Rockman X
Rockman X Irregulars

Most tracks arranged by Markus Hein. Track 21 arranged by Maelgrim and Ralamean. Track 9 remixed by Dave Choe. Tracks not available indicated with **.

Track Names
Track 1: Into the Streets
Track 2: Mechanized Forest
Track 3: Submerged City
Track 4: Mineshaft Battle
Track 5: Fire in the Hole
Track 6: Ascending the Tower
Track 7: Frozen Fields
Track 8: Shock Therapy
Track 9: Steel Wings
Track 10: Courtyard
Track 11: Fortress
Track 12: Infiltration
Track 13: Final Ascent
Track 14: Irregular
Track 15: X's Theme
Track 16: Eight Irregulars
Track 17: Victory
Track 18: Enemy
Track 19: Arrival
Track 20: Vava's Fury
Track 21: Zero to the Rescue
Track 22: Zero's Death
Track 23: Upgrades
Track 24: Take a Break
Track 25: Sigma's March
Track 26: Battle
Track 27: Final Showdown
Track 28: Sorrow on the Cliffs
Track 29: Resolution (sequenced by Justin Horn)
Track 30: Ambush
Track 31: Rebirth
Track 32: Blank Screen
Track 33: Light from the Grave

Track Notes for Rockman X

Track 1 Into the Streets: Opening stage music.
Track 2 Mechanized Forest: Sting Chameleon's Stage
Track 3 Submerged City: Launch Octopod's Stage
Track 4 Mineshaft Battle: Armored Armadillo's Stage
Track 5 Fire in the Hole: Burn Mammoth's Stage
Track 6 Ascending the Tower: Boomer Kuwanger's Stage
Track 7 Frozen Fields: Chill Penguin's Stage
Track 8 Shock Therapy: Spark Mandrill's Stage
Track 9 Steel Wings: Storm Eagleed's Stage
Track 10 Courtyard: Sigma's Fortress, stage I
Track 11 Fortress: Sigma's Fortress, stage II
Track 12 Infiltration: Sigma's Fortress, stage III
Track 13 Final Ascent: Sigma's Fortress, stage IV
Track 14 Irregular: Irregular battle music
Track 15 X's Theme: the Title Screen
Track 16 Eight Irregulars: Stage Select I
Track 17 Victory: X's Victory Fanfare
Track 18 Enemy: the music played when X has selected an Irregular to challenge
Track 19 Arrival: Storm Eagle's carrier descends and Vava emerges
Track 20 Vava's Fury: Vava's battle music and the battle music for inside Sigma's Fortress
Track 21 Zero to the Rescue: Zero's Theme
Track 22 Zero's Death: Zero's requiem music and the dialogue theme
Track 23 Upgrades: X receives a new weapon
Track 24 Take a Break: Password music
Track 25 Sigma's March: Stage Select II
Track 26 Battle: Battle with Sigma I
Track 27 Final Showdown: Battle with Sigma II
Track 28 Sorrow on the Cliffs: Having defeated Sigma, X reflects on his part in the war and mourns for lost friends.
Track 29 Resolution: X returns to IHHQ and Dr. Cain after the war.
Track 30 Ambush: an Irregular appears to challenge X.
Track 31 Rebirth: After his first defeat, Sigma is reborn in a giant rat mechaniroid.
Track 32 Blank Screen: the End Credits
Track 33 Light from the Grave: Dr. Right's Capsule music

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