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Now available for download on Rockman's World are several Rockman ROMs for FamiCom, Mega Drive, Super FamiCom, Game Gear and Game Boy emulators.

Click on the picture of the game's title screen to download the ROM for that game. Beside each picture will be the game's name, file size and a brief description.

Rockman (1) Title Screen Game: Rockman (1)
ZIP Size: 77.4 Kilobytes
Description: The first Rockman game, this is where it all started. The FamiCom cartridge of this is a collector's item now!
This game is unique among its sequels in that there are only six Robot Masters to be fought instead of eight. There is no password option, but there are unlimited continues.
This is also the only FamiCom Rockman game in which one can see Rockman out of armor (during the ending sequence).
In this game, Rockman can shoot and jump.

Rockman 2 Title Screen Game: Rockman 2
ZIP Size: 131 Kilobytes
Description: In Rockman's first sequel, Dr. Wily takes his revenge by building eight new Robot Masters with which to combat Rockman. Unlike the American version, this game has no "easy" setting--it is always on "difficult."
This is the first Rockman game in which Skull Castle is actually seen from the outside. It is also the first Rockman game to introduce a password option, in addition to unlimited continues.
In this game, Rockman can shoot and jump.

Rockman 3 Title Screen Game: Rockman 3
ZIP Size: 223 Kilobytes
Description: By Rockman 3, Dr. Wily has realized the evil of his ways, and has reformed himself. When Rock is called to battle this time, it is not to battle Dr. Wily, but to put down robot revolts on eight different mining colonies. However, when a mysterious being calling himself "Doc Man" appears, it appears that there is more than just a robot rebellion in the works. Add to the mix the appearance of the heretofore-unknown "Breakman", and this is the most exciting Rockman game yet!
This game introduces several new features. First is Rockman's cybernetic dog, Rush, who is capable of transforming into several different useful configurations. Secondly, Rockman gains the ability to slide under low spaces. Also featured are four "shadow" levels.

Rockman 4 Title Screen Game: Rockman 4
ZIP Size: 282 Kilobytes
Description: With the death of Dr. Wily, Rockman seems to finally be at peace. But when a message arrives from the mysterious Dr. Cossack, history repeats itself. While Dr. Right's inventions have been hailed as the gretest of all times, Dr. Cossack's ahve been repeatedly overlooked, and so the Russian scientist sends eight robots to destroy Rockman.
This game adds something new to Rockman storylines--a plot twist! Rush--Rockman's trusty dog--is still here for assitance, but a new character also appears--Eddie. Eddie helps Rockman throughout the game by tossing him energy or power-ups. Also new to this game is Rockman's Rock Buster--a plasma cannon that can charge up its blasts!

Rockman 5 Title Screen Game: Rockman 5
ZIP Size: 276 Kilobytes
Description: Dr. Wily has disappeared into the northern wastelands and Dr. Cossack has joined Dr. Right in his work. But now a new threat arises. While peace reigns on an unsuspecting Tokyo, an army of robots suddenly appears and begins its attack. During the confusion, Dr. Right is kidnapped, and the culprit appears to be none other than--Blues?!
New to this Rockman game is a sort of quest--Rockman must obtain several letter-pieces in order receive a new robot helper: Beat. Beat is the brainchild of Dr. Right and Dr. Cossack--a mechanical bird that follows Rock around and deals death to his enemies. Of course, Rush and Eddie still assist Rockman in his battles (though some of Rush's configurations have been modified). Also, Rockman 5 introduces the a tank which will fill up Rock's life bar and all his weapons energy.

Rockman 6 Title Screen Game: Rockman 6
ZIP Size: 253 Kilobytes
Description: After the destruction of Dr. Wily's castle, a "Robot Master Tournament" is announced, in which contestants are encouraged to enter their own Robot Masters and see which will survive. Hosted by the bespectacled Mr. X, the Robot Tournament draws hundreds of entries. When the contestants are narrowed down to eight robots, Mr. X takes over the Robots and begins his attack on the world, announcing that he was behind Dr. Wily's plans the whole time.
The sixth Rockman game introduces no new companions for Rockman, but Rush is converted into two "armor suits" that Rockman can wear; the Rush Jet suit and the Power Armor suit. Both are useful in several places during the game. Beat also reprises his role as Rockman's companion, but the letters "BEAT" must be found in order for him to be activated.
The only other new feature in this game is the choice of alternate routes in the Robot Masters' stages.

Rockman 7 Title Screen Game: Rockman 7
ZIP Size: 1.3 Megabytes
Description: At long last, Dr. Wily has been sentenced to prison, and the world is at peace, thanks to Rockman. However, Dr. Wily always suspected that his plans would end in ruin, and so he had previously constructed four Robot Masters who kept hidden. After six months with no word from Dr. Wily, the robots automatically activate and begin to search for their master. Thus, Dr. Wily's reign of terror begins afresh.
This addition to the Rockman series introduces several new characters, both good and evil. On the good side are Right-Auto, Dr. Right's automated assistant and number one student of robotics. Right-Auto works in a massive mobile robotics shop called "Big Eddie's". Rush, Beat, Dr. Right, Eddie, Blues and Roll all appear at some point in the game to either aid Rockamn during combat or give him items and advice during his resting periods. Also new is the duo of Forte and his mechanized wolf Gospel, who appear at first to be helpful to Rockman. This game also adopts the practice used in the later Rockman World games of having Rock collect items--in this case bolts--to build special items at the lab. The final new feature in this game is the introduction stage, which is common in the X games.

Rockman and Forte Title Screen Game: Rockman and Forte
ZIP Size: 1.99 Megabytes
Description: After the cataclysmic events of Rockman 8, things settle down a bit until a mysterious robot called King throws Dr. Wily out of his own castle and steals the plans for Wily's next set of Robot Masters! Dr. Right and Rockman, being the trusting fools that they are, offer to help Dr. Wily and Forte to destroy King. And so--fighting side by side for once--Rockman and Forte head off to do battle with King.
New features to this game are rather limited. All its sounds are pirated from Rockman 7, and its graphics are 16-bit versions of those that appear in Rockman 8. There are no passwords--only the ability to save games. The alternate-player option is vaguely reminiscent of X and Zero in Rockman X4, and the buying system is a mix of those found in Rockman 7 and 8.
Still, it's an awesome game with a sinister new twist to the Rockman series' plot.

Rockman Mega World Title Screen Game: Rockman MegaWorld
ZIP Size: 1.02 Megabytes
Description: A note about this: it's called "Megaman: the Wily Wars" in Europe and the U.S., but in Japan, it's good ol' "Rockman Megaworld". I guess they thought "Megaman Megaworld" would sound too cheesy.
This is just a 16-bit remake of the first three Rockman games. It's nothing extraordinary, but it's fun. The cheats from the original games don't work, which makes it a bit harder, but for we dedicated RM players, it's not a big deal.
This was the first--and I believe--only Rockman game produced for the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis), which is why--due to the voicings--a lot of the music sounds more like Sonic the Hedgehog than Rockman remixes.