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Welcome to Neo Tokyo:
In the not-too-distant future, a humanoid robot, the laboratory assistant of the roboticist genius Dr. Thomas Right, volunteers for a transformation that will make him the champion against chaos in an endless battle against a twisted madman whose only goal is the domination of the world!
Found sealed in an underground capsule during an archaeological dig, a super-advanced android called X is soon drawn into the epic battle against a ruthless foe whose ultimate goal is to eradicate the entire human race. With the fate of the planet in his hands, this new hero must carry on the battle against evil in a dark and dangerous world.

Welcome to Rockman's World

Tenguman's Stage: from Metal Heroes: Rockan 8 (Saturn version)


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You should:
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Remember that all the names mentioned in Rockman's World are the Japanese names, unless otherwise specified.
Perpare to have fun (if you don't this whole page is pointless)

Thanks in advance to everybody who's helped to make this page possible (see the credits section). And, of course, thank you for visiting Rockman's World.
--Maelgrim Cedaur/Ben Roberts (Creator of Rockman's World)

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