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Roll's Rockman Art Collection

Hello! Welcome to my Rockman Art Collection! I've been collecting pictures of Rock ever since--what? Oh, I'm sorry; I forgot to introduce myself!

I'm Roll, Dr. Light's robot daughter and Rock's--er, Rockman's--sister. Ever since Rock and I were created, he's always been the analytical one. I suppose that's why Dr. Light decided to make him into the fighting robot and not me.

Of course, the flipside is that I'm a better artist and more able to appreciate the finer facets of life than Rock is. So, ever since he became Rockman, I've been collecting pictures of him and the rest of my friends.

Unfortunantly, I seem to have lost most of my pictures; so I need some donations. After all, there are lots of people out there who collect art about Rock! As soon as I get some art sent to me, I'll post it right up!

Any art, professional, or drawn (or painted, or whatever) by you that you think I should put up here, please mail to me!

Remember, it's through your cooperation that I'll get my archives rebuilt. Thanks!


Professional Artwork

Posing Forte
Dr. Wily looking suspicious
Rockman in Jet Adaptor Suit
Rockman in Jet Adaptor Suit
Dr. Light
Zero with his hair in the air
Dr. Wily in his Skull Mech
Animated *.gif of Dr. Cossack in his Mecha (animated by Ralamean)
Animated *.gif of Rockman X letting loose a plama blast!
Animated *.gif of Rockman firing at the screen (from Rockman 6)--thanks to Matt Hull for this one!
Fan Art

Artwork by: Ben
Rockman in Jet Adaptor Suit
Gutsman from the Wily Wars
Morghwyn: the Dark Hunter from Dark Hunter

In case you were wondering, there have been people that have visited my art gallary here.

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