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Welcome to the Rockman's World CyboNetwork Homepage. From here, you can submit your site to the ring, edit your site information, or just look around. If you plan to submit your site to the ring, it should be something connected with Rockman (Megaman), or be something that Maelgrim finds cool enough to add, despite the fact that it has very little to do with the theme of Rockman's World.

To submit your site, just fill out the form below and hit the "submit" button.

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When you're done, click back to this page and paste the following HTML onto the page that you want the web ring displayed on:

<center> <IMG SRC="https://members.tripod.com/~Maelgrim/Ringlogo.gif" USEMAP="#Ringlogo" BORDER=0>

<MAP NAME="Ringlogo">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="1,0,360,236" HREF="https://members.tripod.com/~Maelgrim/Rockman.html" OnMouseOver="window.status=''; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="388,30,482,52" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number___;next" OnMouseOver="window.status='Next Site in the Ring'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="391,59,523,79" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number___;prev" OnMouseOver="window.status='Previous Site in the Ring'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="392,86,526,102" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number___;skip" OnMouseOver="window.status='Skip Next Site'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="392,110,508,128" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number__;next5" OnMouseOver="window.status='Next 5 Sites in Ring'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="393,134,525,151" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number___;sprev" OnMouseOver="window.status='Skip Back 2 Sites'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="394,159,511,176" HREF="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=rockmanworld;id=__your ID number___;random" OnMouseOver="window.status='Random Site in the Ring'; return true">
<AREA SHAPE=RECT COORDS="393,184,521,201" HREF="https://members.tripod.com/~Maelgrim/Rockring.html" OnMouseOver="window.status='Join the Rockman World CyboNetwork!'; return true">

If you want to edit the information, click here. Enter in 'rockmanworld' as the Ring ID and your password and personal Ring ID Number to edit the information about your site.

It's as simple as that!

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