I would like to thank everybody who has helped me with this page, or provided assistance (whether they knew it or not) in building Rockman's World.
First of all, there's my brother, who did the animations of Beat, Dr. Light, and Dr. Cossack (a really cool one).
Illumina, who allowed me to put links to her incredibly cool story on Blues' Fan Fiction page deserves my thanks as well.
Of course, the guys at Mega Man: the Man in Blue for letting me pirate some of their graphics and Xero's Maverick Hunter Base for the pics of Bit and Byte, and the X-Buster sound at the opening of Blues' Fan Fiction page.
Auto, of Auto's Rockman Robot Centre, for helping me out with the Japanese names.
Doc Cain, for giving me tons of cool waves for MIDI writing and distribution.
Matt Hull, for lots of animated gifs, support and conversation.
Dave Choe, for giving me the inspiration to write MIDIs of my own (and for letting me use his on the page).
Sivak, for animated gifs and lots of enthusiasm for my MIDIs.
Metool, of the late Metool's Megaman Rockworld for helping me with the Japanese aspects of the story.
Trevor Kuprel, for awakening the competitive spirit in me with his amazing arrangement of the Megaman 2 soundtrack.
And, of course, my loving wife Cynde, for putting up with my being glued to the computer for hours (and my parents for teh same thing before I was married).

This is the *.gif that my brother did. Just thought I'd point that out.

Once again, thanks to all who contributed!

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