Mr. X's Rockman Quiz

Hello there! I am Mr. X, sponsor of the World Robot Master Tournament.
As many of you might have heard, I was kidnapped and hidden away while that decadent Dr. Wily impersonated me and stole my the top eight contestants for my tournament! Imagine! I'm certainly glad that he was thrown in jail for that!
Of course, no self-respecting Rockman page would be complete without a Quiz about Rockman. Look to this page for changes every now and again--the quiz isn't always the same, you know!
If you get every question on the quiz right, who knows? Maybe you'll get something special (you'll just have to find out what it is)! Be sure to enter your E-Mail address just to make sure!
Apparently the last quiz was way too hard; only one person in all the nine months it was up ever got all the questions right. Ouch. So here are the answers to the old quiz.

Without further ado, here's the quiz:

What is the name of the Ride-Chaser Bike in Rockman X2?

What is the biggest difference between Rockman and Rock Vornat?

What Irregular Hunter Unit was Magmard Dragoon in?

What is the American name of Vajurila FF?

What is the name of the first Ride Armor X must obtain in Rockman X3?

How many Boss Irregulars does Zero fight throughout the entire X series?

In which Rockman game must Rock chase Dr. Wily to his Space Node?

What is the prophecy about X?

What is your E-Mail address?

Well, there you go! That's the quiz.
Remember, you must get every question right in order to get the prize. Have fun, and make sure to hit the send button!
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