weapon Gain

Track Notes for the Repliforce

Track 1 Love is Not Lost: the opening scene, in which the characters are introduced.
Track 2 Two Hunters: the Hunter Selection screen
Track 3 X's Theme: the opening stage music with X
Track 4 Zero's Theme: the opening stage music with Zero
Track 5 Tokyo IHHQ: Stage Select I
Track 6 Volcano Hunt/Answer Me!: Magmard Dragoon's Stage
Track 7 Jungle Weapon: Web Spidus's Stage
Track 8 Jet Chase: Jet Stingren's Stage
Track 9 Bio Laboratory: Split Mushroom's Stage
Track 10 Cyberspace/Limitless Potential: Cyber Kujacker's Stage
Track 11 Space Fortress: Storm Fukural's Stage
Track 12 Supply Train/Both Foolish and Reckless: Slash Beastleo's Stage
Track 13 Flurry: Frost Kibatodos area I
Track 14 Ice Caverns: Frost Kibatodos area II
Track 15 Threat of the Final Weapon: Stage Select II
Track 16 Argument with Carnel: Dialogue with Carnel
Track 17 Battle with an Irregular: Irregular Battle music
Track 18 Repliforce Battle: Battle with Carnel and General
Track 19 Cosmoport: Space Port Stage
Track 20 Aboard the Final Weapon: Final Weapon Stages
Track 21 Reluctant Battle: Iris Battle
Track 22 Double's Betrayal/You're a Trusting Fool: Double's Battle Music
Track 23 Reaper: Sigma Battle music I
Track 24 Reincarnation: Sigma Battle music II
Track 25 X Victorious: X's Victory fanfare
Track 26 Zero's Victory: Zero's Victory fanfare
Track 27 Dragon Irregular: the Battle Music for the Dragon Irregular in the first stage
Track 28 Sigma's Monologue: Sigma's monologue (oddly enough).
Track 29 Zero's Nightmare: while in the recharging bay, Zero has a distrubing nightmare.
Track 30 Sigma Gloats: When the General takes action, Sigma gloats over his plan to destroy the world.
Track 31 the Crimson Irregular: Zero remembers that he was an Irregular, and was defeated by Sigma once.
Track 32 What a Freak/Deadly Transformation: While in the mech hangar, Double is instructed to destroy several Irregular Hunters, and transforms into a lethal killing machine.
Track 33 One More Chance: the Ending Music
Track 34 Title Screen: Take a wild guess.
Track 35 Introduction (American version): the anime introduction for Megaman X4.
Track 36 Repliforce Irregular: the music played when X or Zero has chosen an Irregular to battle.
Track 37 Dr. Right's Gift: Dr. Right's Capsule music.
Track 38 Weapon Gain: X receives a new weapon and Zero learns a new technique.

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