Dr. Light's Rockman Links!

Well, if you ever wanted to find all the Rockman pages there ever were . . . keep looking. However, I have spent quite a lot of time searching as well, and here are most of the good ones that I've found! Note: they are in order of my discovery, and not in order of how cool I think they are. Have fun!


Protoman's Home Page: a very cool page with lots of stuff, hosted by Rockman's brother, Blues!

the Mega Man Home Page: It's back!! The first--and quite detailed--web site dedicated to Megaman! No matter how much I might complain about her ideas of "Megaman," it's still one of my favorite sites, and it's still the first place I go for game hints. Definitely check it out!

Dr. Cain's Lab: Benefactor of Rockman X! Go and see his lab, but don't disturb the metools.

the Mega Man Museum: For lots of cool pics, click here!

Skull Castle: Home of the infamous Dr. Wily! Lots of music here.

Jay's Megaman Page: This is shaping up to be a cool Rockman site--check it out!

Dr. Light's Lab: Creator of Rockman! Lots of info here.

the Best of Mega Man: This page is pretty cool. I particularly like the pictures of Rock without his helmet!

Beat's Lookout Tower: Here's a page run by Beat, Rockman's bird. Right now, there's only a Dutch version (so if you speak Dutch or German, take a look). Soon to come: an English version, too!

Dr. Doppler's Lab: Rockman X's maverick enemy! Of course, Dr. Wily couldn't always hog the spotlight.

the Bass (Forte) Page: Dedicated to the only robot created by Dr. Wily that gave Rockman real trouble.

Sting Chameleon's Stuff! Sting Chameleon--one of Rockman X's more formidible enemies. Go check it out.

Pure Zero: A new page centered on Rockman X's awesome Maverick Hunter partner--Zero!

the Mega Boy Homepage: Good news for all you francophones! This page is in English AND French!

Break Man's Page: A page just starting out, but with the right idea.

Eddie's CyberNETic Support Shop: Hosted by Eddie, the fliptop robot suitcase created by Dr. Light!

Auto's Rockman Robot Center: A multi-level store hosted by Big Eddie (Auto).

Tango's Mega Man Super Store: Revived from the dead! A great source for lots of pictures and music, run by Rockman's . . . cat?

the Adventures of Mega Man: Lots of info on Rockman here, as well as stories (could you guess?)

the Megamaniacs Page: Another wonderful page about Rockman, as good as the Man in Blue!

Maverick Hunter Headquarters: Home of Rockman X, Zero, and the other hunters (except for D).

Mega Man Heaven: It nearly is, too! Go and see it.

Zeros' World: Another page dedicated to the ultra-cool Zero.

Game Lovers' Mega Man Page: Actually, I haven't been here yet, but it's supposed to be cool. Why not go see for yourself?

Mega Man X and Zero Page: Based more on Rockman X than the original--it's very cool.

the Official Megaman Channel Homepage: the name says it all!

Net Gator's Trade Town: Yes, like the Tango Super Store and Eddie's CyberNETic Support Shop, this place has tons of awesome files just waiting to be downloaded.

Mega Girl's Mega Page: Well I guess Roll got tired of cleaning around the house! Move over, Rockman!

the Realm of Mega Man X: This page quite simply kicks butt. A definite must see!

the Megaman Framz Page: I didn't see too much of this, but it was still cool.

Breakman X's Mega Man page: Hey, Blues couldn't let Rockman have all the fun! Look here for info on Breakman X and a familiar background . . .

Reploids Among Us: The title says it all! Go and see for lots of Reploid info.

Mega Man: Metal Heroes: Bearing the name of the eighth Rockman game, this page is really worth looking at.

Reploids on the Web: Well, not yet, they aren't, but it's a cool start.

Tina's Mega Man Page: Just starting out, this page is really promising, and has some good .wavs.

Dr. Light's Lab: Wow! Talk about really knowing your stuff! Definitely take a look at this page--it Rocks!

Tengu Man's Sky base: This is a nice site with some cool graphics and lots of promise!

Remember, this list is in the order that I found the pages, and not in the order of coolness or anything. If you notice that a link isn't working or is missing, E-mail me! Otherwise, have fun looking through these cool pages, and keep rocking.

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