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Greetings! I am Blues, designation #000, created by Dr. T. Light. I am what you might call a brother to Rockman and Roll. Of course, being Rock's older brother, I am far more experienced (and, might I add, superior), but for some reason, he seems to have stolen the spotlight (again--this always seems to happen).

Still, while I wait for my time to shine (patience is a virtue, or so they say), I've taken to running the library that houses all the stories about Rock (and myself) that I can find.

This page will never be finished, because I hope to be always receiving new fan fiction from different Rockman fans. At present, I have very little fiction up. However, as soon as I get some stories, I'll be sure to post them right up. If you want your story posted here, please send it to me!

Remember--I need YOUR INPUT to make this page work.


By the way, I don't have nearly as cool a ratings system as Red Draco and Illumina, but here it is:
G or PG
This is Rock. He represents a possible G (but more likely PG) view. In other words, don't feel too bad about letting your little brother or sister read this (or little son or daughter). This story probably contains violence and cussing, but not as much as you'd see on cable TV.

Pg 13 or so
X here is more a PG-13 character. In other words, there's enough blood, cussing, or repliroid bits scattered around that you might not want to let anybody know that you let your younger siblings read this.

Ix, X's Irregular doppelganger (no, I didn't make him up; he's from the manga) will warn away those with weak stomachs, etc... In other words, if you have a problem with lots of swearing and bits of humans/repliroids/robots/little fuzzy squirrels being chopped off/blown up/disitnegrated/bloodily desposed of, then you might want to look somewhere else..
Have fun reading!

Coming Eventually: I will do reviews for every piece of fan fiction I have up (except my own, of course).

Robot War Cover
Rockman: the Wily Wars
Book 1: the Robot War
Written by: Ben Roberts/Mælgrim

PG 13Of course, I like this one--I wrote it!

Chapter 1--Awakenings
Chapter 2--Infamy
Chapter 3--Hunter
Chapter 4--First Encounter
Chapter 5--Reclamation
Chapter 6--Underworld
Chapter 7--Ground Zero
Chapter 8--Firestorm
Chapter 9--Wax Wings
Chapter 10--League
Chapter 11--Skull Castle
Chapter 12--Last Encounter

Rockman: the Wily Wars
Book 2: Dreams of Madness
written by Ben Roberts/Mælgrim

PG 13Well, I finished the first one, and nobody whined enough to keep me from starting the second, so prepare for another descent into my fevered brain . . .


Note: I have removed the links to One Maverick's Animosity and A Relic Called Ragnorok because the page no longer exists/has moved. If anybody can get in contacy with Illumina, please get the new addresses for me--these were some damn good 'fics.

Dark Hunter
by Ben Roberts

PG 13Hey, I'm working on it--be patient.

Chapter 1--End of an Era

When Robots Collide
by Mega Man 97

PGDecently written and entertaining.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Megaman: Twilight
by Tomm Hulett

PG 13Great characterization and decently written.

Chapter 1--Dreams
Chapter 2--Nightmares
Chapter 3--Preparation
Chapter 4--Shogun
Chapter 5--Cold Grip of Death
Chapter 6--Consuming Flame

Megaman: Timeline
by Jetmode

G or PGAmazing! This is better than any other Rockman fanfic I've ever read!

Timeline (in .zip format)

Smothering Tragedy
by Fallen Angel

Smothering Tragedy

PG 13Here's a side of Forte that not many see. For a cool and interesting story, read on.

Wrath Within Cover

Megaman: the Wrath Within
by Steve Cronen

Innovative ideas and exciting new characters in this one; check it out!

PGthe Wrath Within

Zero Tolerance
by Red Draco

PG 13Funny and well written, this is definitely one of the best!
Zero Tolerance

Bass is Not a Fish
by Red Draco

PG 13The prequel to ZT, this one is even better than its predecessor!
Bass is Not a Fish

Polarization Cover

Rockman: Polarization by Ben Roberts

R Table of Contents


Aria by Aria

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8