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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hunters in London

1. If I send in an idea, can I get a free copy of the game when it's finished?
It doesn't matter; I can't charge money for this game anyway. For one thing, the concept of Mavericks/Irregulars and Maverick Hunters/Irregular Hunters is already copyrighted by Capcom, and it's illegal for me to try to capitalize on it.
Second of all, there are so many contributors to this game already that if I could sell it, it would be a royal pain in the ass to try and figure out who to send the money to.

2. So, you're going to be absolutely poor sending out free copies of this game to anybody who asks, huh?
I'm already absolutely poor!
Seriously, I will charge for material costs (which is not illegal) and shipping and handling costs. If you want a copy of the game when it's finished, you'll have to send enough money to cover the price of the blank CD, the paper and ink for the instruction booklet, and mailing costs.

3. Is the Hunter/Irregular I sent in going to be in the game?
That depends on who you are. I've already listed the Hunters and Irregulars who are going to be included in the game.

4. You should make an option to play as all the Mavericks once you beat the game.
If I had a couple extra years and a few hundreds slaves chained to computers making sprites for me, I might do that. However, I have neither, so chances are that's not going to happen.

5. Is this Megaman X5?
No. This story takes place way after the X series (like half a century). X and Zero aren't included in it.

6. Can you be X or Zero in the game?
No. Like I said, this happens years after X and Zero have killed each other (c'mon, you know it's gonna happen. It even says so at the end of Rockman X4!)

7. When will the game be finished?
I really don't know. I'm still learning the necessary programming languages I'll need to know in order to write this game. Graphics and sound are still not even halfway done yet. I hope that by the end of this summer (1998) I'll have a playable version of the game out--but probably only for one hunter at the point.

8. One Hunter? I thought there were going to be six!
There are. But it will take over 28,000 frames of animation to fully animate all six Hunters, and rather than spending all the time on perfecting each Hunter, I'd rather have the game working and playable with at least one first. That way, any bugs can be found and eliminated on further releases which will include the rest of the Hunters.

9. Okay. Just one. Gee, I wonder which one it'll be . . .
Yes, it's going to start out as Morghwyn--the Hunter I designed.

10. Why?
Because it was my idea to do the game, and I want to see my idea up first, dammit.

11. Jeez, don't get so jerky! So, how will this be different from the Megaman/Rockman X games?
Well, the play control will be slightly different. For one thing, all Hunters will be able to kneel as well as jump, walk/run, dash, and climb. For another thing, there are 9 Irregulars instead of just eight, and their stages are grouped into different sections in the game.
There will be riddles and puzzles that players must solve at various points in order to find some stages and continue the game, to keep the whole thing from being a stereotyped shoot-'em-up.
Also, there are going to be 21 stages in the game, rather than the 12-14 that are standard to X games.

12. Okay. What system is this going to be released for? Saturn? PSX? N64?
I've seriously had several people ask this question, and all I can say is: I'm flattered that you think I'm so cool.
No, this game will not be released for any commerical platform. It's going to be a game for PC (DOS, I mean. Macintosh, maybe . . .)

13. CanI send you a generous monetary donation just to show my support for your cool idea?
Yes, feel free!
Okay. Granted, I haven't received this question yet, but I'm sure you were all dying to know anyway =)

14. Enough of that, you greedy swine. I just have one more question.
Will you please please please use the idea I sent in to you?
Hey, I got together with the "project team" (actually, that sounds way too official for the group of bums that are helping to do this), and we made our decisions. There were literally hundreds of ideas we chose from. So if your idea didn't get picked, don't feel bad; you're in good company.

15. Okay, one more question.
Sigh. Yes?
Are you going to do another game after this? And if so, will you use my idea?
I have seriously gotten this question a lot, too. My sole response is:
Shudder. Are you kidding? I've got months and months of programming hell to live through just to try to get this game operational! Don't even talk to me about a second one yet!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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