Greetings! Malegrim Ceduar here.
Every day, I get tons of E-Mail, and most of it is questions regarding my web site. In order to answer some of the most FAQ (hence the name of the page), I've set up this page here. It helps avoid confusion.
That being the case, here it goes!

What's with all the names? I don't recognize any of them! Isn't this a page about Mega Man?
No. Not exactly. As stated in the title, this is a Rockman page. Rockman is the original (Japanese) character. The story for Rockman and Megaman are not exactly the same, because the American versions of the game omit important details from the story.

In that case, who's who? You're confusing me.
Below is a table that will help you in figuring out the names of characters.
American Name Japanese Name
Megaman Rockman (pronounced ROK-ku-man)
Protoman (Breakman) Blues
Flip Top Eddie
Auto Right Tot
Bass Forte
Treble Gospel
Megaman X Rockman X
Vile Vava
Bit Vajurila FF
Byte Mandarela BB
Dr. Light Dr. Right

You said before that you wouldn't have emulators or frames! Why did you change your mind?
I just did. Life's like that.

Fair enough. By the way, I requested FILL_IN_MIDI_NAME_HERE months ago! Why haven't you done it yet?

Hey, unlike Rockman, I'm not a machine! It takes several hours to properly sequence a MIDI that's fairly faithful to the original song, and there's only so many hours in a day. I have a baby daughter, work and classes every week. I can't spend all my time on MIDIs!

That's a cool and froody figure in the you had in the background for a while. How can I get it?
I must have answered this question over a million times. The figure is the first in the Japanese Rockman "Mega Armor" series. It comes only with the Limited Edition Pack of Rockman X4. Not Megaman X4.

Dang. I don't have the time to send off for one of those--I won't even be able to play the game that comes with it! Where can I get the U.S. Mega Man figures?
I don't know. I got one at Toys R Us a few years ago, but I haven't seen any since. I know that there are Japanese figures, but I can't find them anywhere. My suggestion is to look for a site that deals with imported toys. You might have some luck. Metool knows, too, but I haven't been able to get in touch with him.

But I'm desperate! Please, I'll wash your car and feed your dog! Tell me where to get Rockman merchandise!
Ah, leave me alone, you vulture.

Okay, fine. By the way, just what the heck is a Cedaur, and what kind of screwy name is Maelgrim?
Cedaur is the medieval Welsh form of the modern Welsh ceddor, which means "minstrel." Maelgirm is a modern mutation of the ancient Welsh name Mailcwn. The name I use, Maelgrim Cedaur, is my persona name for the SCA. If you're actually interested, click on the link.

Hey, you haven't updated your page in (fill in double-digit month count here). Did you die or something?
Yes, I died. Don't worry, it's only temporary. But for the meantime, I'll feel lucky if I get to update every three months. Hopefully, that will change. No go have a cookie, you cheeky monkey, you.

That's about it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to mail them to me.

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