Welcome to Dr. Cossack's Rockman History Class!

Welcome to the Moscow Institute of Robotics. I know you are all excited and ready to be on your way to creating your first projects, but you'll have to wait until the lab section of the class.

This is ROB 101--robotics history--and I am your professor, Dr. Sergei Cossack. You may call me Dr. Cossack, or Dr. Sergei, or even just Sergei if you like. The important thing is that you learn.

I can see that some of you are falling asleep, so I'll move to something interesting--the saga of the very first humanoid robots created by world-renowned robotechnician Dr. Thomas Right.

Yes, I am speaking of the saga of Blues, Rock and Roll.

Many of you who have read the American papers know that the so-called "Mega Man" is called Rockman in his native Japan, and prefers to be called simply "Rock."

In this course, you will learn of the triumphs and challenges experienced by Rock and his "sibling" robots. For those of you who don't like reading, I'd suggest that you go straight to Professor Akakayvitch's class on robot construction.

Quite simply, the saga of Rockman can be divided up into several distinct parts--referred to often as "iterations." That is an English word which means "repetitions." There is a reason for its naming as such, but it escapes me right now.

Here, but I'm drifting off of the subject! I will be passing out books in a few moments--one on each "iteration."

Rockman 1: This is the original Famicom Rockman game featuring all the major characters in their premier roles.

Rockman 2: The sequel to Rockman also for Famicom.

Rockman 3: Blues' debut! Is Wily sane again?

Rockman 4: In this game I played a rather . . . ah, vital role. I can explain--really!

Rockman 5: Is Blues evil? One of the strangest Rockman Famicom games.

Rockman 6: The final game made for the original Famicom system, featuring Mr. X (or does it?)

Rockman 7: Only for the Super Famicom, this game introduced Big Eddie and Right-Auto, along with Forte and Gospel!

Rockman 8: The final battle? Hah! With superb music, not to mention Duo and the Dark Energy, this is a game well worth playing.

Rockman and Forte: A new threat named King wrests power from Dr. Wily, and Forte joins the fight! This game, back on the Super Famicom, is a worthy continuation of the series, despite the pirated graphics and sound effects.

That's it for now, class. In the future, I hope to expand my class material. Check in every once in a while and don't forget to ask any questions or give me any information if you feel that I am missing material.

Ah, yes! I also have some books on the rest of Rockman's adventures, but they're on order right now. Still, just to let you know what else is out there, here's the list:

Rockman MegaWorld: this is a remake of the first three FamiCom games (released on Sega MegaDrive). It is not available in the United States except through the Sega Channel as Megaman: the Wily Wars. At the end it includes a mini-game called Wily Tower.

Rockman Power Battle: This is an arcade game that is like a Rockman Street Fighter.

Rockman Power Fighters: This is the sequel to the Power Fighters game, also only for arcade.

Rockman X series: for more about this phenomenal series, I'd suggest looking up Zero!

Rockman World Series: There are 5 of these, all for Game Boy.

Rockman Battle and Chase: this is a Mario Kart style game, currently available only in Japan for the PSX.

Rockman Soccer: What else can I say? The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Rockman Dash: A tangent storyline, in which Rock and Roll are both human, this game promises to be a worthy addition to the Rockman legacy. (Note: It's American name is Mega Man Legends.)

Class dismissed.

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