Welcome to Zero's Rockman X Museum

I am Zero, Repliroid #000, former leader of the 17th Irregular Hunter Squadron. I now lead a special #0 class Unit. Of course, you could have found all that out just by reading the instruction manual.
Since we've been kind of slow since the defeat of the Sigma Virus (yeah, as if that's permanent) and the maverick Dr. Doppler, I decided to run this page dedicated to telling about me and my partner, Rockman X.

X--now he's a complete mystery to me. Even though we're best friends, I suppose neither of us knows too much about the other. It seems kind of strange, doesn't it? Best friends and we know nothing about each other's past. Of course, that could be the reason that we're best friends. Since neither of us knows why we were created or what our purpose is, we have some common ground.
X is a good, loyal friend. In a 'buster fight, you couldn't ask for a better guy at your side. He's kind of quiet, with a look of haunted sadness that clings to him like mist. I'm not quite sure what it is that he's thinking when he looks at me, but I think it might have something to do with that horrible incident a few years ago when Sigma collected my parts and forced me into going Irregular.
Although X is the most celebrated--and possibly the best--Irregular Hunter in the world, and certainly in Tokyo, he never enjoys his work. It seems to me that he views hunting as more of a necessary evil than the adventure it is.
I guess that's what happens to you when everything you know and love has been destroyed. One by one, so many of his friends have gone Irregular--even me. Of course, I'm over that now, but I'm sure it still hurts X to think about it from time to time . . .

Jeez, here I am, in charge of the Rockman X Museum, and instead of helping out, I'm spouting philosophy like a history book! 'Scuse me.

Well, if you're a Rockman X fanatic, here's the place to be! This is kind of a mini-version of the main Rockman page, but it's all about X an' me. I think I left some game hints around here . . . I dunno . . . this is kind of new to me, anyway. Take a look around an' see what you like.

Look here for hints and tips for the Rockman X series!

Sigma's Fortress lies within--have a look, if you dare . . . (link not yet operational)